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Product Description:

 Micro sd memory card  Reader  ,Usb 1.1/2.0 Card Reader Microsd




Micro SD/TF Card Reader is selling well in the market, this device is good to make mobile phone memory card as USB flash drive and very easy and helpful to copy the data from mobile to computer or computer to mobile.


1.TF card reader MicroSD /TF Card Reader/writer.

2.100% Brand New and high quality.

3.Read / Write to your T-Flash/TF/Micro SD/MicroSD card (no adapter).

4.Plug and play hot swapping, easy to install and use.

5.High Speed USB2.0 Compatible With USB1.1.

6.Backward compatible to the existing MicroSD cards.

7.Power supply by USB port directly.

8.Single card reader, No USB wire required, Supper slim pocket size, easy for carry.

9.Rope hole for hang.

10.Supports Windows XP, 2000, 98, and Mac OS 9.2 and higher, No driver required.



TF Card Reader is selling well in the market, this device is good to make mobile phone memory card as usb flash drive and very easy and helpful to copy the data from mobile to computer or computer to mobile.


1. Support usb 2.0.

2. Powered by usb connection cable.

3. No external power required,LED light.

4. Fully plug & play.

5. High speed data transfer.

6. Support : win 98/me/2000/xp/mac os.

7. Convinient for carrying.

8. High temprature resistance.


How to use:

Insert the TF card into the card reader, and plug it into the computer USB port, then use it as per nomal USB disk drive.


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Q:where is the card reader on the acer laptop?
the placement is which you have put in diverse drivers which could be conflicting at the same time which comprise your hardware. in common terms be constructive you get it from the impressive suitable source. bypass to the Acer internet web site and come across the impressive suitable reason stress on your OS. you may desire to no longer bypass incorrect there. this would additionally be an same undertaking at the same time which comprise your USB ports. In precis, installation the Chipset drivers. which will likely restore each and every and each little thing.
Q:can a card reader, read school ideas?
I've seen a regular card swipe reader that plugs into a USB port. You would have to open up Notepad or Word and then swipe the card, and you'll see the info on there. Only things I've swiped are Driver's License and a credit card, most of the info is easily seen but some is gibberish on the screen.
Q:How do I get my micro SD card reader to work?
Thank for sharing such strategies, in reality, I additionally suffered from one in all those subject. yet, together as finding on cyber web, I chanced on Remo get better application get better by hazard formatted Micro SD card of length 2 GB, 4GB, and so on. on Blackberry 9780.
Q:where can i get a good RFID card reader?
The RFID Reader Module can be used in a wide variety of hobbyist and commercial applications, including access control, automatic identification, robotics, navigation, inventory tracking, payment systems, and car immobilization. There are a variety of transponder tags that come in different packages. Each tag has a specific range that is within 10% of the given distance for each type of tag. The reason for the 10% is due to environmental conditions and RFID modules. Key Features: Low-cost method for reading passive RFID EM4100 family transponder tags 2400 baud serial interface Enable input allows module to be enabled/disabled by software Bi-color LED for visual indication of status Application Ideas: 1. Robotics 2. Payment Systems 3. Automatic Identification Note: This device can be connected to a PC serial port using a MAX232 line driver. The circuit isn't supported by Parallax, but it's possible to make this connection with a few dollars of parts or by using the USB version of the reader. There is an outline of connections on the forums.
Q:U disk and the difference between the card reader?
U disk and memory card is the difference between the large capacity U disk, the volume is also large, fast transmission, for direct transfer, storage of information.
Q:I have camera which takes sd memory card. If I put card in and store pics on card, do I need a reader?
Most cameras have a built-in port for a direct usb connection from your camera to your computer. This makes it easy for people to transfer their photos to a safer storage medium. To have more room on your camera, get a 2 GB sd card for it. Lots of room for pics that way. And get some extra batteries too (you're gonna need 'em!)
Q:I am looking for a business card reader that will put all the information into an excel spreadsheet.?
If such a thing exists, it would likely be very expensive and not work very well. The problem isn't in reading the cards but making sense out of what is read. Business cards are far from standard in appearance and content. By the time that you scan in the cards, even automatically, and then proof read what the Optical Character Reader has created from the scans, you could probably have typed in the information more accurately. I have done quite a bit of OCR work in the past and the greatest time consumer was proof reading.
Q:Built in card reader in laptop?
A built in card reader is just how you describe it- you can directly insert memory card from your camera into the laptop without any external card reader. Most cameras can also be plugged into a computer via USB, and if you run Windows chances are it will detect the camera and make it really easy to import the pictures without the need to remove the memory card every time. Jeff Windows Outreach Team
Q:Help! sandisk memory card reader!?
There should be nothing for you to open, dear lady. Is the memory card reader one that plugs into a USB slot? You should find open slots that your memory card simply pushes into. You do have the correct type of memory card that fits your memory card reader, don't you? Unfortunately, some types of memory card reader don't accept all types of memory card. (There are multiple different types of memory card.)
Q:why wont my card reader respond?
try using a different USB port, and this is a long shot but if it came with a driver disk, try installing that, also, maybe the problem is with the card (Memory stick) itself, not the reader.

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