XD-NSL200 Grounidng Fault Locator High Quality

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Fault Locator

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Portable DC earth leakage monitoring system
Pinpoints the complex earth faults on any floating DC

Sensing intelligently - Precisely tracking earth leakage in control cables of a DC floating system in power stations

The DIGITRACE  series is a compact portable DC Earth fault locator specially designed for use in substations. The DIGITRACE is a technically superior product from TAURUS's R&D standardized after extensive field application & evaluation trials. The DIGITRACE identifies with ease any leakages on a DC floating system. Maintenance staff many a times encounter a maze of noise & other mimicking fault conditions that is confusing hard to distinguish whether it is actual fault leakage or a fault mimicking condition, source of which is perplexing & misleading. The DIGITRACE is designed after thoroughsite evaluation trials & thereby performing smartly amidst a complex floating DC system. A hand held tracer probe guides you to the location of the fault.

Salient features:

series fault wire location device of low current adpots 80C 196 single-chip mirocomputer for analyzing, applicable to 0.38KV~66KV power system of unground or ground via arc-suppression coil as well as via neutral ground resistor. No matter metal grounding, gap grounding, arc flash grounding or accompanied ferromagnetic resonance grounding, it could accurately locate the grounding wire without limit to wire-out way (over-head line or underground cable line)The fault is sensed immediately on connecting the equipment & accurately detected.

Clear indication of the cable which is faulty.
Faults upto 30k Q can be detected. Optionally 0 - 60 k Q/ 0 - 90k Q/ 0 - 400k Q.
Immune to high frequency noise interference & its harmonics.
Faults upto a distance of I km can be detected. Optional - 3 km.
Fault point tracking with a handy fault guide.
Light & portable kit .

Technical specifications
Operating Voltage : 230 V, 50 Hz, Single Phase AC Optional: Battery back up.
Range of fault resistance detection: up to 30/60 / 90 / 400 KQ on both positive and negative
Distance of detection : I km optional 3 km.
Accuracy of pinpointing : Exact spot.
Output : Low frequency coded pulse.
Noise immunity : Immune to 50 Hz noise. Fault finding free from 50 Hz
Disturbance (15 amps)



Power Supply : Built-in rechargeable battery


Operating frequency : Very Low Frequency


Output Voltage: Auto selected from + 12 V to + 50 V.


Can be connected to any floating system from 48 VDC TO 300 VDC




Sensor probe small – 15 sq mm


Sensor probe big -   50 sq mm



Power Supply : Built-in rechargeable battery


Calibrated to operating frequency to Transmitter


Sensitivity up to 400k d


Immune to 50 Hz and its Harmonics


Fault tracing up to 1 km (optional  3 kms)




Transmitter Charge Adapter – 1 no.


Two core DCDB positive and negative connecting cable – 1 set


Transmitter Earthing cable – 1 no.


Sensor probe small (15 sq mm) – 1 no


Sensor probe big (50 sq mm) – 1 no


Two core connecting cable to connect receiver to sensor probe – 1 set


Receiver unit charger – 1 no


Instruction Manual- 1 no




DIGITRACE DC 361P – Fault Location upto 100d

DIGITRACE DC 663M – Dedicated kit connected to DCDB permanently.


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