World Famous-Symons Cone Crusher-Hydraulic Clearing System

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Product Description:

Symons Cone Crusher

  • Type: Secondary Crushing

  • Input Size: 30mm--460mm

  • Processed Materials: Limestone, Granite, Gabbro, Basalt, River Stone, Coal Gangue, Quartz, Diabase,Iron Ore, Copper Ore,  Zinc Ore, Manganese Ore, etc. (for Hard Stone).

  • Applications: Aggregates Shaping, Mechanism sand, Bituminous Concrete, Metal Mine, Sand Making, Chemical, Road, Railway

  • Capacity: 9-1941TPH

    Zhongxin symons cone crusher has more hydraulic cylinder than other. hydraulic cylinder is kind of protection for the cone crusher. when some materials, like iron, and very hard material, comes into the crusher. so cylinder can make the adjusting body go up, so the material is down from inside of the crusher. hydraulic cylinder can not only save some human workers and downtime.

    1, multi-cylinder crushing chamber can used more flexible,the broken cavity used more adaptable.

    2, support large crushing ratio

    3, easy operation, reduce downtime, low power consumption, a reasonable allocation.

    4, The parts selection and structure were designed more reasonable,and have a long service life.

    5, Good products size composition

    6, Good stability

    7, Easy maintenance and operation

    8, Low production costs

ModelCavity TypeDiameter of cone               (mm)Adjusting Range of Discharge
           Opening                (mm)
Recommend  feeding size when the minimum output size               (mm)Max feed
           size               (mm)
Capacity               (t/h)Main
           Power               (kw)
Weight               (kg)Overall
           (L×W×H)                (mm)
2’FTPSGB-               0607Standard fine6006-38706016-502245002195×1158×1651
PSGB-               0609Standard medium10-38958018-65
PSGB-               0611Standard coarse13-381109022-70
PSGD-               0603Short head fine3-1335309-35
PSGD-               0605Short head coarse5-16504022-70
3’FTPSGB-               0910Standard fine9009-221028545-917599802656×1636×2241
PSGB-               0917Standard coarse13-3817515059-163
PSGB-               0918 Standard super coarse25-38178150118-163
PSGD-0904Short head fine3-13413527-9010530
PSGD-0906 Short head medium3-16766527-100
PSGD-0907Short head coarse6-191028559-129
4.25’FTPSGB-               1313Standard fine129513-31137115109-181160224602983×1866×3156
PSGB-               1321Standard medium16-38210178132-253
PSGB-               1324Standard coarse19-51241205172-349
PSGB-               1325Standard super coarse25-51259220236-358
PSGD-1306Short head fine3-16645436-16322590
PSGD-1308Short head medium6-16897682-163
PSGD-1310Short head coarse8-2510589109-227
PSGD-1313Short head super coarse16-25133113209-236
5.5’FTPSGB-               1620Standard fine167616-38209178181-327220432703941×2954×3771
PSGB-               1624Standard medium22-51241205258-417
PSGB-               1626Standard coarse25-64269228299-635
PSGB-               1636Standard super coarse38-64368313431-630
PSGD-1607Short head fine5-13706090-20943870
PSGD-1608Short head medium6-198976136-281
PSGD-1613short head coarse10-25133113190-336
PSGD-1614Short head super coarse13-25133113253-336
7’FTPSGB-               2127Standard fine213419-38278236544-1034400867304613×3302×4638
PSGB-               2133Standard medium25-51334284862-1424
PSGB-               2136Standard coarse31-643693141125-1814
PSGB-               2146Standard super coarse38-644603911252-1941
PSGD-2110Short head fine5-1610589218-46389500
PSGD-2113Short head medium10-19133113404-580
PSGD-2117Short head coarse13-25178151517-680
PSGD-2120Short head super coarse16-25203172580-744

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World Famous-Symons Cone Crusher-Hydraulic Clearing System

