Wicker Sofa Outdoor Sofa Rattan Sofa Outdoor Furniture

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Product Description:

Brief Description:

1) Made from PE rattan hand weaved in aluminum or steel frame, UV proof, weather proof for outdoor use 

2) 2 Years Warranty

3) Customers' designs and logos are available.

4)PE rattan colors:different colors optional.



PE rattan:8*1.2 mm thickness PE rattan (UV resistant, colorfast, water proof, moisture proof , easy to clean, durable, elastic, environment-friendly)

frame:1)aluminium  or steel frame

         2)full welding with powder coating

glass: 5mm thickness tempered glass



single sofa :74*74*68cm

3-seater sofa :180*74*68cm


table :100*51*40cm 


Packing details:export standard packaging

Delivery detail:within 30 days per 40HQ


Product Advantage: 
 SGS PE Rattan: UV resistant, colorfast, water proof, Moisture proof , Easy to clean, Durable, Elastic, Environment-friendly..
- Aluminum frame with powder coating:  brand-new aluminum, not recycled. 1.2-1.5mm thickness, Strong structure and light weight with good powder coating.  
- Waterproof Cushions: 100% polyester and cotton , UV and water resistance, color optional, colowaterproof, high quality texture.

- OEM Service Offered   Design Service Offered   Buyer Label Offered


Wicker Sofa Outdoor Sofa Rattan Sofa Outdoor Furniture

Wicker Sofa Outdoor Sofa Rattan Sofa Outdoor Furniture


Wicker Sofa Outdoor Sofa Rattan Sofa Outdoor Furniture

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Q:Is cotton fabric on a sofa durable?
cotton is probably not the way to go... instead, check out microfiber. microfiber sofas are very affordable, look great, are comfy (they look and feel kind of similar to suede), and are super easy to clean. my best friend, my dad and i all have microfiber sofas, and we are more than happy, years later.
Q:What is the difference between a sleeper and a sofa?
This Site Might Help You. RE: What is the difference between a sleeper and a sofa? I am looking for a new couch and loveseat. When I look at furniture websites they offer sofas and sleepers. I am somewhat confused on the differences since the both have identical measures and they don't have foldout beds in them.
Q:Looking for a cute sofa bed?
When okorder.com/
Q:Help me with finding a curved or arched sofa table?
Try okorder.com. I bought one from them earlier this year. You could also run a search through any engine using curved console or sofa table. I just Googled it an got a bunch of options. Good Luck!
Q:Can I make a scrub mixing oatmeal n costic sofa?
Costic sofa? Do you mean caustic soda? It's also known as lye and sodium hydroxide. It's an ingredient in many soaps, so if it's diluted properly it can clean your face. But if not diluted properly, it can quite literally eat your skin away, never mind the upper layer. Unless you find a recipe for what you want to do, I wouldn't touch it. I don't know that chemical peeling of your skin is something that's a DIY thing.
Q:Where can I get a sofa bed like Cici Dawns?
I have no knowledge for Cici Dawns sofa bed, but for the latest designs of sofa you may click the link below. www.sofasetdesigns.co.in Here you will find nice sofa bed designs with cost.
Q:Once you have a SOFA status job in Japan. Can to transfer to another company?
You can keep your SOFA if the company has it to offer. This is not rocket science and and it's not a secret. You can ask them, up front, before you apply and they should be able to tell you. If you going to okinawa is dependent on this answer then call the companies in which you're interested.
Q:baby climbing to the sofa constantly????
I've been having the same problem with me son, but unfortuantely, you're going to have to build up some patience and get a big cup of coffee bc realistically, you shouldn't remove the couch, but just keep removing your child. You need to say the same thing EVERY time you remove your daughter, like, No, we don't climb inside or whatever. This of course may go on for an hour today or go on for the next week but eventually she will get the hint. She may not necessarily completely stop doing it... its up to your child's own personality type, but she will eventually understand that she is doing something that she is not supposed to be doing. Howeve,r removing the couch, is unrealistic bc you can't always remove the temptation from her... instead, especailly as she gets older, you have to remove her away from the temptation. I don't remember where I read it, I think it was a parenting magazine, but it said something like we repeat the same things on an average of 2000 times before our kids begin to understand.
Q:what is the difference between a couch and a sofa?
A settee is extremely comparable to a sofa. Derived from center French, couche, a sofa is an editorial of furnishings for sitting or reclining. settee, taken from the Arabic suffah, is an prolonged upholstered seat many times with palms and a back. a sofa is an prolonged seat with a back or a medium-sized settee. So there you bypass. purely take a seat your *** down and revel in...who rather cares what the version is. Love honey
Q:Best way to handle a LIGHT colored sofa- can it be dyed or is there a super cleaner out there?
I have a great solution, and although it sounds outlandish, it works perfectly, and looks awesome, if you are willing to go darker and the fabric is a natural fiber, like cotton. I am a decorator and I have done this to my own couch, which was a LOUD 1970's white ,lime green and chartreuse botanical, and is now a handsome looking batik-style chocolate and tan, so I am not off my rocker. I swear! Go to walmart and buy all the SCUFF COVER shoe polish they have in a color you like. Dampen your cushions one side at a time with a damp washcloth, not too wet at all, just slightly damp. Dab the scuff cover on, using a random pattern, filling everything in. It will make strong circular patterns if the fabric is completely dry. Try to go slow and prevent drips with the damp rag. If there is any pattern on the sofa, the dye will still reflect the pattern, just changing the color entirely. It seems impossible, but this technique DOES NOT get hard and stiff. The fabric truly retains it's original texture and softness. Also...it does NOT rub off AT ALL. It's very color-fast. Not one soul will believe what you did. I saved the bottom corner of one of my cushions untouched just to prove to people what my couch used to look like. It takes about 15 bottles to do a large sofa, or about $50 bucks. My mom, who is also a decorator, concieved this technique, and I have never seen anyone else who does it, besides us. I can take the ugliest sofas with good bones still-decent (if obnoxious) fabric and turn them into real stunners. If you are scared, try buying a pillow at a thrift store and test it out!

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