Wireless Transmitter and Receiver with LM- 500MW-28

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Wireless Transmitter and Receiver 1.2GHz 15 channels optional LM- 500MW-28 Wireless Transmitter and Receiver
* Function: convert wired camera to wireless camera to achieve wireless image transmission
Every model comes with all accessories like power adapter, AV cable

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Q:What are the functions of security monitoring system?
At the same time, the alarm system equipment for illegal invasion alarm, the alarm model, enter the alarm host, alarm host trigger monitoring system recording and recording.
Q:How to install home security monitoring system?
If the house is under construction, decoration, the use of wired home security system is a good choice. The outdoor monitoring system monitors the house and property facilities from invasion. If you want to install surveillance systems outdoors, it's better to use night vision cameras so that you can see images in very low visibility nights. And these surveillance cameras are also equipped with moving sensors. When can the audible alarm to detect any ring. One drawback is that these mobile probes can also be triggered by some animals (such as mice, dogs, etc.) and cause false positives. The good news is that the new detectors have been able to judge the weight and size of moving targets before they are triggered, which greatly reduces the likelihood of false positives.
Q:What are the reasons for the absence of signals in the closed-circuit monitoring system?
If you say the host images do not display camera pass or display no signal, you can go directly to the camera to view whether power or whether the display, you can use a video detector and universal meter to complete. If not, that's the middle route. You can use the instrument above to measure back to the host in the middle of the section. If there is a problem with the camera, you can try it directly with a new camera to see if there is any problem with the middle line.
Q:Why can't closed-circuit monitors be shown after thunder?
General monitor is rarely a lightning fault, we use the project, monitor MERWAY tiger, have never had this problem. You can also rule out if the front camera was damaged by lightning.
Q:How to distinguish surveillance cameras?
In addition to the traditional network camera camera all the image capture function, the machine is built-in digital compression controller and a WEB based operating system (including Web server, FTP server, etc.) makes the compressed video data encryption, through the network (LAN, Internet or wireless network) sent to the user terminal to the network. The camera to access remote users can use standard PC on their web browser or client software, real-time monitoring of the target site, and the image data stored in real-time, also can through the network to control the PTZ and camera lens, omni-directional monitoring. Some network cameras also have other functions, such as voice intercom, alarm input, relay output, mobile detection, analog video output and SD card local storage video data and other functions. The formula is represented as follows: IP, Camera=, single path DVS+Camera.
Q:What are the main functions of CCTV security surveillance system?
Closed-circuit monitoring is relatively old, usually coaxial cable transmission of video signals, and now more commonly used mainstream digital network video surveillance.
Q:Characteristics of closed circuit monitoring system
Digital video recording system not only has low storage cost, high efficiency, but also has the advantages of network transmission, remote transmission and cyclic storage. At the same time, digital and network transmission technology can realize the hard disk video recording system and anti-theft alarm system network linkage, timely and accurate feedback information of the scene, to provide sufficient and reliable basis for the alarm event.
Q:The difference between TV closed circuit and monitoring line
SYWV has less high frequency attenuation and lower frequency attenuation. The high frequency attenuation of SYV is low, and the attenuation of low frequency is small - its performance is different.SYWV is suitable for transmitting high frequency CATV signals; SYV is suitable for transmitting low frequency TV signals with different uses.
Q:Is there any sound in closed-circuit monitoring?
If there is a pickup can be heard, but the pickup is separately.
Q:Closed-circuit monitoring software
Click the WIN keyboard to see the taskbar, which is on the keyboard, the one between Ctrl and Alt, and the icon with the Microsoft Icon
The company mainly in the security monitoring, anti-theft alarm, intelligent, LCD products. We have set up the development of the factory, the production of cable camera, wireless camera, MINI DVR, and obtain the general agent of five industry brand, and a number of manufacturers of products to a regional distributor rights. Our innovative products, variety complete, the future will continue to develop new products more intelligent fashion.

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Location Shenzhen,China
Year Established 2004
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China; Mid East;Western Europe
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Nearest Port Shenzhen
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No.of Employees in Trade Department 70 People
Language Spoken: Chinese
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Factory Size: About 5,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines About 20
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Cheap, professional