Wood Grasping Machine 360 Degree Swing Caught Diameter

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Type: Grasping machine

Use: Agriculture, crops, sugarcane, wood, timber, steel

Certification: ISO9001:2008

Model Number: YGL60-1000 grasping machine

Condition: New

Machine weight: 4720kg

Engine Power: 47kw/2400rpm

Max Grasping weight: 1000kg

Fixture width: 840mm

Overall Dimension: 4700*2210*2630mm

Back-end swing radius: 1780mm

Max gripping diameter radius: 4600mm

Max loading height: 5700mm

Max vertical uninstall height: 5000mm

Max clamping force: 36kn


Technical Parameters for grasping machine   


Multifunctional Grasping Installed Machine





Engine Power(kw)


Engine Speed(rpm)


Overall Dimensions(L*W*H)(mm):



Fixture Width(mm)


Performance Parameters

Travel Speed(km/h):


Swing Speed(rpm):


Operation Range

Max Grasping weight(kg)


Back-end swing radius(mm)


Max Gripped Diameter radius(mm)


Max loading height(mm)


Max Vertical uninstalled height(mm)


Max Clamping Force(kn)


Mini turning radius(mm)


Max Caught diameter(mm)


Hydraulic System

Rated Pressure(mpa):


Wheel Tread(mm)

Front 1910  Back 1700

Wheel Base(mm)



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6 、 adjust the system pressure according to the requirements, avoid the pressure is too high, make sure the safety valve, overload valve and so on in normal condition work7, regular maintenance, avoid other parts wear too much to cause leakage. Timely replacement of volumetric efficiency of the hydraulic pump, because of its internal leakage will make the pump shell temperature rise, accelerate the system heating up8, regular inspection of engine speed and fan belt tension degree, so that fans keep enough speed, adequate heat dissipation, so that the equipment in good running condition
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Q:what do the numbers 8~32x 50 on my scope mean?
It is a variable power scope that goes from 8 power to 32 power. The number 50 is the diameter of the front lens measured in millimeters. I am not familiar with the Excavator brand so I don't know if it as any good or not. You have a scope that is generally too powerful for hunting. Even on its lowest power, it will be hard to find your target in the scope. At 32 power, you would have an almost impossible time finding it. The scope is best suited for long range stationary target shooting..

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