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Product Description:


willow fence

made of natural osier with fine craft

artistic,durable and easy to erect

for home&garden deco to make privacy

Product Description:

Willow fences and screens are made from vertical willow sticks tightly

woven together with galvanized steel wire. Willow fencing and screening

are suitable for an informal garden.Rapidly renewable natural bentwood

material like willow make wonderful fences for outdoor and indoor decoration,

our exclusive pre-build fences panels are designed to beautify your home garden

as well as practical well build fences with easy set up. Different styles and sizes

to suite your needs.

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Q:I am purchasing A new manufactured home that is 2038 Sq ft. we live in oklahoma. It is a very open floor plan?
I would guess a 2.5 ton air conditioner would be plenty but if you post this question in home and garden you would get more technically oriented people. You also might be able to find an online calculator that would help you figure the right size as well or ask the service people in your area or the dealer. I think it is harder to get the right brand than the right size. Look at EER ratings and the cost savings between various brands. There are also calculators online that can estimate the differences in EER. I also would check around to see what tax credits might be available for a new a/c both federal and perhaps from the local electric co. Anyway, congrats on the new home and good luck.
Q:looking for a Better Home & Garden article from the mid to early 80's on a featured house where can I find it?
If you have his full name google him Check BHG web site for back issues. google bhg 1980 feature homes. contact BHG for back issues. Good luck.
Q:Where to buy all things needed for new home build?
I okorder.com
Q:I'm looking for a particular article in a 'Better Homes and Gardens' mag. from sometime in the mid '50's
my recommendation is to call the magazine directly
Q:Whats the best place to order asain decorations for my home online?
Stuff from The Pier used to be fantastic…
Q:How do do you start an @ home gardening business?
Do your own yard to perfection and keep it that way. Put a small sign in it that says _______ 's Lawn service and add the phone #. People see this and someone will call. Then when you do quality work for a fair price, word spreads. Soon you have too much to handle. My brother and I did this many years ago and had to purchase a riding lawn tractor and lots of other yard tools to keep up with demand. Soon it got to be more than we could do and had to turn work down. You could also get permission to post an ad on local boards at the Nursery or markets. You may need to be licensed. Check the local laws. Good luck
Q:how many in the nascar nation of YA grows their own veggie garden?
I once had a nice veggie garden when I lived in Arizona, and it did really good, until the day I got home from work and in that 9 or 10 hours the ^%$*# grasshoppers literally came from nowhere and ate it down to the stalks. :-( This year here in Florida I put a couple of tomato plants in a small cut off plastic barrel, but they didn't do so well. (They were called Talladega tomatoes and I just had to give it a try!) I got 2 tomatoes and that was it. My husband calls all the plants I bring home victims.
Q:What kinds of herbs can I grow in the shade?
not sure, but I would try what ever herbs you like best...try getting a uv light for them...it should imitate the sunlight...good luck
Q:My mobile home garden tub is leaking AROUND the faucet, where it attaches to the tub. What's up with that?
O-rings are old and worn out. They need to be replaced. Call in a pro. Mobile homes are not really a good thing when it comes to leaks. They have flooring product called particle board. when this becomes the slightest wet it will swell and the glue that holds it together will fail causing the tub to drop straight down onto the ground below. If your leak has gotten this bad the you can expect to call in a mobile home remodeler and pay around $2500 for floor,plumbing and tub replacement.Get your faucet fixed quick.
Q:Home Espresso Machines?
It will save you money in the long run but just so ya know they are hard to keep clean its a pain in the butt to make the drinks. LOL But I have one I use it every now then. Go to walmart or target they will have them cheap

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