World Famous-Symons Cone Crusher-Hydraulic Clearing System

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Q:What's the difference between a crusher and a broken hammer?
The crusher refers to the size of discharging the content is greater than three mm total discharge amount of more than 50% crushing machinery, soil more effectively clean up floating stones and cracks in the rock hammer it in mining building foundation role.
Q:How can a cone crusher achieve the optimum crushing state?
Regularly check the dust sealing ring of the fixed bolts: ore moisture or water content is large, should often check the fixed dust seal slip ring fixed bolts. When the ore sand accumulated on the cross beam is not cleaned in time, the bolt of the fixed slip ring rotates along with the rotating cone and the accumulated ore sand produces relative movement, causing the tail of the bolt to be worn out. If the situation is not aware of a slip ring fixing, must be timely or carefully check the operation, dust seal and slip off, is a lot of dust and sand into the body, will cause significant economic losses or scrap crusher.
Q:What type of crusher is needed to break the granite?
The working principle of the vertical plate hammer compound crusher is to use the hammer to crush the material.The crushing process of vertical plate hammer compound crusher is broken by way. The general material is added from the feed port to the finished product and has only 2~3s of time in the crushing chamber. Therefore, the throughput of materials is relatively fast and the output is high.The vertical plate hammer compound crusher is two kinds of crushing materials, and the method is assembled in one machine body. The first stage of crushing reflects the characteristics of the counterattack crusher, and the large pieces of material are broken by high speed impact and become small pieces. Second stage grinding and reflects the characteristics of extrusion machine, small pieces of material by impact, extrusion and crushing, products become powder and small particles; the crushed material is rotating falling in the body, so that the materials are fully broken; the material in the crushing cavity second impact, extrusion pressure, compression strength can reach 30MPa the granular layer, at the same time, the effect of impact compaction, particle crushing. Thus, the material discharged under impact and extrusion is not a cake, but a loose material. Therefore, the vertical shaft crusher product does not need to use again to break up the equipment.
Q:Daily maintenance of vertical compound crusher
Three level maintenance system is to rely on the full staff, and give full play to the enthusiasm of the whole staff, the implementation of group management group, the combination of special groups, do a good job of equipment maintenance and effective methods. Vertical composite crusher equipment, two level maintenance is based on maintenance workers, operators to participate in the completion. Included in the equipment maintenance plan for equipment maintenance of two, part of inspection and repair, replacement or repair of worn parts, cleaning, oil, check and repair the electrical parts, so that the technology condition of equipment fully meet the requirements of equipment standards requirements. Grade two maintenance takes about 1-3 days. After completion of the two guarantees, the maintenance workers shall fill out the maintenance records in detail, and shall be checked and accepted by the mechanical and electrical equipment division and the operators, and the inspection documents shall be submitted to the equipment department for archival filing.
Q:The difference between wood double shaft crusher and wood crusher
The principle and structure are different
Q:What are some common crushing methods for crusher?
Crush crushing, impact crushing, impact crushing, others are not known
Q:How many kilowatts is the crusher motor in the stone factory?
The power and speed of the motor, the power and speed should meet the requirements of the load6, other difficulties, such as whether the need for speed change, there is no special control requirements, the type of load
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of hammer crusher
Hammer crusher is the hammer and sieve wear quickly, and find the balance maintenance time is long, when crushing hard material, wear faster; crushing the wet material, clogging sieve seam, so easy to cause downtime (the material moisture content should not exceed 10%). Crush hard, hammer and lining wear, the consumption of metal materials, regular replacement of wear parts required for more maintenance time, broken in the wet material, bar blockage caused the decline of production capacity.
Q:What's the difference between a jaw crusher and a cone crusher?
Jaw crushers, jaw plates, jaw plates, jaw plates, jaw plates and movable jaw plates are the wear parts of jaw crushers. They are square. The running state in the jaw crusher, jaw attached to a movable jaw plate made of compound pendulum movement, the formation of a stone with a fixed jaw angle extrusion. The jaw plate is, therefore, a relatively easy piece of damage in the jaw crusher.
Q:How long is the crusher hammer used in general?
This is related to a lot of factors, such as crushing materials are different, crusher hammer selected material is different, and so on. Our company is specializing in the production of wear-resistant parts of the crusher, high manganese steel, high manganese steel, alloy steel, single or double metal composite material casting, with advanced production technology and production of high manganese steel hammer, high chromium, high manganese steel hammer hammer, composite hammer, hammer crusher to adapt to different service condition. Customers can also be provided for customized drawings!

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