XBD-DL Fire-fighting Pump

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1. Summary
XBD-DL series fire-fighting pump is designed with advanced know-how and made of quality materials and features high reliability (no joining-up world occur at starting after a long time of unuse), high efficiency, low noise, small vibration, long duration of running, flexible ways of installation and convenient overhaul.It has a wide range of working conditions and a flat flow-head curve and its ratio between the heads at both shut off and design points is less than 1.12 to have the pressures garded to be crowded together,benefit to pump selection and energy saving. Tested by National Fire-fighting Equipment Quality Supervising and Testing Center, all performances of the product conform the requirements of GB6245-1998 Preformance requirements and testing methods for fire-fighting pumps and get to the advanced level of the same ones in the country.
2. Operating Condition
Rated flow quantity                  : Qn=5L/s ~ 100L/s
                                                     (18m³/h ~ 360m³/h)
Rated pressure                        : Pn=0.30MPa ~ 2.88MPa
Rotating speed                        : n=1480r/min
Pressure at pump inlet          : Po ≤ 0.2MPa
Max.pump working pressure: Po ≤ 2.96MPa
Aperture at pump inlet            : 50 ~ 200mm
Aperture at pump outlet          : 40 ~ 200mm
3. Application                                                                                                                                                                                                         XBD-DL series pump can be used to transport the pure wa-ter below 80 ℃ and containing no solid grains or the liquids
with similar physical and chemical natures as those of pure water as well as the liquids lightly corrsive.
    It is mainly used for the water supply for the fixed fire-figh-ting system of both industrial and civil buildings (fire hydrant
fire-extinguishing system,automatic spraying fire-extinguishing system and fog-spraying fire-extinguishing system etc.)
   The performance parameters of the pump can also meet with the working condition requirements for living (production) water supply under the prerequisite to meet with the working conditi-ons of fire-fighting,that is it can be used in an individual fire-fighting, water supply system and also in the mutual water supp-ly system of both fire-fighting and living(production), as well as in the water system of buildings, municipal works, industry and mines and boilers.

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Q:Why does my water pump switch on and off about every 5 seconds?
It sounds like the bladder in your pressure tank has ruptured.
Q:1986 cr 250 water pump problems?
Adding to jon's answer - loosen the nut by turning it counter-clockwise.
Q:Water pump eliminates air
By rotating the water pump is thrown from the impeller center, resulting in pressure, the back of the water sucking over, this is the pump working principle, if air, air will not be left out without impeller, the flow rule, no pressure, so we can not draw water!
Q:How does a pump pump water?
Centrifugal pump is the use of centrifugal force to increase the pressure of water and make it flow of a pump. It is composed of pump shell, impeller, rotating shaft and so on. The motor drives the rotating shaft, the rotating shaft drives the impeller to rotate at a high speed in the pump casing, and the water in the pump is forced to rotate with the impeller to generate centrifugal force. The centrifugal force forces the liquid from the impeller periphery to throw, the high speed, the high pressure water flows through the pump shell outside the pump, the impeller center forms the low pressure, thus draws in the new water flow, forms the unceasing water current transportation function.
Q:replaced my water pump?
Sounds like foot valve to me is not seating properly and you wouldn't hear the leak under water level guess your tank has enough air gap top of tank and water level if that is insufficient pump will also short cycle should have a valve stem with internal bladder inside of tank if it is similar to my old tank. Your pressure is same as my old one and it was fine.
Q:How long should a new water pump last on a 1995 honda accord wagon LX?
Short answer: At least 75,000 miles, even under extreme conditions. The main cause of water pump failure is bearing failure due to crud (mostly rust) mixed in with the water/coolant mixture pushed through your engine by the pump. Variables: If you did not have complete cooling system flush at the last pump's replacement, the new pump's life expectancy would be reduced, but not significantly. Many folks misdiagnose engine overheating and the appearance of coolant on their garage floor as pump failure. If we believe Click and Clack the Tappit Brothers (a.k.a. Tom and Ray Magliozzi) you did not actually get a new water pump a year and a day ago, but you did buy a tank of gas for the mechanic's ski boat. Take your car to a reputable mechanic's shop (referred by a happy customer or 6, or Angie's List), dress as a peasant and tell 'em the car was inherited by you after your parents died in a horrible fire. Bringing 4 screaming infants couldn't hurt, either. If you can't rent some kids, you may consider what many women do, but it involves removing any rings, wearing a low cut top, smiling a lot and repeatedly flicking your eye lids as you play with your hair...
Q:What is LG water pump?
The LG in the LG pump should be a brand, without much practical significance.
Q:Is it possible for a water pump in a car to leak for awhile ( days; weeks???) or does?
Water pumps go when the seal around the bearing wears out. The leak starts out slow, but once it starts, there is nothing that can be done for it other than to replace it. The leak does start out slow, and get faster, but it can go from slow to fast in just a few days. Like you notice your car over-heats and needs water, and then a couple days later it needs more, and then you gotta fill it every day, and then like every hour, and then like every five minutes. Once it starts to leak, the water will leak a little slower if the engine is running and the radiator cap is loose, so that it cannot build pressure. But that trick is only good for getting you home, and then to the shop the next day. However, with the radiator cap loose, the water will leak faster if the engine is off. My wife's last car was ruined by severely over-heating, so it is not something you want to mess with. If your car severely over-heats, you will AT LEAST blow the head-gasket. So get it fixed as soon as possible, and in the meantime, carry jugs of water with you.
Q:subaru imprezza water pump ?
hi Silicone wont do it, keep in mind the rad cap says 15lb. On my truck there's a center gasket and it leaked out the backside. So it probable has to return out. or possibly a bolt got here out?
Q:Does performance improve after timing belt/water pump change?
Here's my answer, not sure it is right, but right for me. After a certain time, I replace my timing belt. I may not always replace my water pump with my timing belt. Why, the water pump may go for another 100, 000 miles like it did in my last car. I don't see anything you did or replaced that relates to performance. I change things because the maintenance schedule calls for them to be changed. When I pull them off, sometimes they are good and sometimes not so good.

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