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  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 9.4 x 4.4 cm

  • Item Weight: 662 g

  • Shipping Weight: 662 g

Texas Instruments ti wireless charger smart chip program
Made in China made in china
Environmental protection certification mark
Input voltage 5v2a output 5v1a low standby power
standby power consumption of less than 1.50kwh in one year, l
charging complete then automatically switch to standby
Pc + ab material mixed material design piano paint technology
Only 0.73cm thin
Suitable for any qi Standard Charger

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What size charger is it? If it's only a 1amp charger, than it's working. Or if the battery isn't flat a smart charger will only trickle charge the battery to top it up to 100%, and keep it there. The charge rate falling off is how you tell the battery is fully charged. Or the battery is faulty. Even a small (amperage) charger will recharge a car battery, it just takes longer. (maybe days?)
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