Wire with Hook Diameter 3.5/4mm

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1. Material: Steel Sheet or Wire (Galvanized or Stainless)

2. Items: Spring clip, Wire with ring / hook and etc.

3. Size: Spring clip 0.60mm thickness, Wire 3.5/4mm diameter and 250/500/1000mm length and etc.
4. Thickness: Standard or customized

5. Use: For Ceiling T-grids or ceiling steel profile system


1. Light weight, high strength, safely;

2. High zinc coating, moistureproof, fireproof;

3. Easy and fast for installation, time-saving;

4. Durable, long time life;

5. Recyclable, environment friendly;

6. Can supply products based on specific requirements;

7. Prompt delivery, high quality, competitive price and complete sets of style;

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Q:Light steel keel is what material
High-quality hot-dip galvanized steel strip (national standard) Most of the market is hot galvanized
Q:Light steel keel gypsum board partition wall how to install the door
Light wall release line - → installation door hole box - → installation along the top keel and along the keel → Vertical keel sub - file - → installation of vertical keel - → installation of horizontal keel file - → Installation of gypsum cover panel - → construction joint practice - → surface construction
Q:What is the 'Show Ceiling Button' in Sims 2?
when you click on the button, if u zoom into the house and look up, you can see the ceiling and paint it whatever you want to match your house. i love the sims 2 so if u need any questions, go ahead and ask. i know cheats, hints, and glitches in the game too. you can also go on the sims 2 website and download awesome houses, cool people, community places (bowling alleys, etc.), and u can also download pets too. (sims 2 pets required). i also know a website where you can download the full games for free. my brother downloaded kitchen and bath, apartment life, pets, and holidays for me. in order to do this however, you need to download vuze, daemon tools, and you need to go to piratOKorder.org.
Q:Why wall wall stickers or hanging wood finishes to do light steel keel base or wood base it?
Really have not seen stickers but also keel who is so talented ah? The Wooden is used
Q:What is the list and quota of light steel keel plugs?
The list should be implemented under the wall pillar decorative section under the metal partition
Q:Light keel in the keel is also known as the heart keel is it
You say is the partition keel it, The middle is called the heart keel, specifications for the 38.
Q:Is it possible to install track lighting on a dropped ceiling? Do they have tracks that can fit on the grid?
yes u can u can either do one of two things 1) use small self cutting screws to attach it...if you dont plan on taking it down for a long time and dant care about a few holes in it later or 2) they sell a small clip that attaches to the grid, it has a small threaded peice that will go into the track lighting and secures with a nut
Q:I need inexpensive ideas to disguise ugly ceiling for a wedding reception?
The 4th of July decorations will go on clearance everywhere right after the 4th I would wait to buy any decorations until then. Maybe try an all american theme use lots of red white and blue have a picnic type motif and menu it keeps the cost of food down to make a big batch of potato salad and maybe some fried chicken with baked beans and coleslaw lemonade and watermelon you could even throw in some PB&J sandwiches to make it child friendly. If you use family members to help make these simple picinic foods it will keep the cost way down. Use vases of fruits instead of flowers. a tall vase of lemons tied with a navy ribbon a fish bowl of blue berries tied with a red ribbon a different shaped clear container with the strawberries tied with a yellow ribbon and stick the little american flags in the center of each so it sticks out the top. You can also get some fake grape leaves or ivy and twine it around the bases and drape it across the table. Another idea get red white and blue cupcakes(at your walmart if you have a supercenter) and put a cake stand at each table with the cupcakes then serve a small elegant wedding cake. That way you get the beautiful cake you want but keep it small for cost and serve the cupcakes. this takes care of the centerpieces and keeps the cost of the cake way down. They even put little american flags in each cupcake. You can use a red and white checkered table cloth then cover it in the opposite direction with a white cloth then on the next table put the red and white table cloth with a navy in the opposite direction. Simplicity in your decorations is the best way to save money. Often if done in the right way less is more!
Q:A decoration workers, one day shop ceiling can lay the number of square light steel keel?
This depends on the professional skills, but also depends on the size of the room, the general 1000 square meters of the ceiling, keel plus gypsum board all good, 40-50 workers
Q:how much would a commercial cleaning service charge to clean 815 ceiling lights?
I charge $40 an hour plus equipment and materials. An estimate may come in on the high side of $3000.00 .

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