WK-27A Mining Excavator for mining on sale

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China main port
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1 unit
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3 unit/month

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Product Description:

WK -27A excavators are designed to be used in combination with mining trucks with a capacity of 154 MT to 240 MT.

Product Specifications:

• Gear-rack crowding, powerful penetration, high efficiency;

• Gear transmission uses gears of high hardness surface for durability;

• Uses planet reducers for swing and propel mechanism;

• Propel utilizes high hand drive for added durability;

• Features air release spring disk brakes.

Technical Spec. of WK-27A

Normal bucket volume


Main motor


Scope of bucket volume


Max. Excavating Radius


Max. Lifting speed


Max. Excavating Height 


Max. Pushing speed


Max. Dumping Radius


Max. Traveling speed


Max. Dumping Height


Max. Lifting force


Excavating Depth


Max. Pushing force 


Working weight 


Max. Crawling angle


Theoretical Productivity


Our products are widely used in the metallurgical, mining, energy, transportation, aerospace, chemical, rail, ship building, environmental protection and various other industries. Many products designed and manufactured by TYHI have filled gaps in the domestic market. Furthermore, we have created 360 nationally and internationally recognized products which have been exported to approximately forty countries and regions.

TYHI is now delving further into the development of the rail, engineering machinery, new energy, and maritime equipment fields. We have established a new production base in the Binhai New Area of Tianjin to facilitate the transportation and export of large-sized equipment. Our second wheel production line is currently under construction. We have also established production lines for wheels, axles and wheel sets for use at speeds above 200 km/h.

We are now turning our focus to international markets which we are certain can benefit from our high quality products and service. As we are constantly innovating and improving, we have no doubt that we will meet and even exceed our customers’ expectations.

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Q:what type of grease gun should I buy to grease excavator tracks?
A regular sized one will do just fine. You know...the one that uses tubes of grease about the size of a tube of bathroom caulk. I'd get one with a flexible hose as opposed to a fixed one. That way, you'll be able to get to the tough ones without having to maneuver the machine as much.
Q:what should I use to dig a small lake?
Take the advice on whether you need permits or even if you can disturb a wetland in your particular area. As far as a machine, an excavator can build it's own work pad if the ground is boggy and simply work backward off the pad, digging as deep as you want. A good operator can make the pond bottom just as smooth as you want it. From the description of the terrain, a rubber tired loader or even a traxcavator would be stuck all the time and a pond bottom with spin out holes from tires or tracks isn't going to be exactly smooth. The only advangage a Hydra Hoe has is it's extendable boom but it still can't reach across a one acre pond. A decent size excavator will do the job in half the time.
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Q:Can you use excavator soil for a Sandfish?
no not at all
Q:How much does it cost to send an excavator to Latin America?
how are you , We are Company located in CHINA an Exporter, Is one of the biggest Used construction machinery company in Shanghai China. we have many used excavator for sale. as CAT, Dewoo,HITACHI,KOMATSU,KATO,HYUNDAI,etc. kind of model. from shanghai china exporting to Latin America SHipping Cost:USD5000 about. Tks
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Hi www.A2Zmanuals.co.uk They have over 500,000 manuals available and are offering a FREE manual to anyone who likes them on Facebook at the moment. Includes vehicle Owner Factory Service Manuals / TV’s / Computers / Hi-Fi / Washing Machines / Microwaves etc… Search By Make / Model / or Keyword worth a try? regards Hugh
Q:what is the mob and demob of excavator? exactly?
I have no idea what you are talking about.
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