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Minimum Order Quantity:1000 MetersUnit:mLoading Port:China Main Port
Supply Ability:20000 Kilograms per Day 24HoursPayment Terms:TT or LC

Product Description:

Introduction of WPC Decking

1. Green ecological, Innovative technology, Lifestyle

2. Elegant nature wood grain texture and touch, with wood scent

3. Elegant and detailed shape design

4. Resistant to cracking and splitting

5. Water-proof, moldy-proof, prevents rotting and moisture, anti-acid, alkali and pest resistance

6. Environmental friendly, fully recyclable and no other hazard chemical

7. Safe to use for many years

8. No painting, no glue, free maintenance

9. Anti-slip, less crack and warp, barefoot friendly

10. Good weatherability, suitable from -40°C to +60°C

11.Easy to process install and clean

12.UV resistance, Fade resistant Durable

13.Dimension stability against moisture and temperature

14. High quality with competitive price.

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Q:Fixing huge marks and dents on floors.?
Is it wood? If so you may be able to steam it out. Soak it, then use a wet towel and hot iron. Put the towel on the spot and keep pressing the iron on the spot, don't leave it too long, just press and then check.
Q:what are pergo floors?
You are correct. Pergo is simply a well known brand of laminate flooring. Just like kleenex is to tissue. Laminate flooring is much better than natural wood for many applications. First it will wear much better. the surface is considerably harder than any natural wood, so if you have dogs they will not scratch or dent the surface. If you have a high traffic area you will never see wear in the surface. You will probably never wear though the surface coating in a residential setting. Also although hardwood may do marginally better with some water, in a pipe rupture situation they will both be destroyed, and the wood is much more work to remove and replace as well as more expense.
Q:Vinegar and water floor solution?
hmm i have people saying things that you add warm water to the vinegar solution. Also Dogs and cats can often be bothered by itchy, scaly ears -- especially if you have a dog with floppy ears like a retriever. Dilute white vinegar in a 1:4 ratio (1 tablespoon vinegar to 4 tablespoons water, for example), and let it soak into a clean rag. Then use the rag to wipe out the inside of your pet's ears. And if your pet gets sprayed by a skunk, vinegar is an easier acid to use than ketchup for getting rid of the smell, since ketchup itself doesn't rinse off all that easily. Finally, if unwanted cats are creeping around your yard, spray or pour vinegar onto their favorite litter box -- felines can't stand the stuff!
Q:Buy floor to see what the general data
Upstairs that is very detailed.
Q:how can i find this sequence: an=[n (floor)/4(floor)] *4 for all integers n greater or equal to 1?
FLOOR: The floor function just means to take the greatest integer less than or equal to the number inside. The FLOOR function is similar to the INTEGER function. INT (or INTEGER) - rounds a number down to the nearest integer. Since your domain n ≥ 1, from your original equation: a(n) = [ floor(n)/floor(4) ] * 4 a(1) = [ floor(1)/floor(4) ] * 4 = 1 a(4) = [ floor(4)/floor(4) ] * 4 = 4 a(7) = [ floor(7)/floor(4) ] * 4 = 7 a(10) = [ floor(10)/floor(4) ] * 4 = 10 Pretty useless!! What you probably meant was: a(n) = floor(n/4) * 4 a(1) = floor(1/4) * 4 = 0 a(4) = floor(4/4) * 4 = 4 a(7) = floor(7/4) * 4 = 4 a(10) = floor(10/4) * 4 = 8
Q:floor polishing or stripping?
The process of stripping a floor is to remove all the build up wax that accumulates in time . Polishing is to shine the wax that you apply to it , you can polish with a floor polisher every day if you wish to take scuff marks off and dust at the same time . I have always used paste wax when I polished my floors and stripped them down with Varsol You can purchase a floor polisher that serves dual purpouse ,it comes with felt pads for polishing and scrubby pads for stripping. You can also rent a machine for this type of job Home Depot rents them out.
Q:What is the general thickness of ceramic tiles?
About 10mm
Q:Pool table on laminate flooring?
Choose the base of your pool table wisely. Force = pressure multiplied by area. The force will remain constant as the weight of the pool table does not change. So, you need to change surface area to affect pressure on the floor. The larger the floor contact with the pool table, the more distributed the weight will be. Which means that if you have a large contact with the floor, you will have less pressure on that section of the floor. If you have no choice but to go for those tiny little leveling feet, then possibly run a thin piece of wood between the feet at each end. Something like a 1x4, or even a sheet of thick plywood. You will be distributing the weight of half the pool table from two tiny little feet onto a much larger surface, thus reducing the pressure effectss on the floor. Just remember, you can always touch up that piece of wood to match your table. It's just a way to protect your floor. Heck, you could even install a nice curtain of sorts to hide the base of the table from view.
Q:How to ceramic tile a floor?
After you strip the floor you will need to make your it is sound and secure. You need a smooth clean surface. For a bathroom you need dura roc or hardie backer as an underlayment. You will need to do a dry setting of the tiles. That means lay the tiles out to figure the best pattern and get an idea as to space etc. once you know how you want the tiles laid start cutting. You will need a mastic/thinset to set the tiles...whichever one you choose just follow directions. The directions will tell you what size trial you will need to spread the mastic/thin set. as you set the tiles insert spacers they come in different sizes. after all the tiles are set, let sit for 24 hrs. clean out any grout lines and remove the spacers. now you are ready to grout. grout comes in different colors and there is a sanded grout and a non sanded. When you buy the tile ask the sales person which grout you need for that tile, sanded or non sanded. some tiles will scratch with sanded tile. follow directions on the grout. make sure you wipe of any clumps of grout or it may not come off. lightly wipe extra grout as your grouting. there will be a haze over the tiles. you can wipe over the tile very lightly every few hours.
Q:could second floor be unleveled?
any floor can be unlevel but they do make a floor leveling compound any good hardware store or big box will carry it easy to use

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