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Product Description:



willow fence

made of natural osier with fine craft

artistic,durable and easy to erect

for home&garden deco to make privacy

Product Description:

Willow fences and screens are made from vertical willow sticks tightly

woven together with galvanized steel wire. Willow fencing and screening

are suitable for an informal garden.Rapidly renewable natural bentwood

material like willow make wonderful fences for outdoor and indoor decoration,

our exclusive pre-build fences panels are designed to beautify your home garden

as well as practical well build fences with easy set up. Different styles and sizes

to suite your needs.

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Q:Home made moss-killer for garden path?
lime does not kill moss. it sweetens the soil and help grass grow.
Q:can anyone give any solution to this problem? i have loads of flies in my garden, there is no animal waste or?
If there is any rotting material, or smelly stuff nearby, that could be your problem. One solution to having flies is to take a ziplock bag full of water and hang it where there are lots of flies. I tried it, and it seems to be working! Good luck!
Q:HELLO[: bed stuff question :D?
Here okorder.com/
Q:Is there a website that shows you how to build things for a garden, and what to put in it, and tells you why?
I okorder.com You can also go to forums written from specific regions in the US (such as; Southwestern Gardening or Ohio Valley Gardening) and International (such as; Canadian Gardening or Tropical Zone Gardening). There are also basic gardening forums (such as: Forums for Beginner Gardeners (flowers, landscaping, vegetables, etc) and Forums for General Gardening (Cottage Gardening, Garden
Q:Help my garden has some sTuff going in it?
Hi , use a petrol strimmer to cut it to ground degree [ or a weedeater , a flame thrower thing if you can do it safely ] then the quite low-priced alternative is to dig it over both by way of hand pull out the roots OR if its a massive backyard see if anyone has some pigs that you can borrow (verify theyre pleased with knotweed first ! ) , they'll wreck everything revel in doing it ! Knotweed will desire a professional is a managed weed in UK as it will motive severe burns additionally smash structures .Excellent success .
Q:Beginning greenhouse garden, need general help?
Check okorder.com. It won't give you exact levels of nutrients needed, but more of a general approximation. Compost is a good amendment to your soil. You could grow in only compost, but plants prefer growing in some dirt. You can add compost to the top of the containers each year, or few times per year to give the plants additional nutrients
Q:Best insecticide for home gardens?
Home gardeners are confronted with many potential insect problems. The types of problems will depend on their location, the health of their plants, and the types of plants they grow. Depending on the type of plant, problems can range from rare to frequent. A pest management program for home gardeners should rely on proper identification of insect pests, effective use of preventive cultural controls, conservation of natural enemies, and the use of chemical controls as a last resort if other control strategies are ineffective or unavailable for a particular problem.
Q:Good home design websites?
Pottery barn Etsy Lowes Home depot Walmart Target
Q:Best way to weatherize windows to keep cold air out?
The plastic is your best bet. You can find tape that won't leave a residue, we've got some up on our windows right now. Also, try filling long tube socks with rice or sand and sewing the open end shut and lying them at the bottom of the doors to keep the drafts out. You can also buy extra thick insulated curtains at walmart, those have helped us a lot too!
Q:how do i go about making my home more of a home? i need decorating help!?
Paint. Paint is the cheapest way -- by far -- to change the appearance of something. There is a paint for every job, even appliances, floors and tiles! Do some research, shop and ask questions. Learn all you can and then decide on the colors you want. Don't wimp out on all the prep work -- clean everything, sand what needs sanding, use primer and THEN paint. If there is a lot of woodwork, sand it all down, clean it and then either reseal it or re-stain it and then use a sealer. You'll be amazed at how much fresher and cleaner everything will look. The other thing to think about is layout. Changing the layout of furniture to provide a better flow will make a HUGE difference. Get rid of some furniture if things are cluttered. Good luck!

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