Wood copying lathe

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Wood copying lathe

It is one of the common equipment that apply in furniture industry and wooden decorative art & craft industry.It mainly use in processing all kinds of shaping retro-rotary work-piece with template or copy shaper for example round bar,whorl pillar Rome pillar,crystal pillar,whorl wood line,wooden stair banister and the back of solid wood chair.

Main technology Dates

Max cutting length1000mm1500mm2000mm
Max cutting Dia.320mm320mm420mm
Rotary speed of main arbor750,1250,1750,2250r/min750,1250,1750,2250r/min750,1250,1750,2250r/min
Motor power / Voltage frequency2.2kw(3HP) / 380V 50Hz2.2kw(3HP) / 380V 50Hz2.2kw(3HP) / 380V 50Hz
Weight of machine480kg530kg750kg
Overall dimensions (L×W×H)2100×950×1250mm2600×950×1250mm3200×950×1450mm

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Q:How can a woodworking CNC lathe be smoother?
1., the material should be hard2, the knife should be sharp, the tool position is better3. spindle speed is faster, the feed to slow the cutting face to be small, timely blow sawdust4., the handle should be hard, do not beat
Q:If the MC3026 number is copying lathe thimble type?
It is seldom used in copying woodworking lathe now, but now it is produced with tiger's numerical control woodworking lathe
Q:Do you have two woodworking lathes like electric cars? Crutches?
Two phase electricity and three-phase electricity can be customized. For the sake of safety, three-phase electricity is better, of course, three-phase electric machines can also be converted into 2 phase electricity,Xinyu CNC woodworking lathe, Seiko fine cut, a fine CNC woodworking lathe.
Q:Can a woodworking lathe make holes?
If you have to play eccentric, you can only do clamps, and it's troublesome. A second-hand drill machine is only a few hundred. Regular holes can be played
Q:How to solve the leakage of machine tools?
It is strongly recommended that you measure the insulation of the motor power supply line with a European watch, commonly known as a shake watch! The multimeter is not accurate.
Q:What is the difference between the CNC lathe and the woodworking CNC lathe?
The basic structure should be the same, car iron machine tools, steel than wood, because the iron cutting force is much larger than the car wood.
Q:Where is the woodworking CNC lathe?
Equipment technical parameter:1: the overall cast steel bed, solid and non deformation2: control system: CNC2: operation method: graphics U disk admitted to the system, a simple setting can start processing.3: processing range: stair column, railing column, furniture legs, solid wood bed, wooden table lamp, wooden candlestick, tools, wooden handle, carpentry handicrafts, etc..4: model: HXD-150S, HXD-100S, HXD-200S, HXD-150SS, HXD-100SS, HXD-200SS5: processing length: 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm6: processing diameter: double column processing at the same time, Machinable diameter 20-100mmThe diameter of single column processing is up to 20-300mm7: accuracy: 0.10mm8: spindle power: 4KW, 5.5KW9: spindle speed: 0-3800r/min frequency stepless speed regulationMaximum feed speed of 10:Y axis: 1500mm/min (16N stepping motor)11: Z axis maximum feed: 1200mm/min (12N stepping servo motor)12: X axis maximum feed: 1200mm/min (12N stepping servo motor)13:: white steel alloy tool steel
Q:What frequency converter is better used in woodworking machine tools?
With this fully sealed type, you can save that distraction, just install it directly, fully sealed, moisture-proof, waterproof, dustproof, OK.
Q:CNC woodworking lathe where good?
It is recommended to choose CNC system CNC lathe.The CNC system of CNC woodworking lathe, using high power resistance bed, increase the cast steel body, metal NC lathe parts, grinding screw drive, more stable, faster, higher brightness, lower noise, double knife cutting processing at the same time, simple operation, stable performance, general, workers can operate, solve the technical workers the problem of high wages. And one person can operate 2-3 units, greatly reducing production costs. Product quality assurance, after-sale three packs, home installation, debugging, training, one-stop service
Q:Markov profiling woodworking lathe 3038 how to use?
The lathe used to process wood appeared earlier. At the end of fifteenth Century, Europe has a simple carpenter manpower and animal power wind and hydraulic driven sawing machine. In 1791, the British S. Bentham has invented a planer, single shaft woodworking milling machine, engraving and milling machine and woodworking drilling machine etc.. In 1805, the British M.I. Buzin Neil invented the circular sawing machine. In 1828, the United States W. Wood Wirth invented thicknesser. In 1834, American G. page and J.A. Fahey invented the slotting machine and the tenon machine respectively. In 1880, the invention of the sawing machine. In 1900, a multi band saw machine was invented. Since then, with the development of electronic technology and computer technology, a variety of automatic woodworking machine tools have emerged.

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