Wireless Baby Monitor CMXH-602-16

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New 2.4GHz Wireless Baby Monitor CMXH-602-16 3.5" TFT-LCD with 480x240 resolutions380TVL of horizontal definitionNight vision (Effective Range: 10M)Built-in microphone in camera4channels optional to avoid possible interferenceSwitch the receivers channels by remote controlUp to 100M(330ft.) transmission range in open space

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Q:Can the SYV 75-5 monitor video lines be used for closed-circuit television?
The signal has a greater impact. Television signals are transmitted over multiple frequencies. The smaller the diameter of the core in the middle, the greater the attenuation of the high frequency signal, and the picture is not clear. Monitoring lines are usually relatively thin core, close to the transmission of television, no problem, a little far away, it will not work. So, you see cable TV cable, regardless of the quality of good or bad, the middle of the core is very thick. Do not ask me, professional hotel TV
Q:The difference between the electronic police and the closed circuit television surveillance in Guangzhou traffic police
Electronic police: refers to the automatic camera, and to determine whether your car is illegal electronic instruments, are automatically recorded violations of information.Generally used in: red light running, speeding, violation, change lines and so on.CCTV: refers to a camera that can adjust the angle and focus of a camera. It is used to monitor the traffic flow, and to determine the responsible party after the accident has occurred.
Q:Can closed-circuit remote monitoring use mobile networks?
From what you say, it seems unlikely to see your location from Guangzhou. The monitor's PC doesn't connect to the Internet. How can it be transmitted? Don't you boss is using wireless transmission, I believe that no boss will spend this money is transmitted through the network remote monitoring should be either the monitoring host with a separate line is connected to the Internet, or access to your LAN through the routing link out of
Q:Now the design institute design closed-circuit monitoring, how to still use analog monitoring ah?
Relatively, the analog monitor produces pictures that are clear, but digital monitoring is relatively compressed or processed by analog monitoring, and the image is slightly worse. And a codec cheaper than one thousand yuan, expensive three thousand multivariate, but with the digital technology more mature, the advantages of digital monitoring is more and more prominent. Digital monitoring is one of the world's leading products new and most leading position, it makes the monitoring field from digital simulation to a great step, this is an irreversible trend, but also the revolutionary leap in monitoring area.
Q:What are the main functions of CCTV security surveillance system?
In conclusion, monitoring system has now been applied and penetration in all aspects of people's life and work, with more and more advanced technology of monitoring system and the price of civilians, monitoring equipment and monitoring system will also be more and more popular.
Q:How to install an indoor closed-circuit TV with a computer
The closed circuit is relative to the opening, and the latter is the television reception mode we usually call the outdoor antenna to receive the signal. Closed circuit is the satellite transmission to the designated user, that is, cable TV mode.It mainly converts the audio and video signals into one radio frequency signal, that is, one channel, so that it can be transmitted in closed-circuit television
Q:Security monitoring system configuration, villa use.
KIWI2 home network camera Trolltech fruit, no wiring, no set, plug and play, can also use mobile phone to watch video real-time monitoring screen, and point to point access, the absolute protection of the privacy of the family! You can put it in the main living room, set the alarm area, if you set the thief into the area, the alarm image will immediately pushed to your mobile phone screen, you can host a key to start the alarm to scare the theft, also a key alarm to 110 or the property, let them come and help you see the situation inside the house.
Q:Is there any sound in closed-circuit monitoring?
If there is a pickup can be heard, but the pickup is separately.
Q:My home is equipped with a closed-circuit surveillance, connected to the television!
The acquisition card comes with your own software. If you don't have a computer at home, you can recommend a solution that is connected to a professional hard disk video recorder. If you want to connect to the DVR so simple, the same hard book is also divided into 16 Road 8 Road 4 road, directly to the video line connected to the hard record, and then through the hard video output, output to the TV, want to see through the remote control to select the mode of TV receiving it, don't watch it can still watch tv.
Q:Closed-circuit monitoring software
This should be in the closed-circuit monitoring client software, which set up the boot from the start, if you have permission, you can reset your own, or directly press the WIN key into the task bar, use other programs
The company mainly in the security monitoring, anti-theft alarm, intelligent, LCD products. We have set up the development of the factory, the production of cable camera, wireless camera, MINI DVR, and obtain the general agent of five industry brand, and a number of manufacturers of products to a regional distributor rights. Our innovative products, variety complete, the future will continue to develop new products more intelligent fashion.

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Location Shenzhen,China
Year Established 2004
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China; Mid East;Western Europe
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Nearest Port Shenzhen
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No.of Employees in Trade Department 70 People
Language Spoken: Chinese
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Factory Size: About 5,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines About 20
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Cheap, professional