XBC series diesel engine fire pump

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Product overview

My company production of diesel engine fire pump with reference to foreign relevant technical standards requirements development and design. When building a fire, power supply is faulty, electric fire pump will not be put into use properly, this type of fire pump automatically put into operation to make sure fire extinguishing work, to ensure the safety of life and property. This system equipped with various automatic control function, ensure the long-term normal standby unit, ready for the fire fighting work.

Application field

Mainly used in industry, civil construction fixed fire control system (fire hydrant fire extinguishing system, automatic sprinkler system and water spray extinguishing system) of the water supply, in addition, can also be used for fire fighting and life (production) sharing of water supply system and the construction, municipal, industrial and mining, boiler feed water and so on various occasions.

Product features

1, the unit selects the our company produces the high quality multi-stage pump, double suction pump, flow, pressure range, the applicable scope is wide;

2, when the unit receives signals to effective fire or fire pump motor power power supply system, lack of phase, our group can run automatically start;

3, the unit with the function of excellent since the alarm, including multiple launch failure alarm, high water temperature alarm of diesel engine, diesel engine overspeed alarm downtime, low battery voltage, charging failure alarm, fuel lack of instructions alarm;

4, this unit is equipped with manual and automatic startup mode, strong practicability, easy to use;

5, fire signal disappears, the pump automatically delay downtime, and effectively reduce the working strength and cost;

6, diesel, and pumps connected directly, less faults, small vibration;

7, low battery voltage, the unit can automatically recharge, ensure the battery has enough power, double battery circuit design can ensure a battery fails, automatically using another set of batteries; And the battery itself does not need frequent add supplementary fluid, high efficiency and reliable;

8, the capacity and head of the pump with the actual requirements, can be adjusted to change the use of diesel engine speed to meet your requirements;

9, a specially designed preheating system can ensure that the normal boot when the low temperature

10, this unit can run on a regular basis function, to ensure normal standby unit.

The working conditions

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Q:What's the difference between a concrete pump and a concrete pump truck?
Concrete pump is a pumping machine used in the field, while the concrete pump truck is a truck mounted pump.
Q:Harm of air pump and pump
If the liquid is not full, this situation is generally the suction pipe or pump shell leakage, then easy to cause cavitationHit the pump for centrifugal pumps, centrifugal pump is recommended to start closed, the discharge valve closed, starting is in the state of pump
Q:What is the minimum continuous flow of a pump?
The minimum continuous steady flow can be obtained by test and, in general, the pump supplier will indicate(2) minimum continuous heat limited flow (.API) provides minimum continuous heat limit flow, which means the minimum continuous flow that the pump can maintain and that its operation is not impaired by the temperature rise of the liquid being pumpedMinimum continuous heat limited flow can be calculatedIn the formula, the Pe amount of the fixed axis power is.KW;P pump medium density, kg / m3;
Q:Does vacuum pump oil belong to dangerous goods?
Absolutely not. We often send oil by express or by freight. There are no problems at all. Don't be afraid, don't burn, explode
Q:Is the diaphragm pump and the drain pump one?
Therefore, the need to play a liquid discharge pump, if the medium is corrosive liquid, high viscosity, volatile, flammable, highly toxic liquid, you can choose diaphragm pump. Conversely, the general liquid, there is no special requirements, you can use the general centrifugal pump to reduce costs.
Q:Why does the centrifugal pump start and close first when the outlet valve is closed?
When the valve is closed off opposite is the first current to the rated current, avoid instant electricity loss of other electrical equipment caused by voltage fluctuation. At the same time, some centrifugal pump outlet check valve is not installed, the role of avoiding the pipeline caused by backflow of water pump reversal.This Regulation (or operation regulation) is generally applicable to larger power centrifugal pumps. For small power equipment, it can be used to determine whether the above operation is necessary for actual use
Q:What is the main difference between SK water ring vacuum pump and 2BV water ring vacuum pump?
SK vacuum pump is a single-stage water ring vacuum pump, vacuum pump and motor separation, coupled with couplings, vacuum relatively low.
Q:What is the distance between the pump and the wall?
What do you mean by that? If your pump is parallel to the wall! Then, the wall of the pump near the wall is usually 500mm. This is an empirical data, considering the import pipe length, pump maintenance and motor heat dissipation and other aspects of the situation to determine. Dozens of pumps installed in our company are placed in this size! Hope to be of help to you.
Q:What are the ways of hydraulic pumps?
Hydraulic pump is a power component of hydraulic system. It is driven by an engine or an electric motor. It draws oil from the hydraulic tank to form a component of the pressure oil which is sent to the actuating element.
Q:What is the relationship between the minimum suction vacuum of a pump and the required cavitation?
When the vacuum pressure is called vaporization pressure, cavitation is more than the surplus energy of vaporization pressure at the unit weight of the liquid in the pump suction port of the unit, with mark. The absorption process is to NPSH delta H: pump suction fluid allows the vacuum pump installation height is the unit of rice.

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