WP-6 Long Beam Excavator for mining on sale

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China main port
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1 unit
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3 unit/month

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WP-6 excavators are based on our WK-10B model; the changes introduced in its design mainly include elongation of its crane arm length, and a reduction of bucket volume from 10m3 into 6m3. They are suitable for railway transportation at opencast mines for deep extraction loading. Our WP-6 excavators meet international standards of quality.

Technical Spec. of WP-6 Excavator

Normal bucket volume


Main motor


Length of boom


Max. Excavating radius


Length of bucket stick


Max. Excavating height


Traveling speed


Max. Dumping radius


Max. Lifting force 


Max. Dumping Height


Max. Pushing force


 Excavating depth 


Max. Crawling angle


Working weight


Average bearing pressure 


Theoretical productivity



We have established a new production base in the Binhai New Area of Tianjin to facilitate the transportation and export of large-sized equipment. Our second wheel production line is currently under construction. We have also established production lines for wheels, axles and wheel sets for use at speeds above 200 km/h.

We are now turning our focus to international markets which we are certain can benefit from our high quality products and service. As we are constantly innovating and improving, we have no doubt that we will meet and even exceed our customers’ expectations.


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