Wireless HD Video Transmitter 25w Low Delay for Uav

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Item specifice:

Model Number: SG-HD25W Frequency/video: 138-4400MHz(option) RF Power: 15-25Watt(adjustable)
RF Bandwidth: 2/2.5/4/8MMHz(adjustable) Resolution: HD 1080P/1080I Customization: All features can be changed as your prefer!
Video compression: MPEG-4/H.264 HD interface: HDMI or HD-SDI AV interface: BNC
Size: 220*275*78mm Weight: 5.1kg Modulation: COFDM 2K QPSK

Product Description:

Model: SG-HD25W

It's a new powerful HD COFDM video audio transmitter, can up to 15-25W rf power which support transmitting over a long distance. Using the core technology 4th generation mobile communication COFDM modulation and low delay full-HD 1080P technique that can transmit high quality and stable image under the condition of fast moving or many buildings as obstacles(NLOS). Suitable for vehicles - cars, boat - boats, cars - a building, ship – a base station, aircraft –a building/vehicle and etc. high-definition moving video signal transmission, the carrier velocity greater than 450 km / h.Widely used in public security, armed police, fire, field armies, other military departments and broadcasting, urban management, civil defense, transportation, customs, oil, mining, water, electricity, geology, finance and other relevant state departments.

Wireless HD Video Transmitter 25w Low Delay for Uav

Main Feature

1) Full hd 1920*1080 resolution(support both 1080P/1080I@60fps)
2) COFDM modulation, H.264 video compression mode;
3) Built in with HDMI/HD-SDI and BNC interfaces;
4) Support left/right stereo audio input and output;
5) Small in size and lightweight;
6) High rf power but in strong heat resistance capacity as dual electric fans for increased cooling capacity .
7) 4/8MHz RF bandwidth,the working frequency will be displayed on the LCD;
8) PAL/NTSC self adaption;
9) Only has 150ms low delay;

Product Parameters



RF Power










RF Bandwidth


Delay time

Only has 150ms


1/2 2/3 3/4 7/8

Guard Interval

1/32 1/16 1/8 1/4

Data Encryption

AES 128/256 Bits

Max speed


Video Input

 BNC: D1 standard definition

 HDMI: HD1080I/1080P, 720P, 576, 480

 SDI:HD1080I/1080P, 720P, 576, 480

Video compression format


Video Resolution

180p/1080i@60fps, 1920*1080 definition

RF Interface


Work environment


Video Format


Transmission Distance

15km NLOS distance(ground to ground)

20km-35km LOS distance(on sea)

Case Material

Aluminum (black)





Product Application

1) Racing car -monitor centre

2) Car -Building

Wireless HD Video Transmitter 25w Low Delay for Uav

Our Services

One year free warranty;
Three months for free spare parts (Replacement parts will be charged after a year);
24-h technical guidance;
One-stop ODM/OEM solution;
We provide professional system design and construction;
We have over 15 years experience's study, design and manufacturing in wireless microwave transmission area;
We are the professional plant source,so we can provide you high quality in best price.

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For sale. Because the landlord does not know about this, I think you are careful to enter the industry as well.
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Gas fire fighting system(5) digital monitoring system(6) digital patrol system(7) parking management system;(8) perimeter alarm system;
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In addition, China's per capita security products spending is far behind Europe and the United States and Japan and other developed countries, for Britain's 1/9 and the United States' 1/7, compared with South Korea also has a big gap, for South Korea's 1/5. Future civil market development is very large, the civil market, including community security, building intercom, access, intelligent parking management system, will hasten the rapid development of the security industry
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Security qualification mainly refers to the engineering qualification of security engineering. The application and standard of security intelligence is based on the security industry development situation and requirements, by China CSPIA (hereinafter called anxie) on self-discipline is one of the main form of enterprise file security project launched the qualification evaluation system.
Q:District security monitoring center layout?
Layout of security monitoring center in residential district:1, residential security monitoring center and other important room should do the thing in itself, civil air defense and anti technology.
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You need to apply for a self-employed business license1., you need to prepare a copy of the store property certificate (rental house, but also rental agreement)2. photocopies of ID cards and one inch of photos
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Hello, security monitoring belongs to the public security industry, also can be said that the IT industry, because its development is mainly software development, and I hope to help you, thank you.
Q:What are the categories of security monitoring systems?
Background music,Entrance guard attendance,Parking barrierSurveillance is a small branch of a security system, a simple understanding that is: the front camera, through transmission, storage video back to the rear, and wall display

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