wire mesh stainless steel in heavy duty

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heavy duty wire mesh stainless steel


Chemical composition of stainless steel wire:




Chemical Composition(%)
















Stainless Steel Hard Wire

Use: steel rope , steel brush, spring , stapler, etc.

Size: from 0.05mm to 5mm


Soft stianless steel wire

Use: Knitted wire mesh, weaving wire mesh, filtration mesh,  high pressure pipe

Size: from 0.07mm -0.60mm




Deviation (mm)


Tolerance (mm)

Max.Deviation (mm)


























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Q:What's the difference between stainless steel screws or galvanized screws? Why are galvanized screws good?
1, processing costs are low: hot galvanizing, rust prevention costs than other paint coating costs are low;2, durable: in the outskirts of the environment, the standard hot-dip galvanizing, rustproof thickness can be maintained for more than 50 years without repair; in urban or offshore areas, the standard hot-dip galvanized rust prevention layer can be maintained for 20 years without repair;
Q:What's the difference between galvanized iron wire or stainless steel wire?
Stainless steel wire and stainless steel wire, various specifications and models of silk production as raw materials of stainless steel, the origin of the United States, Holland, Japan, the general section is round or flat. Common stainless steel wire with good corrosion resistance and high performance price ratio is 304 and 316 stainless steel wire.
Q:What's the difference between stainless steel screws and carbon steel screws?
These two screws are different. They are not better or worse. Carbon steel screws are usually stronger than stainless steel screws, but they tend to rust.
Q:Elevator hairline stainless steel and wire drawing stainless steel what is the difference between the two costs which expensive ah?
Lift the hairline stainless steel as mentioned above, is a short wire drawing process, the price a little expensive, of course, the price of the elevator itself and less material. The price mainly depends on the level of the elevator: 1, brand and technology, 2, traction machine control cabinet door machine system etc. the advantages and disadvantages of the 3, is the (decoration material is only a small part of the decoration)
Q:Can the 8.8 screw be replaced by A2-70 stainless steel screw?
8.8 grade products - tensile strength 800N.mm, specified non proportional elongation stress (ensure the load): - 640N.mm;
Q:Why does stainless steel have magnetism?
Stainless steel is nonmagnetic only in theory, and is also made of material. The theory of austenite is non-magnetic, but the ferrite itself is strong magnetic.
Q:Stainless steel wire braided hose, why so much water leakage ah?
Don't shout after you install it. The water pressure is not too high. It won't be bad in general.
Q:Can stainless steel welding rod replace argon arc welding wire?
But you'd better not.1 stainless steel wire is cheap. The electrode is damaged and the skin cost is high.2 stainless steel wire, the shortest length is 1 meters. Electrode is about thirty centimeters, replacement frequently. The welding wire head is surplus.
Q:Why are the 304 stainless steel wires magnetic? And the thinner the wire, the greater the magnetism
In addition, 304 stainless steel after cold processing, the structure of the structure will also change to martensite, and the greater the deformation degree of cold work, the more martensite transformation, the greater the magnetism. Like a lot of stainless steel wire, made straight, no obvious induction, but it is bent into a rectangular or circular, and produce some magnetic for cold bending deformation is large, especially the angle of magnetic is more obvious.
Q:How many square meters does steel roof of steel structure workshop need?
Is it the stainless steel wire that is used to tighten the heat preservation material when the single board is kept warm? If so, the steel wire has two kinds of straight pull and diagonal pull, the effect of pulling can be better, and the direct drawing is easy to construct. A steel wire that can be used about 4-6 meters square. The diameter of the wire is only a few millimeters. Count it yourself

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