Wireless rf Ethernet Transceiver TDD-COFDM Full Duplex

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Item specifice:

Brand Name: Safe Guard Model Number: SG-TDD20 Modulation: TDD_COFDM, time division duplex mode
RF power: 20W RF bandwidth: 4/8MHz Baud rate: 7200 ~ 921600bps (adjustable)
Correction mechanism: 32bit of CRC, ARQ Encryption: 128bit AES (Optional 256bit AES) Dimension: 210 * 133 * 54mm
Weight: 2.5kg Customization: All features can be changed as your prefer!

Product Description:

Model: SG-TDD20

TDD-COFDM is our new NLOS(non-line of sight) two-way data transmission system and wireless mobile emergency communication private network, which is independent of telecom operators wireless network. Its confidentiality, security, mobile performance that is better than Telecom operators. Also is a fully transparent data encryption transmission emergency security network.

Wireless rf Ethernet Transceiver TDD-COFDM Full Duplex

TDD-COFDM multiplexing technology to channel resources in time through time slot, frequency through a large number of sub carriers to flexibly allocated to multiple users, and in a single frequency to maximize the realization of multi user access. Channel into the AES128bit, and user manually customize key that strength to ensure the data encryption. System occupy relatively narrow-band air frequency(4/8MHz)and strong anti-multipath interference ability to overcome simulation technique and the high-speed mobile data transmission under multipath reflections and nuisance caused by occlusion, then achieved in a complex environment transfer: data packing form, audio and video data, serial asynchronous data, Miniature volume, precision design, lightweight and easy to carry that commonly used in short distance high speed wireless data transmission and on air long distance high speed wireless data transmission purposes.

Wireless rf Ethernet Transceiver TDD-COFDM Full Duplex

Main Features

+ Support protocol PTP &PMD network technology;
+ Support non-line of sight(NLOS) high speed mobile transmission
+ Bit rate can up to 921600bps;
+ AES 128-bit encryption, and also customer manually customize the secret key.
+ Standard RJ45 Ethernet and RS485/RS485/RS422 data interfaces;
+ Built in with small LCD screen that shows the signal working status. 
+ Available frequency: 330-430MHz/ 430-530MHz, or 2.4GHz (option). 

Product Parameters

Physical interface section


Standard RJ-45

RS-232/422/485 data

Two or Three pin terminals

Power supply

DC12V, Four pin terminals

RF connector

SMA female

Main parameters:


TDD_COFDM, time division duplex mode

Working mode

Full duplex

Working frequency

330-430MHz/ 430-530MHz,or 2.4GHz (option). step in 1MHz  

other frequencies can be customized

RF power


RF bandwidth


Correction mechanism

32bit of CRC, ARQ

Transfer Protocol

standard TCP / IP, transparent transmission,serial asynchronous

Data Rate

6.5Mbps ( both video and data occupy the same channel)

Baud rate

7200 ~ 921600bps  (automatically assigned)

Data type

10 / 100Bate-T Ethernet, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 standard

Audio channel

analog audio intercom interface (non-Open)



Receiving sensitivity


Networking format



128bit AES (Optional 256bit AES)


10 / 100BaseT, Auto-MDI / X, IEEE802.3


Parameter Control

adjustable parameters through the LCD panel

Built-in battery

12000mA or remove

Working time

6 hours

Working temperature

-40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃


210 * 133 * 54mm



About our specification:

1. Advancement: TDD-COFDM channel modulation technology, support fast-moving, ultra-wide band, and fully transparent transmission.
2. Security: private network, private communication transport protocol, sole synchronization code and AES encryption.
3. Flexibility: transparent transmission of IP data channel, supports multi-user access.
4. Scalability: all-digital network, is compatible with all IP data transmission equipment.
5. Technical performance:
- Multi-frequency network base stations, single base station same frequency network, the same frequency network with bidirectional communication, high spectrum efficiency;

- Flexible allocation of channel resources to achieve PTP, PTMT and multipoint-to-multipoint two-way communication;

- Multiple channel bandwidth and a variety of modulation mode function;

- Flexible TDD slot allocation model to meet a single-frequency but multi-user access, not only save the spectrum but also to reduce power consumption;

- Spectrum sensing, perception slot, upstream bandwidth sensing function;

- Strong diffraction ability and anti-multipath capability

- High-sensitivity receiver. When receive level is -110dBm, can still ensure BER<10E-5 and frame error rate <1%. Powerful error correction capability;

- Low PAPR, high power amplifier efficiency, low power consumption;

- Can transmit video audio and etc signals synchronous,high speed.Velocity >600km/h.

