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Product Description:

  • Aluminium Folding door and windows Materials:


    Color:wood color or white, black, grey
    Profile surface:powder coated
    Profile wall thickness:2.0mm (close to 4 mm for top track)
    Glass type:double glazed 5mm+9A+5mm tempered glass
    Glass certificate:AS2208
    Hardware:Kinlong Brand
    Opening:folding to inside or outside
    Size:According to your specific project

  • finiture

    6pcs Rattan Chair+1pc Rattan Rectangle Table

    Product Size:



    Material  Detail:

    Rattan:PE flat rattan 7*1.3mm

    Curshion:waterproof, 5cm thichness for the curshion

    Fabric washable

    Table  with 8MM tempered  glass.

    Table can be knocked  down.


    Curshion color:Ivory fabric only.

    Rattan color:mix brown  and black.

    Agile Cubic code

    Rattan color


    mix  brown



    Packing Detail:

    Packed by carton.1pc table/CTN.2pcs chair/CTN.totally: 4ctns

    Table packing size:153*103*19cm

    Chair packing size:63*77*134cm

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Q:Caulking TT roof and windows?
And you do not need to remove the old caulk.
Q:Automatic door lock is broken on 2004 mercedes c230. Easy fix?
These are air driven locks and likely the line has become disconnected or blocked. The fact that the lever is loose could also mean there are some other mechanical issues. With average logic and resourcefulness you should be able to figure out what is wrong by comparing it to the other rear door. The most difficult task is removing the door panels which can be tricky. You might also try researching the MCBA website and there posted technical articles.
Q:Anti-theft door handle double live handle can use double fast handle? Is the original double live, replaced by double fast what impact?
Can put on no problem, double fast talk about the lock body, double live is the handle! Single handle (outside the handle is fixed, inside the handle can only be pressed down) double live (inside and outside the handle can be pressed down) double fast (outside the handle can be raised to achieve fast lock door, inside the handle Can be raised to achieve fast lock door can also be pressed down to achieve a quick open the door, but the double fast handle must be used together with the double fast lock to achieve fast lock function). This lock is not convenient to use, but there is an advantage that is faster than the double fast single live lock failure rate, double fast failure rate high. If you need to replace the general professional lock stores can be replaced, must be a complete set of double lock function structure is not the same. The quality of the door is divided into Grade A and Grade C, Class A is the highest level. And the lock level, the current national standard only A-class B-class, A-level for the most common level B is 5 minutes to open the level of technology, according to this level lock factory to create a longer time to open the lock, such as: Class C Super C is also known as Enterprise. Super Bc-class brand is very complex to recommend the replacement of regular manufacturers products.
Q:Wooden door on the wooden door bamboo door on what is the meaning of bamboo door
Bamboo door on the bamboo door, wooden door on the wooden door "is the habit of choosing the occasion of marriage, the rich in order to show the identity and status will inevitably work hard on the door, valuable wood, crafted texture patterns, coupled with ingenious design Construction, the purpose of the people in order to highlight the style of the big people, while the poor door is often just a simple board or barriers, so the "wooden door on the wooden door, bamboo door on the bamboo door" is a "popular" a more popular argument. Refers to the rich, bamboo door, of course, refers to the poor, matchmakers when they are matching as a match for the standard.
Q:Does all plastic shrink? You know those kits for windows? The ones to cover your windows in plastic?
Not all plastic shrink. The window kits you refer to are specially designed to shrink. There are also craft plastic designed to shrink suck as shrink a dinks a crafty kit for making all kinds of interesting toys and gadgets.
Q:Really understand the friend said, anti-theft door lock how to choose the safety level
The security level is divided into ABC currently c class for the security level
Q:How much is the wire mesh shielding glass 250 mesh
First of all, what do you mean by radiation radiation? Ordinary glass without any radiation protection function of radiation resistant glass is divided into two kinds
Q:Is your robin as smart as mine? He flies to the roof of the shed, sees his reflection in the window of the house, and flies into his image..?
I had the same trouble with a large crow.It kept doing that on a window on a farm cottage that I owned. The trouble was that it was let out as a holiday cottage and the guests complained as it went on early morning and miday for days.
Q:Electric car electric lock line how to connect?
Thick red line is the negative line of the battery. The red line is the positive line of the battery, fine red line is the lock line! As you said, you may get the wrong line, that is, you put the fine red line and thick red line directly connected to the battery output The correct way is to find the lock line, the two positive and negative lines directly connected to the lock. Carefully check the body to the controller line whether there are other The positive line is controlled by the lock. Five lines of the spin, there are two control the speed of the button line, then do not control it. The other three is the rotation of the positive and negative and signal lines, according to the color Can be. {If the same color} general body into the controller line, spin and the speed line is separate, you can in the original controller line to determine the rotation of the line color.
Q:Window plastic insulation question?
Not outside at all Use the wrap on all windows double panes too cuz it all helps here's how tape the double side tape to the moulding of the window not the window itself or wall because the more air space the better here place wrap on the tape secure so no gaps or airspace use hair dryer to shrink use good stuff foam (have nail polish remover and latex gloves) on half inch or bigger gaps around the house and caulk the rest

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