Wuyang 1E1839 plate steel production

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Quenched and temperedsteelEQ47/E460.EQ63/E620. A/SA533B. EQ51/E500.1E0653.1E0682.1E1839.WNM255A


High-strengthquenched and temperedsteelWQ690D.S960Q.WH100QD.WQ960E.S960Q.WQ890D.A514GrQ/A517GrQ/E690/EQ70.A514GrF.


1.SA516Gr70. SA516Gr65.S355series.P355series.Q345Rseries.AH32-36.DH32-36.EH32-36.Intensitylevel isQ345Eclass.P460.S460 (-20 ℃impact)seriesQ460Dclasses.
2containers.Ship plate steeland other specialsteels,at the sameintensity levelbase priceplus500 yuan/ ton.



1: AsolutionHICSteel(HIC-A)toBsolutionHICsteel(HIC)basisplus300 yuan/ton.

2: R-HICHICsteeltosteelAsolution(HIC)basisplus500 yuan/ ton.

3: TypeII HICsteel100 yuan/ton, IIItypeHICsteelplus400 yuan/ ton.

4:For theHICsteelQ345R SA516Gr70 SA516Gr65correspondingclassQ345RQ245RQ245R SA516Gr60correspondingclass..

5,HICthickness greater than150mmofsteelslagincluded.

6, nuclearHRsteelcontainersincludeda quality plan,the completion ofthe report,all the requirements forsimulationafter weldingand so on.

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Q:What are the driving methods for steel sheet piles?
Mechanical hand general construction pile length of less than 12m steel pile; more than 12m length generally use crawler crane combined with vibration hammer construction, if the surrounding environment is sensitive to vibration, can use Japanese static pressure pile driving machine construction. The vibration hammer: DZ40 DZ45DZ60 DZ90 DZJ120; ordinary steel sheet pile, DZ60 type vibrating hammer.
Q:What's the corrosion resistance of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet?
Hot galvanized steel sheet is currently at 7200-7500 yuan per ton304 stainless steel plates are currently at $28000-30000 per ton
Q:What is the difference between color steel plate and hot galvanized sheet?
Color steel plate is divided into two kinds, one is hot galvanized after spraying color, not a hot galvanized plate directly after spraying, hot galvanized and color steel plate is a kind of anti-corrosion measures, galvanizing after spraying outdoor powder, not only has good antiseptic effect, and the color is beautiful, just hot galvanized plate no antiseptic, decorative effect
Q:Who knows the wire width of the steel mesh?
Steel wire should be called stem stem.
Q:Steel plate pile length, adjacent two steel plate pile joints should be staggered what position?
Hello, due to site transportation restrictions and insufficient length of existing materials and other reasonsSome projects need to meet the design length by using the site connection method.
Q:What does "rolled steel" mean?.
Generally refers to the thickness below 3, some enterprises have used rolling process, for example, 1.97 of the stainless steel materials market is difficult to buy, the enterprise will use 2 or 2.5 of the material rolling process processing, production of 1.97 thickness.
Q:Larson steel sheet pile and what is the difference between the hot cold
The difference between cold bending and hot rolling is different from the name of the manufacturing process.Therefore, the wall thickness of cold-formed steel sheet piles is the same, and the wall thickness of hot rolled steel is different from different parts, and the nozzle can be made thick.
Q:What welding rod should be used for welding of cast iron and Q235B steel plate?
SUS304 is 18/8 stainless steel. GB brand 0Cr18Ni9, this is an austenitic stainless steel, austenitic welding electrode, such as A102 or A302 welding.
Q:What is a water stop steel plate?
The joint position is called the new and old concrete construction joints, the waterproof concrete belongs to the weak links, increase the sealing plate, the water along the slit Jiecha position of the new and old concrete permeability met when the sealing plate can not leaking, sealing steel plays a role to cut off the water penetration path. In time, the steel plate is penetrated along the gap between the water stopping steel plate and the concrete, and the water stopping steel plate has a certain width, and the seepage path of the water is prolonged, and the utility model can also play a waterproof role.
Q:The method of making spring steel for automobile?
Steel plate like spring can not be used as a knife. No material, easy to the teeth. If the shape of the tool is not required, the spring coil of the shock absorber can be used.

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