Wood Plastic Composite Decking with Factory price

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China main port
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300 m²
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20000 m²/month

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Product Description:

 Wood Plastic Composite Decking with Factory price

一.Product Description:


Material60%-65% natural wood fiber 
30%-35% of eco-friendly HDPE materials 
5% -10% Chemical additivel
DesignHollow decking
Length3m/pc standard length,  also from your required
Surface treament Groove , Woodgrain, Flat, Embossing
Color available

Copper Brown, Light Brown, Black, Cedar, Coffee,Dark Grey, 

Silver Grey, Yellow, Red and Wood,etc.

( we can adjust the new color according to the order requirement)
Cerfiticate            ISO9001,CE, Microbiological testing ,TUV,ect
Packagepallet with PVC soft flim
Delivery time2 weeks(sometimes we have in store)


new environmental friendly wpc diy floor


The Eco-friendly Wood Plastic Composite decking is made of 65% wood powder, 30% HDPE--High Density (Grade A), chemical additives (Anti-UV agent, Anti-oxidation agent, stabilizers, colorants, Anti-fungus agent, coupling agent, reinforcing agent, lubricants etc.). All these raw materials are premixed and extruded by professional Wood-Plastic machinery with special technologies. It's a Low-carbon, Environmental protection, Recyclable new materials.


二. Benefits:


1. Environmental friendly, 100% recycled
2. Low maintenance 
3. Easy installation 
4. Temperature resistance, suitable from -40° C to +60° C 
5. Long-lasting to use ( more than 10 years) 
6. Water-proof, moisture-proof, insect-proof 
7. With wood scent, very natural feel 
8. UV resistance, fade resistant durable 
9. Elegant look 
10. Even, dimensional stability

三. FAQ

. What kinds of wpcproducts do you have?

We have wpc decking in different size, fence series (only wpc material or connect with aluminum profiles, decking tile series.


. Is it difficult to install the wpc board?

No, it is easy to install. Using the tool which you use to install the real wood. Fix the board on the substructure with clips.


. Can you stick the label with our logo on the boards?

Yes, please provide the label drawing, we can stick the customized label on the board.


. What documents are available?

A full range documents, including products pictures, installation guide and relative certificates can be provided; Further more, customs declaration is provided. This is an one-stop service for you.

四. More picture for your reference


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Q:Laminate floor swelling, what should i do?
This may not be entirely your fault as the floor may not have been installed properly in the first place or it maybe that there is a leak allowing moisture under the floor causing it to swell,if it is a leak then it will have to be repaired and the floor may or may not have to be replaced even spilling water on the floor might allow for it to squeeze through the floor and cause problems if I was you I'd tell the landlord now as it may be repairable now but if you leave it to long it will go beyond that stage and then you'll be rightly in the s***.The link below shows some of the problems associated with these floors.
Q:Are there a few thick walls?
Composite flooring is generally 11 and 12 of. It is recommended that you buy a glimpse of the performance of the bourgeoisie to find Baumer 2 thick, do not listen to what they say 11 environmental protection, 12 of the thick so that it is not environmentally friendly? Not environmentally friendly you also come out to sell?
Q:Best way to clean laminate flooring?
wood laminate floors have a factory seal of polyurethane. soaps and cleaners with ammonia react to the laminate by softening and therefore discoloring the seal. Clean the floors with a small amount of vinegar and water.(4 capfuls to a gallon of water). there is a new product out called PERGO that is designed for poly laminated wood floors. use with a micro-fiber mop head. works really well..good luck...
Q:laying pergo over oak floor?
Home Depot carrys a flooring called Allure. It looks like wood but its vinyl and really cheap. Installs over just about anything and unlike Pergo its moisture proof. Its super easy to install too. This would probably be cheapest but I would really look into getting the real wood floors refinished, you will be SO much happier with real wood.
Q:Crawl TO or ON the floor?
on if you are on the floor BUT if someone tells you CRAWL TO THE FLOOR it means that you need to crawl on another surface until you reach the floor , like stairs
Q:How to put down flooring?
Are you making the attic into a conditioned room? You will also need to do the right things for air-sealing and insulating the rafters to be safe and comfortable, and not cause problems in the house. In that case, though, yes you could lay plywood as a subfloor and put most any sort of flooring over that. Watch out that the ceiling joists will be strong enough to support a new floor (and furniture, and you, etc). Or are you just putting done some flooring to store boxes in the attic? Then you can just lay the plywood over the ceiling joists - but first be sure that you have all the insulation you need (or will want) - and if you can see the ceiling joists you don't have enough. So, either way, think about it, and get some good advice.
Q:Need Modern black flooring?
The Colour Flooring Company does a completely black (no marbling or patterns) sheet vinyl floor with a 10 year guarantee.
Q:How to calculate the loss of wood flooring
Because the room is not very strange, then the usual loss of every twenty square meters plus a square meter loss, that is, 5%, because the room is not very strange, So if your room area is 51.07 square meters, then at least 53.6235 square meters of floor to prepare. Take an integer is 54 square meters, but also depends on what you use the specifications of the floor, because the business is usually the box rather than by square meters. For example, if it is 760 * 123 * 18 specifications of the floor, then each floor area of 0. square meters, the general 20 per box, is 1.8696 square meters. According to your area can buy 29 boxes ready, more than 54 square meters. The remaining small amount of floor is best not to go back, if the future part of the damage can be used to replace. More floor knowledge you can go to the floor 998 network look
Q:For disinfection, often with 84 disinfectant wash the floor, will damage the wood floor / floor tiles?
84 disinfectant is a sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) -based highly efficient disinfectant, a certain degree of corrosion, often use will have some damage. (1) 84 disinfectant in the visible light is easy to release toxic chlorine, so when cleaning the floor, with plastic gloves, window ventilation, so as not to cause damage to the nervous system. (2) 84 other safe use of disinfectant is 1, disinfecting utensils: with the original liquid in accordance with the ratio of 1: 9 watered (half basin of water into the 6 cover), the need for disinfection of the device placed in a diluted liquid Soak for 20 minutes. 2, fruits, vegetables: with the amount of liquid in accordance with the 1:29 watered (half a bucket of water into the 4 cover), will need to disinfect the fruits and vegetables in the diluted liquid soaked in 20 minutes after the water over the net (Not recommended to use, fruits and vegetables, vegetables, fruits and vegetables can be used for the disinfection, or more water rinse several times). 3, the general surface (toilet, toilet, ground, etc.) and public places environment (sewers, ditches, trash cans, etc.): with the amount of liquid in accordance with the 1:29 Duishui (half a bucket of water into the 4 cover) Minutes or rags, mop scrub, or spray with plastic pots. 4, fabric (towels, clothing, especially color clothing do not use): with the original liquid in accordance with the ratio of 1:29 Duishui (half a bucket of water into the 4 cover), soak for 20 minutes after the water over the net.
Q:Does anyone have cork flooring?
I used it and it worked out great

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