Wooden Bedroom Furniture Set KF059

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Wooden Bedroom Furniture Set KF059



Night Stand

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Q:Wardrobe placed behind the wall, what is particular about?
Wardrobe placed behind the wall, nothing particular about it. Bedroom wardrobe placed: first of all, the choice of bedroom wardrobe and layout, according to the direction of the bedroom orientation. If the bedroom windows and doors north, lighting and ventilation poor, it is best to choose light colored wardrobe. Wardrobe should be placed in the dark corner of the wall, not placed in the window or bedroom door next to. This prevents the wardrobe from blocking the light and makes the bedroom darker
Q:How about the price of the custom-made wardrobe?
Master custom wardrobe calculation price, there are three methods of measurement, respectively, according to the plate opening area calculation, according to projection area, calculated by the meter. According to the plate expansion area calculation, is the latest popular calculation method, the price is transparent.The price of the wardrobe mainly depends on the area. After the area is well calculated, it depends on the plate. The plate has a large selection of space and a large price span. Determine the number of square meters and sheet metal, followed by hardware accessories, hardware parts to choose better, increase the useful life. After all the above is good, there is still some brand value to be added to it. The well-known furniture companies are certainly more expensive than ordinary carpentry.
Q:Children's wardrobe what material security, which brand good point?
Practical。 The child is growing fast, it is best to buy to lift children's furniture, furniture can adjust height, adapt to the child's growth, both practical and reduce waste. Can give you recommend some brands, ten brands of net buy online list of top 10 brands, like a colorful life, like AOK, X.M.B X.M.B, ABC, swanlike music these are well-known brands, price high le hope the above information can code, for your reference
Q:What size and height do you need for a wardrobe
The size of the depth range is from 490mm to 540mm, the width is not limited, but usually chest pants installed in the lattice frame, the drawer, so the chest pants size width with shelf and drawer width is the same, at least 480MM.
Q:What is the projected area?
With the developed area to calculate the total price calculation method of wardrobe, more complex, each face involved have to be calculated, a small plate in the closet must calculate the area, but if the same side used two pieces of plates, two plates must be calculated separately according to the area; if the projection area calculation and the calculation method is much more simple.
Q:What plates are on the back of the cabinet?
Wo Xiang board is a new type of ecological and environmental protection in the man-made sheet, from the nature of rice and wheat straw as the main raw material, made of polyurethane rubber ecological completely free of formaldehyde as adhesive by national advanced patented technology development. Straw board! Both wood particleboard and MDF advantages, can be widely used in indoor decoration, furniture, flooring, cabinets, sound-absorbing board, writing board, board and packaging materials, is a substitute of wood-based board ideal. Wo Xiang board is a truly environmentally friendly plate, do the wardrobe, it is recommended to use this kind of plate, the family has great benefits.
Q:Is the projected area of the wardrobe the same as the size of the hole?
The area of the hole is the length of the front edge of the wardrobe, multiplied by the length of the side. The projection area is the area of the expansion of all the panels. This area is not good enough for the consumers. You can let the wardrobe sell to you
Q:What damp proof is there in the wardrobe?
If it is a finished wardrobe, you can put damp proof paper on the back wall of the wardrobe and the back of the wardrobe. It can provide a certain moisture proof effect. If the whole wardrobe is embedded in the wall (the whole wardrobe decoration renderings), is often with a dry cloth wardrobe, or affixed to prevent damp proof paper counter.
Q:How long is the wardrobe height?
Due to the different structure of each apartment layout, installation of the wall cabinet may appear columns and beams, the decoration should make the best use of these beams, the cabinet storage space can be maximum utilization, and do not leave health corner. The cabinet height usually in 2400mm or 2300mm, but from the height of over 2.1 meters will need a ladder to help and easy to cause structural instability, so designers often suggest the best cabinet is divided into two parts, the top layer placed quilts not commonly used items, the following was often used in clothing space.
Q:Wardrobe back and cabinet back is generally how to deal with it, ah, do not have to brush the wall?
Analyze according to the actual situation.If you are using a plate or wood finish on-site production and processing of the wardrobe, the wardrobe behind the need for moistureproof processing, brushing moisture-proof coating, laying damp cotton, so the wall above is not required for the construction of latex paint, can be directly in the original blank wall; if it is finished custom closet, the need to paint latex paint into the original wall finish later, began to do so behind the wardrobe, you only need to do moistureproof cotton laying on it, rarely do the moisture-proof paint.
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South America; Domestic Market
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