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Minimum Order Quantity:1000 MetersUnit:mLoading Port:China Main Port
Supply Ability:20000 Kilograms per Day 24HoursPayment Terms:TT or LC

Product Description:

Introduction of WPC Decking

1. Green ecological, Innovative technology, Lifestyle

2. Elegant nature wood grain texture and touch, with wood scent

3. Elegant and detailed shape design

4. Resistant to cracking and splitting

5. Water-proof, moldy-proof, prevents rotting and moisture, anti-acid, alkali and pest resistance

6. Environmental friendly, fully recyclable and no other hazard chemical

7. Safe to use for many years

8. No painting, no glue, free maintenance

9. Anti-slip, less crack and warp, barefoot friendly

10. Good weatherability, suitable from -40°C to +60°C

11.Easy to process install and clean

12.UV resistance, Fade resistant Durable

13.Dimension stability against moisture and temperature

14. High quality with competitive price.

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Q:laminate floor question(removal)?
No .Laminate must be laid on a flat, semi level floor. Level with in a 1/4 per 10 l/f..So you ll have to fix the flooring 1 st before installing the laminate. Any flooring questions you can e mail me through my avatar, I ve done a couple 100 000 s/f of laminate and many training classes by laminate companies.. GL
Q:Painting a garage floor????????
if your floor is clean except where you spilled paint. i would clean the paint spots real good and instead of painting it i would use the dye instead. concrete will not hold paint no matter what you try it will chip. i rolled the dye on my garage floor 5 years ago and it still looks good. i usrd the grey but i think there are other colors to choose from.
Q:Floor color selection
If you can use dark white paint dark red furniture can be retro or Jane European style floor, such as parquet, or white floor, white floor, then the foot line is the saying that the wall to use the neutral color or dark, Out of a sense of hierarchy! Above is only personal point of view!
Q:Water seeping through floor?
With a tiled floor it can be deceiving as a leak can run across the floor and it's trail dry out. Water shouldn't be able to get through the tiles, unless there is a crack somewhere which you would see. Are there any damp or discoloured patches around the walls, particularly lower down? Ingress through the walls is more likely than through a tiled floor.
Q:Sprung dance floor for my home?
I work as Marketing Manager for Harlequin Dance Floors, we have a few sprung floor options which can be installed at home. One is Harlequin Liberty sprung floor panel system which is available worldwide. If you live in the UK or Europe there is a new self install sprung floor in our range called Harlequin Vitality. Check out the installation guide on YouTube. Both options are designed to be topped with a Harlequin vinyl top surface. Because you list tap dancing as one of your dance styles, don't use a cushioned top surface such as Harlequin Studio as this will dampen the sound unacceptably, use a product like Harlequin Cascade or Harlequin Reversible.
Q:Whoa!what is wrong with my ceramic floor tile?
Urethane okorder.com
Q:Can I seal a painted garage floor?
No you can't seal over paint. If you want to apply an epoxy-based sealant then all the paint will have to be removed from the floor. There are good chemical paint strippers that you can use to remove the old paint. Contrary to what the post said, you will need to acid etch or grind the cement of your floor after you remove the paint. The reason of this is that epoxy based floor sealers need the pores of the concrete opened up and exposed in order for the epoxy to adhere properly. If you don't do this then it just peels up off the floor like your paint did. This does not hurt the finish of the concrete, it actually will make the epoxy last much longer.
Q:What is the number of revolutions to strengthen the composite floor?
Peace of mind and the floor of the self-answer. See you do not have to advertise in the question, brother to return to you about it, so that the majority of the floor to buy the floor of the guest fool escape uncle 墚 moth scorpion valve Mang view they understand some floor knowledge. Strengthen the composite floor wear and tear are generally 4000 rpm, 6000 rpm and 9000 turn. Business is 9000 rpm. Home level is 6000 to change home with 2 is 4000 turn.
Q:seam in laminate flooring?
Laminate floors are not actually wood. Engineered floors have a thin layer of wood on top. Hardwood floors are all wood. Laminate floors are only a picture of wood on top of a substrate. That substrate is usually something called MDF. MDF will swell when it gets wet. This is likely your problem. There is no repair except for replacing those sections. Tongue and groove laminate is glued together making this almost impossible. If you had hardwood floors they could be sanded and refinished. If you have engineered floors they might, or might not be able to be refinished, depending on the thickness of the veneer on top. Sorry for the bad news.
Q:A method of laying composite wood flooring directly on tiles
Do not have to knock tiles. Direct shop. Composite floor has 70 to 130 yuan a square meter. Depends on the quality of your selection of high end to set. Modify the door is sure

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