Wireless Transmitter and Receiver with LM- 700MW-29

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Wireless Transmitter and Receiver 1.2GHz 15 channels optional LM- 700MW-29 Wireless Transmitter and Receiver
* Function: convert wired camera to wireless camera to achieve wireless image transmission
Every model comes with all accessories like power adapter, AV cable

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Q:Is it OK to monitor TV instead of closed circuit?
It is normal to use the cable in the project, but you need to install a dual effect line conveyor. If there is no UTP conveyor, your signal is not shielded, so there is interference and resistanceIn this case, if you do not install a twisted pair conveyor, you have to change the video lineYou do not rule out the installation site interference (network of the probe), you have to install anti interference device.Short distance, no repeater, signal amplifier, bad image, only cable interference, or you BNC head and line or machine contact badI suggest you check your line connection whether there is false connection, the cable is in accordance with a pair of 14 core connectionIs there a strong magnetic interference near the cable?.If the problem remains, then the twisted pair conveyor should be added.
Q:Does closed-circuit television have recording capabilities in general?
Closed-circuit television monitoring system is the security system is an important part of the integrated system is an advanced and strong prevention ability, it can be through remote cameras and auxiliary equipment (camera, PTZ etc.) all direct viewing are monitoring sites, can be put in place to monitor the situation at a glance, and provide video for post query and analysis. At the same time, television monitoring system can also be linked with anti-theft alarm systems, access control systems and other security technology to prevent the system linkage operation, so that its ability to prevent more powerful.
Q:Video monitor prices
Video monitor closed-circuit monitoring system (CCTV), the monitoring system shows the system of internal control standard transmission monitor shows I can watch the front send images for video monitoring terminal equipment filled with lack of monitoring staff colleagues eyes investigation plays a key role
Q:Computer monitors can be used as closed-circuit surveillance TV, only monitors. If you add a converter, you can contact the camera to see the monitor
Want to know the wiring principle it is very simple, is a computer video, the video output is VGA interface, high-definition digital TV or now generally have this interface, according to the line then, if you want the original display can see, you can buy a VGA one minute (general a two can be a) signal is connected with the TV, if no VGA output, can buy a VGA turn lotus head video output converterTwo is audio, with 3.5mm to connect or 3.5mm to Lotus head line, receive the corresponding audio input on TV or sound
Q:What should be paid attention to when installing decoder in CCTV system?
The way to the corresponding decoding decoder with number of monitors.
Q:How to install CCTV in the simplest way?
By using the remote control of the TV set, the TV signal source is switched to TV mode to display the monitor picture of the camera, indicating that the monitoring camera and the television set are connected successfully.
Q:Closed-circuit television monitoring system, video installation set what quotasfixed
In a digital communication system, the transmitted signals are digitized pulse sequences. When these digital signal streams are transmitted between digital switching devices, the rate must be completely consistent so as to ensure the accuracy of the information transmission. This is called synchronization".
Q:How to distinguish surveillance cameras?
Camera (IP) is based on analog camera (Camera), which integrates video compression and network transmission processing module (DVS), and has the technical characteristics of analog camera and video server. The network camera can run independently as long as it is placed in any site with IP network interface.
Q:Now the design institute design closed-circuit monitoring, how to still use analog monitoring ah?
Foresight: the structure of analog monitoring system determines that it can not avoid many limitations, such as only online real-time viewing, it is difficult to achieve remote monitoring and so on. It is inevitable that analog monitoring is replaced by network monitoring. Advanced: digital monitoring in the entire network monitoring system, simple structure, wiring easy to build, with the local network can.Security: more convenient for the management of the system, network monitoring system can be set by different permissions level, authorized to different levels of users. Only the most privileged users can set up the entire system andChange, only enough permissions to watch the corresponding video, greatly improving the security of the system. Scalability is good: when the system needs to expand, you only need to increase the corresponding front-end devices (such as network cameras, etc.), without the need for extensive changes and changes to the system.
Q:Requirements and standards for installation and construction of CCTV monitoring system
Closed circuit monitoring system provides remote monitoring and control. The system should set up security cameras, television monitors, video recorders (or hard disk recorders) and picture processors, etc., so that users can tune in any screen at any time, remote control operation of any camera, etc..
The company mainly in the security monitoring, anti-theft alarm, intelligent, LCD products. We have set up the development of the factory, the production of cable camera, wireless camera, MINI DVR, and obtain the general agent of five industry brand, and a number of manufacturers of products to a regional distributor rights. Our innovative products, variety complete, the future will continue to develop new products more intelligent fashion.

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