Wholesale Laptop 14.0 Led Screen B140Xw02 Genuine

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$23.00 - 32.00 / pc
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Hong Kong
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40 Pieces pc
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30000 Piece/Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

Wholesale laptop 14.0 led screen B140XW02 Genuine                


Product Details 

Size:14.0 inch

Part number:   LP140WH2 TLN1

Resolution: WSVGA 1366*768

Aspect Ratio: Widescreen

Surface: Glossy
Backlight Type: LED

Aspect Ratio: Widescreen
Packing: Antistatic bag and box
Condtion:100% Brand new Grade A+, NO DEAD PIXEL
Warranty: 6 months
Payment Terms:T/T,Western Union, Paypal.

Delivery time: Normally we ship by DHL,EMS etc. the delivery time is about 5 business days


Compatible part number: LP140WH2 TLN4/TLA1 N140BGE-L41 N140B6-L06 M140NWR1 B140XW02 V.1/V.2 B140XW03 v.0 LTN140AT06/08/10/11/20


Product characteristic:

1) Over  6 years of professional experience in laptop repair parts.

2) Strong R&D Capability, all kinds of products available.

3) Abundant inventory for fast delivery.

4)Passed FCC,CE Certificates. Reliable quality


Size for Sell

Sizes: 7.0, 8.9", 9.7”, 10.0”, 10.1", 10.2”, 10.4”, 11.1”,11.6”,12.1", 12.5",13.1”, 13.3", 14.0", 14.1", 14.5",15.0" 15.4”, 15.6",16.0”, 16.4”, 17.0", 17.1”, 17.3" ,18.4"



WUXGA++, Full-HD  


8.9WSVGA 1024*600LED
10WSVGA 1024*600LED
10.1WSVGA 1024*600LED
10.1WXGA, 1024*600LED
10.1WXGA, 1366*768LED
11.6WXGA 1366*768LED
11.6WXGA 1366*768LED
13.3"WXGA, 1366*768LED
14.0"WXGA, 1366*768LED
14.0"WXGA, 1366*768LED
15.6"WXGA 1366*768LED
17"1440*9001 CCFL


We supply Laptop screen with competitive price and high quality.
We win the customers' long-term trust by stable quality.
Professional after-sales maintaining service. 


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Q:Small LCD monitor for field use.?
Cheap and easy do not go well together, but if your looking for basic output I would suggest either an outdated car LCD or PVP. You will not get the best resolutions and will need an external power source, but do your research to see how cheap a small AC pack is vs buying one that takes cells. More than likely, for basic resolution you could get away with a cheap 100 watt pack on a screen not built for carry.
Q:LCD display is good or not paste good?
Post Bar。 That electrostatic adsorption, does not affect the display effect, but also can prevent small dynamic impact, good cleaning, but you'd better not paste yourself, so that businesses to get, and their own bad, all bubbles, trouble. If the business does not come home service, you have to ask clearly the steps, and use a bank card or ID card a little bit of rolling.There are liquid crystal display, special cleaning tools, cleaning agents and magic cloth, not expensive, more than a dozen dollars. The best cleaning agent do not spray directly on the display, spray the magic cloth, not too much, it can be a little wet, do not force wipe.
Q:Can LCD monitor get overheat?
As long as you do not totally block the vents then it will not overheat. There are components on there that can fail though. If something in the power supply fails or in the inverter card it can smoke when it fails. Also any electrolytic capacitor will produce a puff of steam when it fails that can look like smoke. To carry a safety mark like UL, CSA, CE, etc. the case of the monitor has to act as a fire enclosure. Typically all components will extinguish themselves once they no longer receive power and the monitor will shut of power to most circuits if there is a failure. If you really thought smoke came out of the monitor then unplug it and take it to a repair shop.
Q:How good are Acer LCD monitors?
I okorder
Q:Flat Screen LCD monitor for computers?
hi, solely depend on your graphic card. graphic card port can have analog and/or digital port (known as DVI). if your graphic card have analog port and your LCD have DVI port then you have to attach analog to DVI converter cable. most graphic card vendor equipped their products with this cable.
Q:Why do i always see a purple dot on my LCD monitor?
Just to confirm, the green dot appears before getting to Windows, correct? If so, it's a bad monitor. If before getting to Windows, then LCD has a pixel that has been burned to the screen. Recommend replacing the screen. If not, go to start, control panel, system, hardware, device manager. Left-click plus sign next to display adapters, right click on the adapter, click uninstall. Restart the computer, wait 5 minutes, and restart again. That should fix errors in operating system, if not the monitor or display adapter itself.
Q:How long do LCD monitors typically last?
Typically the backlight is rated 50,000 hours, so do the math to see how many years that is. 50,000/24/365 5.7 years. Multiply that by 3 if use averages 8 hrs/day. However, if other electronic components are overrated or substandard, or you physically fatigue a connector or break something, that may shorten its life. Of all the laptops and LCD monitors/TV's at home or small office at work, I have only seen one failure. A 17 Dell LCD monitor failed at work, but not sure exactly what the issue was, maybe a fatigued VGA connector. At first it would fail to wake from standby unless I jiggled the cable. But eventually it was just a black screen with blinking green power LED (which was usually solid green when on or amber in standby). Same cable works fine with different monitor. I have a PIII 500 laptop purchased Jan 2000 that still works. And I left it on 24/7 for a couple of years as a wireless terminal for a PC in my basement. Although, the display did go into standby when not in use. I have not fired it up much lately other than to get some data from it (dual boots Win98se and Linux).
Q:LCD Monitor Black Out?
It's a classic backlight failure problem. The backlight is a thin CCFL tube in the monitor that lights up the screen. As the tube ages, it becomes dim and eventually, the LCD screen itself becomes dark. You can easily replace the backlight for about $30-50 from your local repair shop. A new light will last 5-7 years.
Q:I need to purchase a 19 inch LCD computer monitor.?
Hey, I found some LCD options on Pricerunner a Internet comparison webside which gives you the chance to chose from several retailers and find the best Price. There are some from LG in 19inch but only one 20inch version from Viewsonic. But please check it for yourself. Pricerunner offers a big range of filter options pricerunner.co.uk/cl/2/TVs?searchrefredirectother_hits357%3Aviewsonic+lcd|346%3Aviewsonic+lcd|198%3Aviewsonic+lcd|239%3Aviewsonic+lcd|x%3B%3B192%3Bqviewsonic+lcda_13LCDa_11between%3B14.0%3B20.0man_id30 and at least you can easily (only one tick on the product) compare your favourites in the one-side-comparison. (in that case only the 20inches ones) pricerunner.co.uk/pc/2/TVs-Product-Comparison?c_589804589804c_11534691153469c_912677912677 Good Luck
Q:The LCD display is dark
Display power protection and repair.

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