Wirewound filter cartridge polypropylene fiber yarn

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Product Description:

Wirewound filter cartridge
Materials: polypropylene fiber yarn
Production process: good filtering performance textile fiber yarn precision wound on the porous skeleton refined.
Usage: filtered water, food industry, chemical industry filter.
Advantages: effectively remove suspended solids in the liquid, particles, high filtration precision, higher compressive strength
Specifications: length of 5 inches 10 inches 20 inches 30 inches 40 inches
Weight: 90 grams to 1600 grams
Outside diameter: 51 mm - 115 mm
Inner diameter: 28 mm
Filtration: 1 m 5 m 10 m

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Q:Does the pre filter affect the flow rate of the tap water, and it acts as a barrier to the flow pressure? Does it cause water flow to slow down at home?
but due to the low accuracy of pre filter generally dirty resistance is small, will not affect the water flow too much.
Q:Working principle of circulating water filter
The filtration tank in series products of small size, with a square, flat roof, large size with round vault, top cover, health protection conditions, open set, compared with RC filter with small weight, the flexible asphalt sand foundation.
Q:How do I put the filter in the aquarium?
Now is the main aquarium filtration system universal filter, trickling flow, bottom filter, filter barrel, side filter, filter back, the filtering system form is different, but the essence is the same, is a filtration system and cultivate nitrifying bacteria in the cylinder outside.
Q:What's the difference between a household scale filter and a softened water equipment?
In general, the scale inhibitor and scale filter filters, softening resin replacement water equipment used in the way,
Q:What kind of filter can keep fish tank from changing water for a long time?
Any filter system can make your digestive system does not change the water tank for a long period of time, it does not change the water ammonia nitrogen nitrite can not be reduced, the fish will be a problem for you, recommend you use plug-in tube to filter, biochemical ring put some questions:
Q:The water fountain was bought today, but the filtered water is black
For the first time, the manufacturer did not install? The new machine should be cleaned, not only not only affect the use, but also affect the life of the filter!!
Q:The tap size is too large in diameter are 30mm, no tap water filters, direct installation of suitable to do?
can be used, otherwise it is easy to plug, unless the precision is very low, can be used for a long time, so I suggest using a large volume of some filters,
Q:How to strengthen the filtration system on fish tank?
The filter usually has a filter tank, and most of the fish are placed in the filter tank cotton filter. Simple filter cotton can not be a good filter effect, and filter cotton should be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will pollute the water quality. But washing the filter often destroys and destroys the nitrifying bacteria! My method is not to filter the filter cotton, and directly put a layer of porcelain ring + medical stone, not too much, so as not to affect the flow is better.
Q:How can we keep the water in the tank clean for a long time?
Water in fish tanks is contaminated by fish droppings, food scraps, and rotting leaves of water plants. In people's imagination, the visible suspension of water is filtered out to keep the water clear and transparent, but it is only the primary function of filtration, which we usually call mechanical filtration
Q:What's the reason for the turbidity of the fish tank? What filter works best?
There are many reasons for the turbidit

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