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Thermal insulation, heat preservation and anti-permeability 

Opening mode: inside and outside

Maximum width: 650mm

Maximum height: 1,430mm

Double insulating glasses: customized, 5 + 9A + 5mm, 5 + 12A + 5mm, 6 + 9A + 6mm, 6 + 12A + 6mm

Optional structure: fixed window screen, hidden window screen and decorated strips inside the glass

Exterior fluorine carbon spraying

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Q:How to paint a wooden door and window?
order: 1, removal of wood products and lines (wood-based) surface dust dirt. 2, repair the wood surface of the surface of the burr, flip fork and other defects, polished with sand, so that the corner neat. 3, with oily putty (or transparent putty) for scraping, polished, refurbished putty after polished (with varnish when the first make brown eyes, nail, do local repair color work). 4, painted the first pass paint, refurbished putty, polished after the removal of surface dust. 5, the application of the second paint, polished after the removal of surface dust and water and sand for the water mill, repair the oil hanging part. 6, painted the third pass paint, until the desired effect.
Q:What are the advantages of wooden windows?
Durable, not deformed Yuanwang wooden window using advanced technology imported from Europe as a raw material. Glulam is the wood to remove grease, decadent metamorphic parts, cracks and insects and other defects, the short wood through the advanced finger-connected process to re-length, and then laminated into high-quality materials. Laminated wood by re-combination of wood to avoid the natural growth of wood due to its own internal stress and easy deformation of the shortcomings of the wood in the course of the use of changes in the climate caused by the deformation problem
Q:From the energy saving effect, the best is: (A) ordinary aluminum alloy window B steel window C insulation broken bridge aluminum alloy window D wood windows
I found one: the eighth earth small doctoral science and technology competition junior high school group questions and answers This should say that the election C
Q:Why is it so expensive?
Yes, the price of aluminum windows is indeed higher than the other windows on the market today. But really very easy to use, I used to be steel windows, sealing is relatively poor, the wind is still quite serious in winter. Later, once I went to my aunt home, and then see her home window and look good, the home and feel particularly warm, and asked her that the Sen Ying S86 system aluminum package wooden windows, insulation and sealed. I immediately changed the window with her, I feel really different. The price is high, or how could there be such a good quality ah.
Q:Wooden window brushing paint sticks how can we open
The best way: to the window sewn at the "paint thinner", after a while the paint softened and then try to start, not in the dessert. Open the window after re-brushing the paint on it.
Q:What is the difference between aluminum windows and wooden-aluminum composite windows?
The concept of aluminum and wood composite was originally introduced by Germany, and the domestic manufacturers of the concept of processing, and from the form of aluminum and wood composite doors and windows to imitate, so with today's aluminum package wood.
Q:What is the price of aluminum clad wood doors and windows?
Aluminum package wood prices about 1500 or so, specifically to see what you use wood and what kind of aluminum alloy profiles. The price will be very big disparity.
Q:Do you have a wooden window?
The use of wood with some woody warm and warm enough to rely on the cold side of the overall decoration of the overall style to consider the weakening of the package or local anti-fouling package Pass also consider the use of gypsum, iron, glass and other material modeling
Q:Aluminum windows, steel windows, broken bridge aluminum windows, aluminum package wooden windows What are the characteristics and differences between which?
Aluminum composite window is the insulation of broken bridge aluminum alloy and solid wood through the mechanical method of composite frame. Have a good anti-deformation and anti-aging ability, natural harmony, full of the charm of nature. In the outer layer of pure wood doors and windows to increase the protective layer of aluminum, aluminum outside the wood, so that both inside and outside the building to meet the different requirements of the doors and windows of the material, to retain the characteristics and functions of pure wood doors and windows to achieve the effect of double decoration. Alloy has played a protective role, and easy maintenance, aluminum can be used after the fluorocarbon electrostatic spraying, electrophoresis and other treatment methods, the aluminum surface can be sprayed with a variety of colors to adapt to different architectural style. Its solid structure, nice, Environmental protection, decorative, energy-saving and higher than the aluminum alloy doors and windows, from the overall view, the doors and windows with features compatible, affordable. Indoor is warm, elegant solid wood doors and windows, doors and windows, outdoor intuitively is noble, luxurious aluminum doors and windows, the biggest advantage of the window is a strong wood texture, natural wood unique feeling of warmth and excellent durability have become the reason people love it, Often do within the window, the paint also can be outside the window.
Q:Wooden doors and windows for aluminum doors and windows how to seal
The first use of steel to do a circle with the box, with the expansion of the tight connection, the gap with a blowing agent to fill, after the window in the box attached to the above. This can be covered with cement to cover the box, the hole correction is very flat, the installation of the effect is also very good, safe no problem, the use of life is very long, the role of blowing agent on the very small, and the use of the Very few
Yijia Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of roller shutter doors & windows and garage doors for residential homes, condominiums, warehouses, commercial buildings, shopping malls and other commercial applications. Covering the area of about 2,000 square meters, Yijia has more than 200 employees. Our teams include HR, sale, purchase, engineering, production and QC departments. The advanced production equipment includes cutting machine, extrusion moulding machine, forming machine and foaming machine for roller shutter; automatic polyurethane foam machines, wood grain rolling machine, guide rails forming machine, hydromantic embossing machine and forming machine for garage door.

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Location Jiaxing, China
Year Established 2000
Annual Output Value Above US$ 50 Million
Main Markets Africa
Eastern Europe
Southeast Asia
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008

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Nearest Port Jiaxing
Export Percentage 41% - 50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 100-200 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
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Factory Size: Above 2,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 1
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Low; Average