Wood copying lathe

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Wood copying lathe

It is one of the common equipment that apply in furniture industry and wooden decorative art & craft industry.It mainly use in processing all kinds of shaping retro-rotary work-piece with template or copy shaper for example round bar,whorl pillar Rome pillar,crystal pillar,whorl wood line,wooden stair banister and the back of solid wood chair.

Main technology Dates

Max cutting length1000mm1500mm2000mm
Max cutting Dia.320mm320mm420mm
Rotary speed of main arbor750,1250,1750,2250r/min750,1250,1750,2250r/min750,1250,1750,2250r/min
Motor power / Voltage frequency2.2kw(3HP) / 380V 50Hz2.2kw(3HP) / 380V 50Hz2.2kw(3HP) / 380V 50Hz
Weight of machine480kg530kg750kg
Overall dimensions (L×W×H)2100×950×1250mm2600×950×1250mm3200×950×1450mm

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Q:Want to buy a CNC woodworking lathe, do not know a single shaft good, or biaxial good?
Production of large quantities of time, with two axis four knife, or even three axis CNC woodworking lathe.
Q:Woodworking lathe does not use the card head, you can also use what fixed?
Homemade woodworking lathe requires the following things: 1, hand wood drilling; 2, with seat bearings; 3, 40 cm, a section of aluminum alloy track; 4, a piece of wood when the base.
Q:CNC high density woodworking lathe which good?
If you want a CNC woodworking lathe, use a versatile one. It can be used either as a post or as a carving, and as many different tools as possible. Ruilite NC is quite good, I used to pull in March. After the sale is not bad.
Q:Small woodworking lathe processing plants need attention?
Woodworking planer:By manually turning the work of A., confirmed to start the machine tool of flexible rotation.B. machine running, normal operation, you can dig material.C. plane: according to the width of moving protection plate wood planing; material should pay attention to check the wood knot is dead or alive.
Q:What are the differences between the use of wood turning machines and small lathes?
The big lathe is bigger in size and more stable in itself.
Q:What effect does the woodworking lathe chuck play?
The main is to play the role of single end fixed wood, for example, when the wooden bowl, fixed side and lead side can be emptied,
Q:Woodworking lathe thimble always heating, and replaced the new did not use how long. Or so.
The thimble body heating is due to the damage of the thimble bearing, so it should be replaced. The top vertex heating is due to the rotation of the top and the material is not synchronized, the vertex movement between each other, resulting in friction heat.
Q:Which is the best tool for NC woodworking lathe?
Chinese fir class cork, white steel, but must often wear; if hard wood, recommend the use of the tungsten steel. Because of the high hardness alloy steel than ordinary, more sharp, more wear-resistant, now we have the supply of tungsten steel, by customers love. Ruilite tool factory to customer delivery is that large size tungsten steel, is a must.
Q:Where is the woodworking CNC lathe?
It is recommended to choose CNC system CNC lathe.The CNC system of CNC woodworking lathe, using high power resistance bed, increase the cast steel body, metal NC lathe parts, grinding screw drive, more stable, faster, higher brightness, lower noise, double knife cutting processing at the same time, simple operation, stable performance, general, workers can operate, solve the technical workers the problem of high wages. And one person can operate 2-3 units, greatly reducing production costs. Product quality assurance, after-sale three packs, home installation, debugging, training, one-stop service
Q:Which woodworking lathe is the most professional in the market?
Fengzhan lathe: 1 double wooden car two knives, one after the other, two knife on the axial distance of 1 cm gap at the same time, in accordance with the proportion of good wood, the total turning depth we are divided according to the specified proportion, two knives are cylindrical curve operation, so greatly reduced the intensity of each cutting knife. The cutting amount of the rear cutter (the shaping knife) is greatly reduced, so the shaping knife is comparatively stable. To avoid the vibration generated by the knife knife. (because the knife is the most difficult to grind, and two knives) due to produce turning force of column in the column two, beat so the column were much reduced, increased wood finish. This situation can speed up the improvement of finish.

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