WYD390 Hydraulic Excavator for mining on sale

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China main port
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1 unit
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3 unit/month

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Product Description:

WYD390 / WY390 hydraulic excavators are suitable for striping the More than thousand ton open-pit coal mines, iron mines and nonferrous metal mines. The complete machine weight is 390t. Standard bucket capacity is 22 cubic meter. They can be used in combination with 136-220t mining dump vehicle. 

WYD390 is motor-driven type hydraulic excavator. WY390 is diesel-driven hydraulic excavator.


Main Features

Independent closed-loop swing circuit system

Ultimate power control

Electronic-hydraulic servo control

Automatic central lubrication system

Structures welded by low-alloy high-strength steel plate

Commodious and comfortable operator’s cab


Working Range

Max. digging reach


Max. digging height


Max. digging depth


Max. dumping height


Max. digging length at ground level


Max. digging reach at ground level


Bucket opening width



Digging Forces

Max. crowd force at ground level


Max. crowd force


Max. breakout force


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Q:Where is the serial number on a Hitachi EX200LC excavator located?
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Q:How much water % is allowed in Hyd Oil , used in Excavators?
Well, any water in your hydraulics will cause you problems, including corrosion. And if your running the unit hard, you might cause the water to turn to steam. My suggestion would be to have your hydraulics flushed and replaced if you have water in it.
Q:My husband is a blue collar construction worker. He doesn't do well in school but realizes now that he needs?
Look at your local community college at two year career programs. Most CC have large older students populations and all of them have tutoring centers.
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It starts at intervals between certain rounds, and it is called the Excavator. It's basically to annoy you. To stop it, you need to bring the hacker to the starting room and use it on the small control panels
Q:I'm looking for filter manual or cross reference for heavy equipment?
Call your local NAPA store. They LOVE to come out and organize your filters for you. Especially when they think they're going to be supplying said filters. They do it for free and they give you a cross reference book, too.
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Q:WTB Weirwolf LT or Kenda Excavator?
I love the Weirwolfs....not too crazy about them on the front because they kick up crap all over my legs, but it's a great tire. I run it on the rear. A couple friends of mine didn't like the way they cornered because they said they could feel the bumpiness of the gaps in the corner knobs....I've never noticed it and they do great for me. Excavators are pretty aggressive....very different than the Weirwolf. If you have loamy or sandy/loose soil they'll hook up great. Kinda rough on the trails, though, so if you don't need the big knobs, maybe gear down a notch. Maxxis Highrollers or WTB Prowlers are worth looking at, and there are still a lot of people riding IRC Trailbears, too. Intense makes some great tires....definitely worth looking at.
Q:how to get my broken cat key out of the ignition switch?
Replace the switch... it will be fairly cheap in those. You could just by-pass the switch in the mean time. Pop the ignition switch out, there should only be two wires on that type of equipment, just jump them for now. Good Luck!
Q:what the trick to runnung a excavator?
Like all the other machinery, it takes practice. If you have experience on other machines, you should pick it up quickly. Try to find someone to let you practice on it for a couple of hours.

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