White Quartz Stone

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery of White Quartz Stone

Packaging Detail:

wooden case,seaworthy wooden crate,or as per client demand thickness:12mm,1x20' can load 750M2 thickness:18mm,1x20' can load 500M2 thickness:20mm,1x20' can load 450M2

Delivery Detail:

within 10days after the order confime


Specifications of White Quartz Stone

polished super white quartz stone slabs
1.Dirt Resistance&Easy Cleaning
2.Acid&Alkali Erosion Proof
3.Bent Configurations

polished super white quartz stone slabs


Specific Information of White Quartz Stone

1.model no:cg001

2.product name:    polished super white quartz stone slabs

3.brand name:montary

4.material:natural quartz stone

5.place of original:china

6.color:white,color is stable,100,000m2 can keep same color

7.surface finish:polished finish, or according to client demand

8.applications:wall-cladding,floor,step,countertop etc

9.supply ability:150,000m2/month

10.delivery time:within 10 days after order confirmed


Panel size:












according to client demand to cut size

Thickness: 6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm


12.packing:wooden case,seaworthy wooden crate.



Cleaness and maintenance of White Quartz Stone


1.daily cleaning

You can clean it by water and cleanser such as soap water
2.deal with scratch
Keep the crystallized glass flooring clean all the time, have to clean the dust and sand grain in order not to wear and tear the surface. When scratch come forth, you can daub little toothpaste on the scratched, then lightly wipe again and again, the scratch will disappear. If waxed, crystallized glass stone can glossing like new.

3.deal with special infectants

 Infected by below infectants, you can wipe with a soft cloth and clean by water, also you can use below cleansers.




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Q:How to polish the black quartz mesa?
Quartz stone is the main material of quartz, color rich combination, so that it has natural stone texture and beautiful surface gloss. Colorful quartz stone surface, Gobi series, crystal series, granite series, star series features, can be widely used in public buildings (hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, laboratories, exhibition etc.) and home decoration (kitchen countertops, commode, kitchen wall, dining table, coffee table, windowsill door, etc.) the field, is a kind of non radioactive pollution, reusable environmental protection, green building new indoor decoration materials.
Q:What kind of material is quartz stone made of?
The formation process of magma intrusion in the evolution process, due to conditions such as temperature and pressure changes, the differentiation of hydrothermal SiO2 rich, smooth bedding, rock fracture penetration of metamorphic rocks, or along the contact zone early magmatite intrusion, the formation of quartz vein quartz ore rock classification of quartz stone type: quartz powder, green quartz, quartz, Huang Shiying. Quartz stones are classified according to their categories: ordinary quartz sand, refined quartz sand, high-purity quartz sand, fused silica sand and silica powder. Quartz stone is the main material of quartz, color rich combination, so that it has natural stone texture and beautiful surface gloss.
Q:In the dry and highly quartz stone which is good
Scratch: use wallpaper knife to cut on any surface to see if wallpaper knife is obviously changed, and whether there is no obvious scratch or no scratch on quartz stone surface.Board thickness: qualified quartz stone surface thickness should be uniform, the error is not more than 2 millimeters.Trachoma: dense, fine quartz without obvious pores or trachoma.Resistance to pollution: generally qualified quartz stone, at least water droplets in its surface will form water droplets, not direct penetration, stain resistance, artificial stone markers can be rubbed up, dry wipe can be.Some quartz stone do a strong impact, steel ball landing more than a meter, will not lead to fragmentation.Some weathering quartz stone is very strong on the outside, exposed to the weather for more than a month is intact.
Q:Quartz stone mesa what causes crack, what solutions are there?
Because the quartz stone is a brittle polymer composite material, also have the characteristics of expansion and contraction, there is also a certain shrinkage stress, impact toughness, elongation and other mechanical properties, when the material cannot withstand internal stress and serious external impact occurs when crack expansion and contraction.
Q:Must the bottom plate be installed under the quartz stone table?
Wooden plate by air impact is relatively large, easy expansion and contraction, the normal use of lead to fracture and the effect of mesa mesa; and Aluminum Alloy strip will not be affected by air, not easy to deformation, and the Aluminum Alloy strip also decomposed surface gravity, improve the surface strength, enhance the service life of the cabinet.
Q:Table cabinets with good resistance to stone, or quartz? What's the difference?
The disadvantage is that the hardness is not comparable to that of the quartz stone. The scratch of the hard material will cause scratches, but it does not affect the actual use. And quartz stone is 93% quartz crystal, plus 6% resin +1% adjustment composition, the advantage is that the hardness is very high, can not scratch scratch, high temperature resistance, strong seepage control ability. Perfect for cabinet countertops. The drawback is that the back water can not do arc water, the stitching is more obvious. It's difficult to make styling. Finally, it's your choice. Quartz stone countertops are recommended for personal use.
Q:Is quartz stone good surface or granite good, what are the advantages and disadvantages?
Granite cabinets, countertops, materials, anti-bacterial properties of natural materials, granite cabinets, mesa density of materials, hidden dirt hidden worriesAs the traditional materials of granite countertops, high density, high hardness, wear-resistant surface is reduced, which can shelter evil people and countenance evil practices to a certain extent. Good antibacterial properties
Q:Is quartz stone window sill harmful to people's health?
Green Quartz by plate or fragmented chlorite, sometimes may be green needle like actinolite; Aventurine quartzite (Aventurine) - containing internal green or red brown mica flakes, also known as Aventurine Aventurine, commonly known as. Common smoky black to dark brown smoky crystals; mostly these rocks contain a large amount of radioactive uranium and thorium.
Q:Which is durable, a ceramic wash basin and a quartz wash basin?
You can't wash it away. Of course, frequent cleaning plus a better workmanship may be avoided, but it's a big risk for the quartz wash basin. The dishes are made of stainless steel, but the table is made of artificial quartz stone. Although it looks like a mirror, it can not be cleaned.
Q:Dust hazard and protection of quartz stone table cutting
Effects of noise on the cardiovascular systemUnder the action of noise, the heart rate can be accelerated or slowed down, and the changes of ST or T wave in the electrocardiogram can be seen in the absence of blood type. Early signs of blood pressure may be unstable, and prolonged exposure to loud noise can cause blood pressure to rise. The cerebral blood flow showed a decrease in amplitude and an increase in the inflow time, suggesting an increase in blood pressure and a decrease in elasticity.
We are mainly engaged in developing and producing high-quality quartz glass products and CFQ tubes applied for light-sources, disinfection, chemical tubes, communication and heating equipment, and they are supporting materials for LSI. Our major products include 200-460mm large OD high purity quartz tubes with OH<20ppm, other quartz tubes with OD range from 2 to 200mm, ozone free quartz tubes, UV-stop quartz tubes, twin quartz tubes, (fishing lamps) bulb shells, quartz boats, quartz for vertical furnace, quartz pedestals, quartz tanks, clear quartz crucibles.

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Location Jiangsu,China (Mainland)
Year Established 1996
Annual Output Value US$10 Million - US$50 Million
Main Markets 80.00% Domestic Market
12.00% Eastern Asia
3.00% Eastern Europe
2.00% South America
2.00% North America
1.00% Southeast Asia
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Nearest Port Lianyungang,Qingdao,Shanghai
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No.of Employees in Trade Department 3-5 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
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Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
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