Wood texture wpc decking

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Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC)  floor accessory is manufactured from a combination of plastic, natural fiber and some additives using special equipments. It mixes natural fiber and plastic perfectly to keep the natural impression of wood but with rich colors of plastic. It has gradually replaced wood and plastic, getting widely used in more and more fields.

For our wpc decking floor, there are many kinds of types, such as TW-K01(150 x 35 mm)TS-01(150 x 25mm), TH-07(140 x 30 mm), TS-A01(90 x 20mm),TH-16(133 x 24 mm, solid design) etc..

1. Material: 50% natural wood flour; 35%~40%HDPE, 10%~15% additives

2. Color: cedar, grey ,red pine, coffee, brown, nature wood etc.

3. Usage: outdoor, garden, summer house, villa, pool surrounds, exterior floor, seaside walk board etc.

4. Normal length: 5.4 meters/pc, can also be cut according to the requirement of customer.

5. Surface treating methods: Brushing, groove, sanding, embossing etc.

6. CE Approved

7. Advantages:

Keep the excellent character of plastic

Have the properties of wood

Produce fire-new WPC


easy to cut, fix and glue

Can be recycled with 100%

no crack, split, warp, or splinter

easy to tenon , drill and nail

No sting of wood

High dimensional stability

Natural feeling0

Requires less routine maintenance

Resistance to insects

Resistance to UV

Is environmentally friendly

easy to manufacture manifold profiles


Multicolor, and needn't to painting

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Q:Proving floor /ceiling discrete maths?
Hello, It bears repeating: you should have applied the well-known following formulas: Hello, Please and Thanks. Anyway... = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Let x be written as n+ε where n is an integer and ε is a real number such that 0≤ε<1. Then:    x + 5 = n + ε + 5 = n + 5 + ε    floor(x + 5) = n + 5    3x = 3(n + ε) = 3n + 3ε    floor(3x) = 3n + floor(3ε) → If 0≤ε<⅓ then    0 ≤ 3ε < 1    floor(3ε) = 0    n + 5 = 3n    2n = 5    n = 5/2 BUT n must be an integer thus this solution is invalid. → If ⅓≤ε<⅔ then    1 ≤ 3ε < 2    floor(3ε) = 1    n + 5 = 3n + 1    2n = 4    n = 2 THUS all reals of the interval [ (2+⅓); (2+⅔) ) are solutions. → If ⅔≤ε<1 then    2 ≤ 3ε < 3    floor(3ε) = 2    n + 5 = 3n + 2    2n = 3    n = 3/2 BUT n must be an integer thus this solution is invalid. CONCLUSION: All real numbers x satisfying floor(x+5)=floor(3x) are the reals of interval [7/3; 8/3). Regards, Dragon.Jade :-)
Q:Fixing Laminate Flooring?
if it:s in the corner like you said it is ,take off the baseboard and reinstall forcing it down to take the laminate down with it.
Q:What is the general thickness of ceramic tiles?
Tiles are generally divided into three types of polished tiles, antique tiles and tiles. Each type according to the size of the size of the thickness of the thickness are not the same, the general 800 * 800 polished tiles in the 9mm - 12mm or so, Seiko jade in the 15--18mm or so; tiles 300 * 450,300 * 600 in general 7-10mm or so; antique brick and polished brick thickness difference is not too much. Tiles, tiles, is a refractory metal oxide and semi-metal oxide, through the grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, sintering process, and the formation of an acid-resistant porcelain or stone, building or decoration Material, called tiles. The raw materials are mostly made of clay, quartz sand and so on.
Q:Cleaning tile floors?
Depending how dirty your floors are. Light clean just use dawn with warm to hot water and maybe some pin-sol or Lysol for a disinfectant not to much. Vacuum floor then mop. Heavier soiled floor you can same soapy water use a soft brush to scrub floors. Like the one you would use to was your car...
Q:Is the floor quality and the color of the substrate?
Polka floor warm Tip: Normally, the quality of the substrate should be a natural wood color, the color will not taste a little bamboo fat put lice full stiff. If the color is very deep, the logs used in the substrate itself are not high quality logs. At this time you first consider is to look at the density of the substrate is not big enough (mainly by weighing the same size of the floor model, will not be heavier, at least light, then do not light outrageous.) Also look Whether the particles and color of the substrate are uniform and the edges are smooth. If the other side you see the floor is in line with the standard, can only say that it is not the best quality floor.
Q:Paint a Garage floor?
I'm not sure of your exact situation, but when I've seen it done there are several specific steps. First and foremost, you have to be certain no moisture is coming up through the slab. I've read the best way to check is to tape a 3' X 3' piece of heavy (6 mil or so) plastic to the concrete (tape the edges very well so moisture can't escape). Leave it at least 24 hours and see if moisture has collected on the inside. If there is moisture, you'll need to address the moisture problem before you paint or it will just lift/bubble off. If the slab's staying dry, I think you next need to etch with a weak solution of hydrochloric acid, then prime and finally paint. Fine Homebuilding has had a few articles on just this project. Rust-Oleum is selling a kit at Lowe's for this. You don't want to do this lightly and end up with a big peeling mess. Hope it goes well. When they're done right I think it makes a world of difference in not just the appearance but the functionality too.
Q:Wood flooring maintenance floor wax good or floor oil is good? Wood floor waxing to pay attention to what?
Floor wax and floor oil have a focus on floor care. 1, the floor oil has anti-scratch, anti-dry, moisture and other effects, can effectively extend the life of the floor, while there is a certain bactericidal, is used for daily floor care, interval of one week or two weeks with a time, Can solve the problem of floor color dim, the floor oil can penetrate into the deep wood, moisten the floor. Especially the good quality natural orange oil. 2, floor wax is different, waxing the general interval of six months or longer. Floor wax is formed on the floor surface of a protective layer, an intuitive concept is to form a rigid protection, scratch. It is recommended to use natural orange oil care, once every six months with a natural wax wax wax once. This effect is the best. 3, wax to pay attention to, in fact, the most important three points, one is to regular, regular wax protection. The second is to choose a good floor wax. The third is to be sunny when the waxing, the effect was the best.
Q:In an apartment, which floor would you prefer to live on outof 14 floor apartment?
I would prefer the second or third floor. It isn't at the bottom, and you don't have to go too far down stairs in case of a fire.
Q:did the twin towers have a thirteenth floor ?
Yeah there was a thirteenth floor of both towers. It went up to level 34. I'm not sure though.
Q:Reinforced wood floor thickness
I am the floor of the manufacturers to strengthen. Strengthen the thickness of the floor is generally 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm.6mm little, but also have. Generally speaking (non-absolute), the same wear-resistant situation, the higher the thickness, the higher the price. General domestic positioning is also 8mm or below the positioning for the low-end. Wear-resistant also do relatively poor. So, if you want to choose to strengthen the floor, not only to see the thickness, it is very important to blossom, but from the production point of view, a lot of floor positioning is to wear As an important indicator. Wear high, the substrate is generally not used too bad. The current national standard, the home of more than 4000 rpm on it. That is equal to AC2, or 38g wearable paper. It is worth mentioning that the more uneven the surface layer, the lower the number of revolutions. For example, the same is 38g, the plane of the mirror, wear better than the grip pattern. Wear and grade are: AC1, AC2, AC3, AC4, AC5. Corresponding wear and tear weight were: 33,38,45,56,64. Of course, some manufacturers have subverted these equivalents, the lowest Some use 18g, 23g, or even no wearable paper. Directly on the adhesive paper itself after curing glue wear. Above is incomplete information for reference.

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