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Product Description:


willow fence

made of natural osier with fine craft

artistic,durable and easy to erect

for home&garden deco to make privacy

Product Description:

Willow fences and screens are made from vertical willow sticks tightly

woven together with galvanized steel wire. Willow fencing and screening

are suitable for an informal garden.Rapidly renewable natural bentwood

material like willow make wonderful fences for outdoor and indoor decoration,

our exclusive pre-build fences panels are designed to beautify your home garden

as well as practical well build fences with easy set up. Different styles and sizes

to suite your needs.

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Q:Gardening Question!!!!!!?
it depends on what you mean by 'moderate sun.' is it mostly shade, or is it only shady in the morning/or evening? Different plants like different things. Based on what I know, however, since you're wanting a pond in your (i guess, flower) garden, plant louisiana irises if the area you're going to plant in has full sun. they like to have their feet wet and faces in the sun. Don't use bunny crap as fertilizer. table scraps are better, as long as it's not a protein, fat, or oil. It should be plant based.
Q:Any recomendations for landscape design software??
Most of the software available, including Better Homes and Garden Suite, is tricky to use and really leaves you without any real plan. Honestly, I would recommend using good old fashioned pencil and paper to come up with your initial design. Or perhaps try the free Sketch-up software from Google. Just search for Google Sketch Up. Another idea might be to call your local community college and see if one of their design students might put something together for free as a resume' builder or perhaps a class project. Also, many nurseries will put together a professional design for free if you buy the plants from them. Hope that helps!
Q:My husband is coming home soon.. Ideas for gifts/surprises?
Most guys will answer with S** cause soldiers are real S** hungers. I would suggest arrange a short trip to some place of relaxation where both can have a good time together and probably a candle light dinner. It would be the most memorable one. Just a simple trip that is not so taxing both physically on the arrangement and monetarily. Enjoy......
Q:how to get a job at the home depot garden center?
Ya know - the best answers would be found at Home Depot itself. Go talk to them. Don't be afraid to voice your desires.
Q:is there a space heater out there that will help heat my home?
should have checked out the heat before buying it, try the eden pure heater, have a gas furnace installed,
Q:What is considered a garden home?
Assuming vines would be allowed to sprawl or could be adequately supported I would plant winter squash and lima beans around the edges and, between them, a row of parsnips or sweet potatoes. For my winter crops I would plant a few collards, some turnips and some rutabagas, maybe some beets and either kale or kohlrabi in the tomato patch. Other than the kale and collards these can be stored for later use. If there is a freezer or the ability to can produce even they could be stored. Good luck and enjoy!
Q:How do you decorate the garden?
General water is easy to bring a mellow refreshing feeling and dynamic Aura
Q:what are some jobs that i can do from home?
Depends on what kind of skills, others have said daycare; however, that's going to require an initial investment (you just can't open up a daycare on a whim). Other things you can do would be CAD (Computer Assisted Drafting), HTML, web design, graphic design. You can sell Avon, Mary Kay, Home and Garden Party and host parties at your home to sell the items, demos, etc. All work at home jobs will require that you have some sort of skill or investment. If you're interested in selling jobs, meet with a rep first, do some research to make sure you understand what you're getting into. Remember, there are no such things as online jobs.
Q:Where can i find books about gardening? I've tried called around to local nurseries and they dont have any?
They have some good ones (such as by Sunset Press, Rodale Press, and Better Homes and Gardens) just inside the front entrance to hardware giants like Lowe's and Home Depot. There is one by Ortho for water gardening that I just love! I bought it at either a Borders, Barnes and Nobel or Walden Books. Just look for the Gardening section, find an easy chair, and you'll be there for awhile. Too, sometimes the bigger nurseries send out colorful booklets in the Spring to their former customers or the ones on their mailing list. Perhaps you can pick up one of these. They're great for quick identification of various plants plus info as to individual sun/shade requirements, height and spread, price, etc.
Q:Garden: What are some of the ways I can earn a little money from my backyard?
Bundle the branches up and tie them with string, put out with the trash if you confirm your trash removal company accepts yard waste. Once they are gone, a good raking to remove leaves and dead grass using a lawn rake, bag them up and get rid of them. Tidy up the bricks and any loose items you want to keep and stack behind the shed if possible. Once all the yard is clean, look at any high or low spots, get a few bags of topsoil from Home Depot ( $1.29 a bag) , some grass seed, and a small bag of starter fertilizer. The cost should be under $50 for everything. Use the soil in low spots, and then sprinkle the grass seed and starter wherever there is a bald spot and in the new topsoil. Water lightly but often, the idea is to wash the oily covering off the seed, but not wash the seed away. Keep it moist for a week and you will have new grass growing. Follow the directions on the seed package for proper lawn care once up.

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