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Engineered Flooring
Place of Origin:
Zhejiang China (Mainland)
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Wood-Plastic Composite Flooring
anti-slip surface,low maintance cost
surface grooves:
narrow grooves,wider grooves
surface treatment:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Packaging: wrapped with PE plastic film and on wooden pallet Size(mm).
Delivery Detail:7-12days after order confirmed


1.Natural & Beautiful wood look  2.Easy install & clear,low maintance cost   3.No trip hazards,recyclable

China waterproof Anti moth ANTI-UV  dedicated composite wood boards

Product pictures:

China waterproof composite wpc decking

Product information:


Wood Plastic Composite


30% HDPE+60% Waste Wood Fibers+10% Auxiliaries

Colors Available



PE plastic Base

DIY Snap Interlock Puzzle Tile

Easy for Installation


Patio, Balcony,Terrance,Walkway,Boardway Decking,Pool Decking,Sauna Room & other Public Areas



product features:

1.Natural & Beautiful wood look       2.Easy install & clear,low maintance cost          

 3.No trip hazards,recyclable           4.Long lifespan & UV stable,No wrapping,No rotting

5.Great drainage                              6.Eco-friendly,anti-slip surface

*Easy cleaning and maintenance :No need of a specific treatment .just a usual water washing is necessary

*Safety:Splinters free and slip resistant  Free of any toxic product

*Colours may slightly change,photos are not not contractual  

*Resistant to scratches as oak resistance

*Very low colour variations

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Q:Believe daddy still believe my mother?
For their own safe to believe that her mother did not kill the idea
Q:cement under floating floor now stinks?
There should be plastic under the concrete. But the builder was probably too lazy or cheap or stupid to do that. So now the smell of damp earth will forever try to migrate through the floor. The perfect answer is to remove the floor and the concrete and lay down 3 mil plastic and repour concrete and relay the floor. Failing that, I like the 'seal the concrete' concept. Try to find a product that is a vapor barrier. The original BIN is a vapor barrier. With luck the smell will be sealed out also.
Q:Indestructable laminate flooring question?
Try scrubbing with a little soap & water. Use one of the sponges with the traditional sponge on one side and the green abrasive stuff on the other. If that doesn't work you could either try a little paint thinner or call the maker - Pergo; Wilsonart; et al and ask them what to do and what warrenty coverage may be available. Worst case scenario, I believe the dealers have experts that can come and replace a single board. But it's probably expensive. Good luck.
Q:How can i stop the squeaks in the floor?
I assume we are talking about a travel trailer. Some more description of the vehicle & the problem would be helpful. Although the problem can be caused by loose screws or bolts where the floor is secured to the chassis, it is almost always caused by a plywood floorboard that is loose from a crossmember within the floor itself. Often the problem will occur where two sections of flooring meet at a seam, where the loose one will rub against the edge of the one next to it. Many times the situation is as a result of water intrusion, damaging the wood or the fasteners. The correction is to resecure the loose board back down to the crossmember. It can be screwed or glued into place. This is easy enough, except that the carpet or vinyl flooring may need to be lifted to access the area, and if the wood is water-damaged additional work might be needed. An experienced RV technician can evaluate the problem pretty accurately just by walking on the area. You might run it by a reputable shop and ask for an inspection, and a free estimate.
Q:Shop tile or laminate flooring?
Tile decoration is not worse than the composite floor, on the contrary will be more noble and elegant. Composite floor life is not low, the quality of the normal use of home for several decades there is no problem. It is determined from the use of habits or the use of the environment to decide it. Such as ordinary guests, live on the first floor, the family has pets, etc., the proposed choice of tiles; if the family has a small baby, like walking at home and so on, then choose composite floor. General tiles will be more luxurious living room style, composite floor more home taste.
Q:pergo floors?
The thing to avoid is allowing water to stand on the floor for a long period of time. Water will soak into the seams of the boards and cause them to swell and delaminate. Damp mopping is fine, just don't soak the floor. Good cleaners to use are ammonia or vinegar in hot water. Home improvement stores sell special laminate cleaners but they are made of ammonia and water. No matter what two hundred people tell you, do not use Murphy's oil soap or any kind of oil, wax, or soap. They may look good at first but leave residue that will eventually make the floor very dull and filmy. Many people have trouble eliminating streaks when cleaning Pergo. The only way to get rid of all the streaks is to dry the floor after cleaning. Using very hot water also will aid in streak control.
Q:How do I care for a concrete floor that has been sealed with urethane?
All I would add to Ultimate Washer's answer is that periodically it just pays to put another coat of Urethane on it. It will help fill the scratches and a good buff will make it look good as new. Obviously you can't repeat that indefinitely, but a few times at long intervals won't hurt. The one thing you want to AVOID AT ALL COSTS is letting anything RUBBER sit on it for extended periods of time. It will partically dissolve into the urethane and you'll get weird patterns on the floor.
Q:why would anyone choose a middle floor apartment over the top or bottom?
If steps aren't a problem the 2nd floor of a three story apt building is the best. Safety is one reason, another is insulation. In the winter it doesn't take as much to heat a 2nd floor apt because there is heat being provided from above and below. In the summer the 1st floor is the easiest to cool and the 3rd floor the hardest. Some people also like them because they get some exercise with the steps.
Q:What color should i paint my front porch floor?
i'd probable stick with the kinfolk of hues you've now. i'd paint the floor a darker putty colour , darker than the abode colour, it truly is earthy and may make the floor a lot less important. because you've Cranberry and black iron on the abode already i'd pass a pair colorations darker on the door, per chance a black cherry. this may be an undemanding yet stylish colour scheme that ought to blend all the hues. your position could seem large with landscaping because purple and eco-friendly are complimentary hues and each and each and every will make the different seem richer. in case you want different hues i'd stay contained in the colour kinfolk as an party the door may be black or a similar because the shutters. consistent hues paintings more beneficial functional on a large scale like a house. solid luck and enjoy, and in spite of everything that's only paint in case you don't like it repaint.
Q:Installing Laminate Floors?
Yes those are strips used to hold the carpet in place. You must take these up as well before you lay the laminate flooring.

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