Wuyang 1E1839 plate steel production

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Quenched and temperedsteelEQ47/E460.EQ63/E620. A/SA533B. EQ51/E500.1E0653.1E0682.1E1839.WNM255A


High-strengthquenched and temperedsteelWQ690D.S960Q.WH100QD.WQ960E.S960Q.WQ890D.A514GrQ/A517GrQ/E690/EQ70.A514GrF.


1.SA516Gr70. SA516Gr65.S355series.P355series.Q345Rseries.AH32-36.DH32-36.EH32-36.Intensitylevel isQ345Eclass.P460.S460 (-20 ℃impact)seriesQ460Dclasses.
2containers.Ship plate steeland other specialsteels,at the sameintensity levelbase priceplus500 yuan/ ton.



1: AsolutionHICSteel(HIC-A)toBsolutionHICsteel(HIC)basisplus300 yuan/ton.

2: R-HICHICsteeltosteelAsolution(HIC)basisplus500 yuan/ ton.

3: TypeII HICsteel100 yuan/ton, IIItypeHICsteelplus400 yuan/ ton.

4:For theHICsteelQ345R SA516Gr70 SA516Gr65correspondingclassQ345RQ245RQ245R SA516Gr60correspondingclass..

5,HICthickness greater than150mmofsteelslagincluded.

6, nuclearHRsteelcontainersincludeda quality plan,the completion ofthe report,all the requirements forsimulationafter weldingand so on.

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Q:What is AO steel plate?
It is better to meet the anatomical angle and bone surface in steel plate and Futie professional medical professional operation, to fracture the bones to firm, stable and maximum support.
Q:What is the hardness of the wear-resistant steel plate?
But not the higher the hardness, the better the wear resistance! The hardness is based wear resistant steel plate excellent wear resistance, but the relationship between the hardness and wear resistance is not proportional to the wear resistance; wear resistant steel plate, mainly because they have hard particles, and soft matrix, generally in the wear process, there will be some shedding substances, these substances will be integrated into the soft matrix that will not cause great harm to the surface; if the matrix hardness is relatively high, shedding of abrasive or other substances, the mutual movement will be mutual lapping, faster damage matrix!
Q:How to choose welding method for welding different plate and thick steel plate?
For welding efficiency:General welding or argon arc welding of thin plate, medium plate with gas shielded welding (such as two welding), thick plate with submerged arc welding (usually not groove, single-sided, once the penetration of up to 20mm).
Q:How can the white steel plate be bright and cleaned?
The use of detergent plus iron cloth rub, salt, vinegar 50 ml into the bowl, then add a little detergent thoroughly, with a cloth dipped in salt and vinegar detergent water rubbed white plate, not only can remove stains, can maintain the original brightness.
Q:Can the steel sheet pile retaining structure be watertight and impervious?
Steel plate: steel plate is made of molten steel, cooled and compressed into flat steel. Steel plate by thickness, thin steel plate <4 mm (thinnest 0.2 mm), thick steel plate 4~60 mm, extra thick steel plate 60~115 mm. The steel plate is divided into hot-rolled and cold-rolled parts by rolling.
Q:Definition and application of steel sheet pile
The steel sheet pile is a kind of edge with linkage device, and the linkage device can be freely assembled so as to make the linkageA steel structure forming a continuous tight retaining or retaining wall
Q:How much is the rent for a day of Larson steel sheet pile
As a cofferdam, Larson steel sheet pile is not only green and environmental friendly, but also has fast construction speed, low construction cost and good waterproof function.
Q:Are lead contained in galvanized steel plates and plain steel plates?
According to the content of alloy elements, divided intoLow alloy steels (alloy elements less than 5%),Medium alloy steel (total alloy element is 5%-10%)High alloy steel (amount of alloying elements is higher than 10%).
Q:Steel plate coated cement mortar, how can bonding firm?
You can use glue stick steel nap, after curing of plaster
Q:What is a water stop steel plate?
The main application areas of water stop steel plate are tunnel, subway, dyke, culvert, water conservancy and hydropower project, construction joint, basement of high-rise building, underground parking lot, etc..

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