XBD-DL Fire-fighting Pump

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1. Summary
XBD-DL series fire-fighting pump is designed with advanced know-how and made of quality materials and features high reliability (no joining-up world occur at starting after a long time of unuse), high efficiency, low noise, small vibration, long duration of running, flexible ways of installation and convenient overhaul.It has a wide range of working conditions and a flat flow-head curve and its ratio between the heads at both shut off and design points is less than 1.12 to have the pressures garded to be crowded together,benefit to pump selection and energy saving. Tested by National Fire-fighting Equipment Quality Supervising and Testing Center, all performances of the product conform the requirements of GB6245-1998 Preformance requirements and testing methods for fire-fighting pumps and get to the advanced level of the same ones in the country.
2. Operating Condition
Rated flow quantity                  : Qn=5L/s ~ 100L/s
                                                     (18m³/h ~ 360m³/h)
Rated pressure                        : Pn=0.30MPa ~ 2.88MPa
Rotating speed                        : n=1480r/min
Pressure at pump inlet          : Po ≤ 0.2MPa
Max.pump working pressure: Po ≤ 2.96MPa
Aperture at pump inlet            : 50 ~ 200mm
Aperture at pump outlet          : 40 ~ 200mm
3. Application                                                                                                                                                                                                         XBD-DL series pump can be used to transport the pure wa-ter below 80 ℃ and containing no solid grains or the liquids
with similar physical and chemical natures as those of pure water as well as the liquids lightly corrsive.
    It is mainly used for the water supply for the fixed fire-figh-ting system of both industrial and civil buildings (fire hydrant
fire-extinguishing system,automatic spraying fire-extinguishing system and fog-spraying fire-extinguishing system etc.)
   The performance parameters of the pump can also meet with the working condition requirements for living (production) water supply under the prerequisite to meet with the working conditi-ons of fire-fighting,that is it can be used in an individual fire-fighting, water supply system and also in the mutual water supp-ly system of both fire-fighting and living(production), as well as in the water system of buildings, municipal works, industry and mines and boilers.

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Q:What is the difference between self-priming and non self suction?
The self-priming condition of the centrifugal pump is that a small water tank is attached to the pump body. Don't use water every time you start. No suction, no water tank. And the use of volumetric Self-priming pumps, such as car cleaning, high-pressure pumps are in this category.
Q:What is the influence of the speed of the pump motor on the pump?
Low speed, the pump has a certain wear and tear
Q:How to install circulating water pump for cooling tower?
I think it should be installed on the outlet pipe of the cooling tower
Q:Water pump is not Sheung reason
You should look at the suction port of the pump, there is no check valve, if there is water will not flow back to the pump bodyIf the pump is not water and not bad, the main reason is that the pump does not flush water, or suction pipe into the air
Q:Why does the pump head decrease when the pump flow rate increases?
When the power increases to a certain extent, can not be increased, so when the flow increases, the head can only be reduced
Q:Electrical design into!!! Is the water pump lamp waterproof?
The ordinary pump houses are ordinary energy-saving lamps, but there is a glass shield outside of it which is waterproof...And they're all emergency lights!Like some large pump houses, they have riot lights...
Q:What is the difference between a low pressure pump and a high pressure pump?
The magnitude of the pressure at the outlet side of the pump
Q:Submersible pump coupling, what does this coupling mean?
What is a fixed submersible pump, submersible pump installed this thing to get up you ask to buy special Songchuan pump pump they'll explain it to you.
Q:When using a frequency converter to adjust the pump, what is the relationship between the change of the speed and the efficiency of the pump?
The wind pumps such load is usually called square torque load, which is in a certain range of speed and torque is roughly proportional to the square of the speed of N, TL=kn^2, power and speed is proportional to the cube, the energy-saving effect is obvious.
Q:What's the meaning of a single-stage pump?
Single stage impeller or multistage impellerGenerally speaking, multistage impeller is adopted in booster pumps

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