WK-10B Mining Excavator hydraulic Excavator for mining on sale

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China main port
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1 unit
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3 unit/month

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 Our 10m³ excavator has won a gold prize for the National Best Quality Product in Scientific & Technological Advancement. Its excavator buckets are available with a volume of 10m³, 12m³, 14m³, 10m³ flat type, 12m³ flat type, as needed. They are suitable for ten-million-ton class large opencast extraction of construction material, hydropower, petrochemical and earthwork engineering; suitable in combination with 100-154 ton trucks, and also at a minimum working temperature of -45°.

Technical Spec. of WK-10B

Normal bucket volume


Main motor


Lifting speed


Max. Excavating Radius


Pushing speed


Max. Excavating Height 


Traveling speed


Max. Dumping Radius


Max. Lifting force


Max. Dumping Height


Max. Pushing force 


Excavating Depth


Max. Crawling angle


Working weight 


Average bearing pressure


Theoretical Productivity


 We have established a new production base in the Binhai New Area of Tianjin to facilitate the transportation and export of large-sized equipment. Our second wheel production line is currently under construction. We have also established production lines for wheels, axles and wheel sets for use at speeds above 200 km/h.

We are now turning our focus to international markets which we are certain can benefit from our high quality products and service. As we are constantly innovating and improving, we have no doubt that we will meet and even exceed our customers’ expectations.


Our main products include lifting equipment, forging equipment, rolling equipment, excavation equipment, coke oven equipment, coal chemical equipment, wind power generating equipment, oil film bearings for rolling mills, gear drive equipment, train wheels and axles, forgings and castings and project contracting.

Our key products include our 1200t EOT crane, our 500t ladle crane, our 75m³ shovel for mining, our Φ180mm continuous rolling production line, our 110 MN aluminum alloy extrusion press and our 7m top charging coke oven equipment. 

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Q:How about Xugong excavator?
I bought a Xugong 60 excavator installment in 2013, two years, said the start of choudaijiang car, I bought a lottery, waiting for a year, but no cars, only accessories, Hebei Yawei liar, walking does not go straight, customer service said normal, until this year began to burn machine oil, you said Xugong anyone want it, give the money, we are the grandchildren, XCMG, XCMG, with Xugong regret life
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Q:bucket chain excavator scale model?
Hi: It's quite a impressive machine. and your right about putting that full size machine in your yard and what the city will do to you for doing it. However you can make a scale model of it but you will need the plans or the blueprint for it , or you got lots of picture of it, It might be possible for you to construct a Non working model of it first off the bat is How big is your dresser and How far it from the ceiling, this done so you can set your scale for it. I would try writting to the company that built it and tell them that you want to make a scale model of it and if they can send you the blueprint for it seeing how it not in operation anymore. Hopely they will send you a reply saying it okay. Start writting to be the Russian Embassy to get more info on this.
Q:Modern day ore grades are getting lower?
Ore grades are getting lower and lower, but at a certain point, the decrease will no longer be compensated by more efficient methods. Economies of scale can only go so far. At some point it just becomes impractical and impossibly expensive to make equipment bigger. The reason we can mine less economical ore is because metal prices are increasing (or alternately, metal prices are increasing because we use less economical ore). Price is the driving force behind a lot of materials choices. The auto industry uses galvanized steel in place of aluminum because it's cheaper. But we have about 20 years of currently economical zinc ore reserves and over 100 years of bauxite (aluminum ore) reserves, so at some point (probably around 20 years from now), it will likely be cheaper to use aluminum (or some sort of composite) in place of galvanized steel for car bodies.
Q:Is the power supply voltage of the excavator AC or DC?
The power supply of electric excavator is AC power supply.The AC power is introduced into the interior of the excavator and then converted into direct current by the unit or the electronic converter.
Q:Do most bike tires fit most wheels?
Sean You want to get tires that say roughly the same thing on the side as your existing tires. So if it says 26 x 1.375, then you could put on 26 x 1.25 to about 26 x 1.50 with no problems. If you go lots wider or lots thinner it may not work, That is when you take it into the local bike shop and have them advise you. The width of the tire minimum to maximum is based upon the actual wheel's width. Happy new year! Soccerref
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i towed a 86 1 ton truck with a 5.3 trailblazer with no problem. just good luck stopping
Q:Who played the voice of?
Well okorder.com/
Q:Improve the excavator bucket teeth wearing resistance.?
......ok. I'll take a guess at what you're asking. If youre wanting to know how to get longer life out of your teeth, why not just build them up with wear plate, or hard surface them? You never said what this excavator of yours is even. Big difference in what youre going to do with the baby teeth on a small excavator in the 110 and under range, versus the teeth on a 1200. if youre working in ground that will allow, you can take a length of flat cutting edge, say, from a dozer, and weld it across the face of the teeth. This gives a larger wear face, resulting in much longer life.

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