WKM Expanding Gate Valve with API 6A Standard

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Product Description:

1. Structure of WKM Expanding Gate Valve Description

1) Metal-to-metal sealing (gate-to-seat and seat-to-body).

2) Expanding gate design creates a positive mechanical seal across the seats, with or without line pressure.

3) Full-bore, through-conduit gate-to-seat seal maximizes valve life by virtually eliminating turbulence and pressure drop.

4) Gate skirts reduce loss of body lubricants.

5) Low running stress enhances life of the gate-to-seat interface.

6) Upper/lower roller thrust bearings are isolated from well fluid, minimizing torque.

7) Stem packing can be re-energized with valve under pressure.

8) Non-rising stem permits valve installation in closer quarters.

9) Seats, gates, stem, and other working parts are field replaceable.

2. Main Features of WKM Expanding Gate Valve

1) Advanced test for quality 

2) MTC provided 

3) Good price and service

3. WKM Expanding Gate Valve Images

WKM Expanding Gate Valve with API 6A Standard

WKM Expanding Gate Valve with API 6A Standard

WKM Expanding Gate Valve with API 6A Standard

4. WKM Expanding Gate Valve Specification

Working pressure: 2000-5000PSI

Nominal size: 2-1/16"~7-1/16" (46mm~180mm)

Working temperature: - 46℃~121℃(LU)

Material class: AA、BB、CC、DD、EE、FF

Specification level: PSL1-3

Performance Requirement: PR1

Working medium: oil, gas, mud, gas contain in H2S、CO2

5. FAQ of WKM Expanding Gate Valve

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One of the leading manufacturers and suppliers specializing Oilfield products in China, mainly offering various of oilfild products consists of our one-stop sales. The integrated sales & service ensures customers with various demands an easier access for purchasing management.

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We have established the international advanced quality management system,every link from raw material to final product we have strict quality test;We resolutely put an end to unqualified products flowing into the market. At the same time, we will provide necessary follow-up service assurance.

③How long can we receive the product after purchase?

In the purchase of product within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible.

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Q:roman tub valve ?
Remove the valve and take it to a plumbing supply store. Home Depot and the like may have what you're looking for; but you're more likely to find it at a plumber's supply. They are the only ones I've ever found who carry odd bits.
Q:Slow flowing kitchen faucet and problems with shut off valves?
Your stop and waste valves on the lines have failed. These valves have a rubber washer that turns down onto a seat to seal off flow. Often the washers deteriorate and fall away. Unfortunately you discover this at the time you need them! Shut off your main water supply and do what the first answer suggested(the debris he spoke of could be your valve washers!). If you have a chance , change the valves to ball valves which have no washers.
Q:Mitral valve regurgitation?
If there is regurgitation but it's minimal, you likely have little to worry about. Mitral Valve disorder is commonly known as a heart murmur. Many people have them. It's only when there's regurgitation involved that it becomes more complicated. Since yours is trace and trivial it definitely requires investigation. At some point they may want to do a repair of the valve or a replacment but that depends on the degree of regurgitation. Regurgitation simply means that the valve does not close properly when the heart pumps out blood. It is the abnormal leaking of blood from the left ventricle, through the mitral valve, and into the left atrium, when the left ventricle contracts, i.e. there is regurgitation of blood back into the left atrium. Treatment will depend on the severity of the regurgitation so it's something you'll need to discuss with your doctor/specialist.
Q:can EGR valve make engine run hot, melt pistons?
Yes, very true. It would help if you stated what vehicle it was for. But let's say it's a Ford F-series truck with the 6.0L diesel, highly known for this problem. You can actually purchase an EGR delete which actually bypasses the valve so it won't burn the piston rings (the actual part that burns up). Buying this item only costs a few hundred and will save you thousands in the long run.
Q:Testing my EGR valve?
dont unplug it... itll throw up a fault on the computer... ive got a volvo v70, my EGR valve is playing up... so, i just crimped the rubber hose... it runs perfectly..
Q:Heart valve replacement surgery....?
Open heart surgery is always a risk, as is any major surgery. The main risks are from infection and blood clots. The risks taper off very quickly within a few days after the surgery. Heart valve replacements are a common operation, with a high success rate. Life expectancy is generally better with a valve replacement; but not all valve problems reduce life expectancy to begin with. Sometimes the trade-offs are more of an issue with quality of life, with higher quality achieved with a functioning heart valve, so some people may be taking a medical risk to obtain higher quality of life. No one can tell you for certain what the outcome of this operation will be. The odds are very high that everything will go perfectly and he will fell better than ever before. There is a very small chance that he will end up worse To put the risks in perspective, a person i know had minor surgery to her knee - a simple 1 hour operation done at an outpatient clinic. Ten days later, a clot broke loose and she died in her sleep. I have had the same operation twice and didn't even miss more than a few hours of work. Another person i know had severe heart problems and docs said it was terminal, but an operation could prolong his life maybe 5-7 years. He had the operation and its now been almost 20 years and his cardiologist says his heart is healthy and there's no reason why he might not live another 20 years or more.
Q:hot water gate valve problems?
A gate valve is used as a shut-off, not a regulator. It is supposed to be either all on or all off, and the handle only has a total movement of 90 degrees. When the handle is aligned with the pipe, it's on, and when the handle is perpendicular to the pipe it's off. If the handle is turning more than that, it's broke and needs to be fixed or replaced.
Q:How do I fix a leaky brass gate valve?
Leaking Gate Valve
Q:if i took off the little rubber hose connected to my egr valve,and the egr has no suction?
The EGR valve needs to be closed at idle. There should be suction in the hose, opening the valve only at cruise speed. On SOME EGR valves, you can stick your finger in the diaphragm and open it manually. The engine will sputter when you do this. I saw a tester do that at a smog check place. Otherwise, they have to use a little device that hooks up to the valve and sucks on it to test it.
Q:99 Pontiac EGR valve.................?
ok first are you sure the egr valve is really bad the ports in the intake could be carboned up so the valve cant work I only say this because you say the egr valve has been cleaned twice well if the port in the valve was restricted then the ports to the valve are going to be restricted take the valve off and run a piece of wire thru all the ports and take some carb clean wash it out really good let the cleaner evaporate before you start the car put your egr back on and retesting as far as the codes go you may need to have the codes cleared some of these have a KAM keep alive memory disconnecting the battery may turn the light out but not clear the code good luck

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