Wholesale Polycrystalline Solar Powered Cells 156X1156

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 Solar Cells:

Solar cells is made by solar wafer, it has three categories of solar cell right now, monocrystalline polycrystalline and thin film,These cells are entirely based around the concept PN junction, which is the critical part of solar module, it is the part that can convert the light energy into electricity, the thickness is from 180um to 200um, with even busbars to conduct electricity, textured cell can decrease diffuse reflection; they are often electrically connected and encapsulated as a module. Photovoltaic modules often have a sheet of glass on the front (sun up) side, allowing light to pass while protecting  semiconductor wafers from abrasion and impact due to wind-driven debris, rain, hail, etc. Solar cells are also usually connected in series in modules, creating an additive voltage. Connecting cells in parallel will yield a higher current;With high quality and stable quality. Our Cells can greatly improve the performance of Solar Modules.


1. Advanced diffusion technique ensuring the homogeneity of energy conversion efficiency of the cell.

2. Advanced PECVD film forming, providing a dark blue silicon nitride anti-reflection film of homogenous color

and attractive appearance.

3. High quality metal paste for back surface and electrode, ensuring good conductivity and high pulling strength

 and ease of soldering.

4.  High precision patterning using screen printing, ensuring accurate busbar location for ease with automatic   soldering a laser cutting.

 5. Tabbing cells are use more convenient.

 Solar Cells Advantage:

1.     Tire-1 Solar Cells’ Manufacturer Quality Guarantee. With a complete and sophisticated quality government system, our Quality Management have arrived world’s leading place. Customer can receive Tire-1 Cells Maker’s Quality Standard Products.

2.     Trusted Warranty. We can supply trusted after-sales service to our customer. If our cells are found not in conformity to the specification of manufacturer, or should the inspected quantity found in shortage, or should the packing found damaged, the buyer has the right to claim to the seller. The claim, if any, should be presented to seller within 30 days after cargo's arrival date to the port, together with related inspection report and photos issued and provided by a reputable independent surveyor such as SGS.

3.     World’s Leading Manufacturer Equipment. We imported the newest and leading production equipment from abroad. Advanced equipment can guarantee the stable quality of cells. Auto production line can also save labor cost which will further cut our production cost.

4.     Bulk supply: With the production capacity of 500MW, we can produce large quantity every month. This can satisfy most customer requirement. 


1.Size:156x1156±0.5mm thickness:200±20μm

2.Covered with derk blue silicon nitride antireflection coating;3 busbars of 1.5mm width and 80 fingers

3.Covered with aluminun BSF;15 welded substrate(silver)of 9x3mm size.



Max Voltage(V)

Max Curren(I)

Open Circuit Voltage (V)

Short Circuit Current (I)

















































Wholesale Polycrystalline Solar Powered Cells 156X1156


We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:

①What price for each watt?

It depends on the efficiency of the solar cell, quantity, delivery date and payment terms.

②How long can we receive the product after purchase?

In the purchase of product within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible. The pecific time of receiving is related to the state and position of customers.Commonly 7 to 10 working days can be served.

③Can you provide the peripheral products of the solar panels, such as the battery, controller, and inverter? If so, can you tell me how do they match each other?

Yes, we can, we have two companies for solar region, one is CNBM International, the other is CNBM engineering Co.

We can provide you not only the solar module but also the off grid solar system, we can also provide you service with on grid plant.

④What is your warranty of solar cell?

 Our product can promise lower than 0.3% open box crack, we support claim after opening the box if it has crackm color difference or sth, the buyer should give pictures immediately, we can not accept the claim after the solar cell has assembled to solar panel.

• Timeliness of delivery

• ⑤How do you pack your products?

We have rich experience on how to pack the solar cell to make sure the safety on shipment, we could use wooden box or pallet as buyer's preference.

Household solar powered cells installation method

1. You need to try a good board before installing each screw position is correct, screw is stainless steel, once and for all, regardless of the rust problem.

2. Set aside a good opening position, need to consider the instrumentation, wiring, switches, buttons, fans, etc.

3. AC output voltage, AC output current, battery voltage, temperature of the cabinet, as well as the corresponding button, the fan switches, switches and other outdoor LED light tube, there are two switches on the cabinet reserved.

4. 18 solar panels are divided into two groups, one string 2 and 4, another set of strings 5 and 2, respectively, then 60A solar controller; The following is own DIY tandem this box, you can see real-time visual solar power is currently the case, the red voltage, current is blue, red with a load voltage in the case could reach 55, the highest load can be achieved when about 90 (November sunshine) the highest current set of blue You can reach 23A (10 Kuai board)

5. Inside the cabinet, the black host is 6000W inverter (DC main supply type, can take advantage of solar power, battery without electricity situation will switch directly to the mains, until the battery is full and automatically switch back to inverter power switch time will not have any feeling, seamless handover), the blue is a dual power automatic switch, turn off the inverter if the host will automatically switch to electricity, this switch is delay, probably about one second, power-off feel. The other is the circuit breakers and earth leakage protection switch.

6. 2 a 60A solar controller, with a very detailed, real-time data viewing capabilities, you can see the current battery level, temperature, charge current, battery voltage, power generation Ah number of ampere hours of electricity is very easy to use. There 8A switching power supply is mainly used to provide instrumentation, chassis fans, outdoor LED light pipe with a 12V DC power supply. Several two and three-phase socket is a test.

7. Each layer has a cooling fan; the current temperature can be controlled at 30 degrees or less

8. Dual power switch
Intermediate seams between solar panels to take into account the leakage problem, use aluminum foil fiber tape, you can sun, water, and not easily torn, strongly adhesive. After some time the solar panel surface will accumulate dirt, so that the power generation efficiency is affected, the board needs to be cleaned regularly. The following are the solar board cleaning tool

The cleaned board a new look (the best choice for the sun to go down when the clean-up, this time the board has been cool down, and has not the power generating state)

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Q:What is the right way to operate a solar cell?
The tutorial initializes an arbitrarily set "medium" photon intensity level, with photons randomly impacting the surface of the solar cell to generate free electrons.
Q:How many years should I spend in the solar cell industry to be a good solar cells sales person?
A good solar cells should be equiped with both solar cells knowledge and good sales skills, and with very good people skills. Only in this way, you will be a good one.
Q:Are there any books in the market t about solar cells and their applications?
There are a lot of resources about solar cells on line, and they are cheaper.
Q:What's the benefit of using a solar cell?
Because the sun energy is a kind of energy you can use forever, the solar cell is regarded as very energy-saving.
Q:How to explain to students how the solar cells are made?
The Manufacturing Process of solar cells is a bit difficult to explain, but I can send you the details through email if you want.
Q:Is the polymer solar cell the cheapest type among all the different kinds of solar cells?
I am not sure about that.
Q:How about the solar cell 156mm Mono-Crystalline?
The detailed measurement of the mono solar cell is Format: 156mm*156mm±0.5mm and Thickness: 200μm±20μm
Q:How to manufacture solar cells?
An experiment can show the whole process of manufacturing the solar cells.
Q:What is the solar cells market in China?
The Chinese market is booming, but the solar cells' market was developed 8 years ago. It was supported by the Chinese government before because the whole country has been aiming at saving energy and protecting the envionment.
Q:How can I understand the working principles of solar cells?
You have to spend more time than you thought to really understand it.

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