- Digital signal processing, a strong system of confidentiality, stability and reliability.

Product Application

As its Miniature volume, precision design, lightweight and easy to carry, suitable used in short distance and long range air high speed wireless video data transmission purposes. Such as UAV, rotorcraft, micro UAV, drone,UGV, unmanned powered parachute, unmanned underwater vehicles boats, Fire-fighting robot,unmanned ship, airship, USV, high iron, EMU, unmanned vehicles, unmanned vehicle and etc..data transmission.

Our Services

One year free warranty;
Three months for free spare parts (Replacement parts will be charged after a year);
24-h technical guidance;
One-stop ODM/OEM solution;
We provide professional system design and construction;
We have over 15 years experience's study, design and manufacturing in wireless microwave transmission area;
We are the professional plant source,so we can provide you high quality in best price.

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Q:What line is the security monitoring power line?
Note that copper wire is twisted, RVV2 two wire within *1.0 or 2, that is the line diameter, line size according to the case design and calculate the size of the load current, decided to use much of the wire diameter.
Q:What categories of security assets is the security monitoring system?
According to the above classification: housing, buildings, machinery, equipment, transport equipment, electronic equipment, and so on. Therefore, the security monitoring system belongs to the electronic equipment!
Q:Security monitoring sales method,Security monitoring sales, first of all, they will install,
The overall marketing methods of security products include supplier marketing, distributor marketing, final customer marketing, and staff marketing.
Q:How is the security monitoring cost charged?
1. buy computer ah meter materials are purchased when stock commodity or raw materials and related subjects, staff wages and travel expenses and other expenses included in expenses for the period (management fees, sales expenses and financial expenses) etc... As for the end of the period, you need to transfer the cost, the main transfer period expenses, the main business tax and additional, income tax and other subjects.2., the specific entries are: Borrow: main business costs;Credit: business taxes and surchargesManagement expensesFinancial expensesSelling expensesIncome tax
Q:How to quote for security monitoring project
Accessories include: BNC head, ribbon, screws and other various installation materials; increase.According to the artificial cost (material + auxiliary) about *15-20%, in fact, you should be estimated in accordance with the normal quantity;Installation fee is not labor costs, I do not know how you divide, I feel you lack of debugging fees, debugging fees can add about 10%;
Q:Want to open a small security Monitor Company, but heard people say no qualifications, no project, no one assured me of the project
Qualifications, these are not all a process well. I need the program, inquiry, equipment and equipment.
Q:What are the security devices?
4. background music and broadcasting5. explosion prevention and security inspection6. parking management7. patrol
Q:What kind of industry does security monitoring belong to?
Now relatively good is the intelligent building bar, comprehensive monitoring, alarm, fire, building intercom, integrated wiring and a series of integrated projects. The foreground is very good. At present, our country is in the initial stage, and now the new design of the building is a lot of intelligent, you can learn from this.
Q:Security monitoring, maintenance work or installation work well
Depends on your own understanding of the security technology, if you understand the security technology almost? No other idea, you just want to calm life, you do maintenance is quite relaxed
Q:What is the future of security monitoring? How much is the salary? Is there a promotion?
The security monitoring industry belongs to the weak engineering one of the subsystems, do the best to plan their own development direction, that started as a technology firm, through the practice operation understand the system architecture and product characteristics and collect more information channels, for a long time can transition to do sales, set up their own information network, the future the road on your personal preferences, you can choose to do departments or open their own company to do product agents.

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