Wireless Baby Monitor CMXH-604-18

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New 2.4GHz Wireless Baby Monitor CMXH-604-18 2.4" TFT-LCD with 480*240 resolutionFrequency: ISM 2,400~2,483MHzIR Night Vision (Effective Range: 5M)Two Intercom WayAuto Frequency Hopping: free of interferenceUp to 200m (330ft).Transmission range in open spaceBuilt-in microphone for audio monitoring

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Q:Can the closed-circuit line be a monitoring line?
Closed-circuit cable television also called cable TV signal line line, closed-circuit television signal is divided into core and shielding layer of two parts, the middle of that hard root as a signal, while the outer layer of the mesh wire core and aluminum foil as the signal shielding layer, played the role of anti-interference.
Q:What's the problem with a bulb type monitor that doesn't always call the police?
The red light on the monitor is watchingA monitor is a closed-circuit monitoring system (CCTV) is an important part of the display part of the monitoring system, terminal equipment monitoring system, monitoring personnel serves as the "eyes", but also for the subsequent investigation plays a key role.
Q:Closed-circuit monitoring software
This should be in the closed-circuit monitoring client software, which set up the boot from the start, if you have permission, you can reset your own, or directly press the WIN key into the task bar, use other programs
Q:Computer monitors can be used as closed-circuit surveillance TV, only monitors. If you add a converter, you can contact the camera to see the monitor
Computer monitors can be used for closed-circuit televisionNow there is a way of looking at HDTV, that's what it is. Play high-definition video files on your computer and broadcast the signals on tv. In other words, it is to use television as a big monitor, and to use the sound of the TV as the output speaker.
Q:What is the simple composition of the intelligent room monitoring system?
In brief, the basic configuration of each subsystem consists of three units: front-end, transmission, information processing / control / display / communication. Different subsystems, the specific content of their three units is different
Q:The difference between IP monitoring system and analog system
Compared with the traditional analog control mode, IP control system is based on digital video processing technology as the core, comprehensive utilization of photoelectric sensor, digital image processing, embedded computer system, data transmission network, automatic control and artificial intelligence technology, a new digital control mode, it not only has the second generation of quasi digital video monitoring mode with the computer processing ability of digital information, anti-interference ability, quick query records, clear video image and single display multiple images and other advantages, and relying on the network, really exert the superiority of broadband network through the IP network, the monitoring target monitoring center and any combination of local network can reach into a system to adapt to the demand for real, remote, real-time, centralized video surveillance system, its core technology is Network video server.
Q:Check your home monitor circuit with your mobile phone
First, make sure the terminal is a video recorder or a capture card, so you can find the device's mobile client.Second, now the brand's mobile client is installed on the phone.Third, that is, set up, set up the router. Port. This is very important, you can look at instructions, or consult the installation staff, most of the momentum is the same. So you can see it.
Q:How long can the CCTV Monitor keep the video?
In general, embedded hard disk recorders that store images support 16 channels of video input.
Q:Is it okay to use CCTV for surveillance cameras? Is video line the same as closed route?
Yes, but only about 15 meters away, so far away, the signal will not work
Q:Requirements and standards for installation and construction of CCTV monitoring system
The main components of closed-circuit monitoring system are: camera or image forming device, image transmission and control equipment, image processing and display equipment. Closed-circuit television monitoring system of the technical requirements are: the clarity of the camera, the system's transmission bandwidth, the video signal to noise ratio, television signal format, cameras achieve higher quality and operation function, as well as the environment of each part of the system to the extent. The company can according to user requirements, select the appropriate system configuration, the system can meet the demands of you: timing switching system: in order to switch the display of multiple camera images on a monitor, switching the screen can be the focus of the show, the switching time can be adjusted. Even if the number of cameras increases, the monitor does not have to be added. The system can save people's cost and is economical and applicable.
The company mainly in the security monitoring, anti-theft alarm, intelligent, LCD products. We have set up the development of the factory, the production of cable camera, wireless camera, MINI DVR, and obtain the general agent of five industry brand, and a number of manufacturers of products to a regional distributor rights. Our innovative products, variety complete, the future will continue to develop new products more intelligent fashion.

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Location Shenzhen,China
Year Established 2004
Annual Output Value
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China; Mid East;Western Europe
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Nearest Port Shenzhen
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 70 People
Language Spoken: Chinese
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Factory Size: About 5,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines About 20
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Cheap, professional