Wicker Conversation Set in White 5 piece

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5 set
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1000 set/month

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Product Description:

Wicker Conversation Set in White 5 piece

Outdoor Furniture Description

Simple and stylish are the perfect words for this set. Bring classic, antique charm to your backyard or patio. This 5pc Wicker Seating Set offers attractive seating for four adults. The industry’s best high-performing fabrics encase the 7" thick, wrapped polyester foam cushions.

Outdoor Furniture Features

Natural color for years of beauty

Easy to follow assembly instructions and product care information

Fade, chip and crack resistant

Extra-thick Round PE Rattan: More Endurable and More Elegant in Design

Extra-thick Cushions: More Comfortable

Outdoor Furniture Image

Wicker Conversation Set in White 5 piece

Wicker Conversation Set in White 5 piece

Outdoor Furniture Specification

What are the materials?

Our rattan furniture is woven by hand with environment-friendly PE rattan on strong powder-coated metal or aluminum structure with soft cushions and pillows. The cushions are usually replaceable and washable.

 PE Rattan/PVC Rattan/Poly Rattan/Synthetic Rattan: durable and UV and weather resistant

Structure/Framework: Top Graded and powder-coated

--Strong metal structure is adopted if not asked. Aluminum structure can also be made at a higher cost. Aluminum structure is lighter in weight.

Cushions and pillows: water-proof and with zipper, replaceable and washable

-- Our common cushion thickness: 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 18mm, etc.

What are the volume (cbm) and the loading capacity in a 20GP or a 40HC?

Our furniture is light in weight and it’s always charged against the volume (cbm) for delivery.

Estimated Loading Quantity in a 20GP:10SETS

Estimated Loading Quantity in a 40HC:22SETS

Wicker Conversation Set in White 5 piece

Wicker Conversation Set in White 5 piece

Wicker Conversation Set in White 5 piece


Why choose you?

We have 10 years experience in producing office furniture and provide all services for your import. 

What is your minimum order quantity?

We have no minimum order quantity requirement for hand woven furniture.

What's your guarantee for the quality?

Usually one year after shipment against manufacturing defect, but our furniture can be used for more than 10 years when properly maintained.

Do you accept customized design?

Yes, OEM is welcomed. We could make also your logo or with your hand tag and carton printing, etc.

What’s the size?

Our standard size is as illustrated in the picture or as specified. We make also sizes as per requirements of our clients.

How long is your lead time?

Usually around 1 to 2 months. Samples and stocks are as fast as 1 work day to 1 week.


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Most lighting stores and even Big Box building stores like Home Depot and Lowes have a display with various color temperatures of light bulbs, particularly fluorescents. Can you take a sample of the sofa fabric with you, like the cover to one of the cushions? Bring it and place it under the lighting samples and see which will give you the color you like. I was a lighting consultant and I tend to think a cool white or bright white will be your best bet -- it's in the blue spectrum rather than warmer yellow tones that you'll find in warm white. Even if bulbs don't have a color name on them they should have a 4 digit color temperature number like 4100, 3000 or 3500. You want something 4000 or higher which will be closer to what's called northern sky light. You can get bulbs up to 5000 or 7500 temperature but they will be a bit dimmer than the 4100 bulbs though the color will be truer.
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Q:what color Sofa?
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you okorder.com
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Q:Rattan rattan rattan furniture PE what are the advantages and disadvantages of what?
Rattan furniture PE rattan is plastic rattan (plastic), advantages: not afraid of rain, not afraid of drying, not afraid of mildew, not broken, easy to clean, outdoor use is very convenient; shortcomings: long time will fade, oxidation, life 3-5 years.

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