XBD Fire-fighting Pump

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Product Description:

1. Summary

XBD series single-stage single-suction vertical(horizontai)fixed-type fire-fighting pump unit (pump) is a brand-new p-
roduct designed and produced by this Co.upon the demand of industrial and mineral enterprises, engineering const ruction and high buildings for fire-fighting and strictly according to the international standard ISO2858 and the latest national standard GB6245, fire-fighting pumps .

2. Operating Condition

Range of performance:
Rated flow:Qn=5L/s ~ 200L/s  (18m³/h ~ 720 m³ /h)
Rated pressure:Pn=0.3MPa ~ 1.5MPa (30m ~ 150m)
Rotary speed:n=1450r/min;2900r/min;
Inlet pressure:Po ≤ 0.3MPa
Max. Working pressure:Po  ≤ 1.6MPa
Inlet and outlet apertures:50 ~ 350mm

3. Application

Suitable to transport the liquid below 80 ℃, containing no solid grains or both physical and chemical natures of which are similar to those of pure water and the slightly corrosive liquid.

The performance parameters of this series pump can also be compatible with the requirements of the working         condition s for the living (production) water supply in the meantime meeting with the fire-fighting working conditions and it can be used individually for the fire-fighting water supply system, also for the mutual water supply system of fire-fighting and living (production), as well as the water supply and drainage system of buildings, municipal works, factories and mines and a boiler w ater supply.

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Q:subaru imprezza water pump ?
hi Silicone wont do it, keep in mind the rad cap says 15lb. On my truck there's a center gasket and it leaked out the backside. So it probable has to return out. or possibly a bolt got here out?
Q:The task at hand is to design a solar powered water pump for a 150 gallon aquarium.?
This okorder.com/ Most of what you need as far as the electrical side of this project should be on my site... As far as the aquarium design and choosing the pump, you're on your own. :)
Q:Is my cars water pump broken? Squealing noise..?
Coolant from water pump can leak on the belts and cause a squeal. So get some belt dressing to stop that. All things can be fixed with cans from auto stores. Fix a flat is good stuff too.
Q:Do i need a new water pump?
The telltale stream should be flowing all the time. Check if this engine has a termister and replace the imbeller
Q:I'm looking for a salt water pump...?
salt okorder.com/
Q:rv water pump?
A lot of the pumps for RVs do cause a slight sputter, Try compleatly filling the water tank, then turning the pump on,. Allow a few minutes to build up pressure and fill the hot water tank, If the sputtering slows, or compleatly stops, your ok. You have to remember that a lot of after market pumps don't work quite as well as an OEM pump. If it's a real bad sputtering, You might need to return the pump.
Q:How much would it cost approximately to replace a water pump and a serpentine belt for a ford taurus 99?
2001 Ford Taurus Water Pump
Q:what are the symtoms of a bad water pump?
Take it to the local machanic shop
Q:Replace Water pump, big noise came out, then jump time and engine died?
You have a good case for small claims court, but you'll have to prove the facts in court, not here on yahoo. 1) Prove that the first shop changed your water pump. (I think there's a good chance that mechanic did, indeed, mess up the timing.) 2) Get something in writing from any subsequent, licensed mechanic who thinks the timing was changed. At 100,000 miles, there's a fair chance your timing chain could have been old, needing replacement, but if the first guy replaced the water pump, that seems the likeliest culprit. Worse, I hope you didn't ruin the motor. Sometimes when your motor is out of time, you can bend a valve or put a hole in the piston. Better get your motor checked by someone who knows what they're doing then consider your options- small claims or the first mechanic's insurance company. If you talk to the insurance company, you should have a lawyer do the talking. Good luck!!
Q:Does this water pump exist?
Maybe you have to drill a sperate well.

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