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Modern Soft PU Bed with Drawer

1. size :





2.Material :  PU and wood

3. UKFR  and CA117  pu,sponge and fabric is available

Package of PU bed:

Export standard packing or according to customer's requirement

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Q:Do you know anything about bed bugs?
Bed bugs are the nastiest bugs on earth. I slept for one night in a motel in Cleveland and got no less than 152 bites. They are miserable cursed things. You could force the immigration of a whole nation just by dumping bed bugs on their towns and cities. They feed on your blood usually with three bites in a row....breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then they itch, and itch, and itch...worse than a mosquito bite. Then they turn into welts, and those welts will open up and a small amount of escretement comes out. I'm telling you these things are a horror. I would rather be stung by bees.
Q:Single leather bed - Something stylish and cheap?
bed has hundreds of great deals for single leather beds Below are also some of our better single leather bed deals Mira Black Single leather bed
Q:Dog chews bed in crate?
Put some dog toys in the crate, dogs usually chew on the beds inside crates because their is nothing else to entertain themselves with, and with toys inside your dog will have fun chewing and playingwith toys instead of the bed, leave the bed in with some toys tough.
Q:Dongyang mahogany furniture rosewood bed how much money?
If your home is not recommended rosewood bed, go to Dongyang to buy a wholesale market, is easy to hang the dragons and fishes jumbled together. The two is to make the highest niannianhong, Ming these big brands compared to a lot of poor quality or. Three is Dongyang after buy, after sale is not guaranteed, but as Gao Juming do, provide a card, a certificate of a book, and two years warranty, lifelong maintenance. Specific how to choose depends on your own needs, and Dongyang is really cheaper there.
Q:What is the best? Air bed or Water bed?
We had a water bed for many years (still have the frame and headboard). In cold weather it is very nice to get into a bed that is already warm. My wife's back and hips did not work well with the water mattress after many years. We replaced the mattress with a conventional mattress which works fine. Over time, the conventional mattress has developed a slight trough under each of us. I tried a TempurPedic mattress in a store and it was too warm for me. I do have a pillow made of that material which works well. I have used a self-inflating camping pad on top of the conventional mattress and have gotten good sleep there as well. We have never had a Gel bed or TempurPedic on a regular basis.
Q:tanning bed question ?
Planet Beach is notorious for putting you in their lowest level bed for the least amount of time, so you shouldn't have anything to worry about. Seriously, I would recommend you start at 5 minutes. Use a lotion intended for tanning beds and wear goggles.
Q:Why is the coking of the circulating fluidized bed boiler too thin
At this point, if the original amount of coal is added, it will break the balance, and the bed temperature will rise rapidly and be difficult to control. It will lead to coking. When the material layer is too thin, the amount of coal added shall be greatly reduced, and the amount of coal can be controlled according to oxygen and other parameters. When the material layer is too thin, it will cause some phenomena such as blowing and flowing, which will lead to the weakening of the local fluidization and lead to the coking accident.
Q:What is the price per meter, eight beds, oak and beech?
Oak: in North America is the most popular furniture wood, the reason is expensive because of imports. North America produces larger, better wood is walnut and cherry. It is reported that our country is in oak oak, preferably glauca, you can find it very good. And don't be fooled by human rubber trees.
Q:First aid! What's that thing on the back of the bed?
Ancient Chinese bed, the simplest is "shop", bed board around nothing. Pay attention to the point, three sides of a fence, side (front) is relatively wide, can be used to sit and hold things don't fall down the bed of wood, called "bed edge", "pedal" in front of the bed; then pay attention, there are four pillars supporting the ceiling (ceiling) ""; luxurious, six column, eight column, ten, twelve columns, two pedal bedside cabinets, wood lacquer. The royal bed is That's all.
Q:What's so particular about buying a wedding bed? How to choose?
The bedstead can be roughly divided into two kinds: wood and metal. Walnut, cherry, beech wood and often use imported bed group, the pattern changes cherry and walnut more, difference is that the former color is dark, the latter is red, and the Taiwan beech strong wear and impact resistance, flexibility. As for the other wood such as rosewood reddish color, material is good, with characteristics of tolerance; stability and durability of teak is high, because of containing oil, will be more with the more bright eyes; pine knot, soft material, texture will be scattered, emitting a faint scent of oak hard texture; wood, large, new needs and preferences to choose different visual people.

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