white ceramic stone under counter basin 18-inch

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Material: ceramic countertops

Type : Square Counter Basin

Single washbasin faucet hole : no holes      

Style: Through pin Counter Basin

Color : Square Counter Basin

Origin: Chaozhou

processing methods: sample custom

Specifications : 470 * 350 * 200MM

Color: white Whether the trade : Yes


The new product , the whole surface of the glazing pots , so that the inner wall is smooth hand basin , enhanced cleansing effect. Combined effluent design , excellent performance splash of water ; the overall structure is fully in line with national standards, full of water from the overflow of suitable design , effectively avoid emission, flushing faster, cleaner at the same time , has a good performance Splash .

1. The use of antimicrobial technology , stylish, durable, no radiation , easy to stick dirt, corrosion , clean and always care for the family's health
2. The self-supporting leader, combined with practical home fashion ideas , highlighting the high- grade
3.1270 ℃ temperature firing , fully vitrified , make sure the toilet bright glaze thorough , easy to scratching , cracking and other common brand common phenomenon
4. The ultra-smooth glaze , the glaze layer thickness of 1.2mm or more, crystal clear and full, easy to clean, look as new
5. Set ergonomics, aesthetics , mechanical design , practical in an interpretation of the extreme achievement

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Q:&How is this reverse discrimination, can only Muslims use the wash basins?&?
I think no schools, no state run anything should respect everyone's religion. It is dangerous and it is folly. The day someone's religion starts advocating the killing of let's say blonde haired people, are we going to have to tolerate it because it is the &respectful& thing to do. Every religion should be seperate from these things and should have to put aside their beliefs if they intends to involve themselves in a state. Otherwise you should all go to the hills and pray to your god and live off the land like he intended. I find it so absurd when a religious person claims to believe in peace but wants to become &Commander-in-Chief& of the most highly advanced fighting and killing force in the world.
Q:What is the difference between a washbasin faucet and a kitchen faucet?
Currently on the market leading variety, not very knowledgeable people in the purchase will feel at a loss. In fact, although the faucet in color, shape, color, variety and so on, but from the functional points, there are three major categories, namely the basin faucet, kitchen faucet and shower faucet. ■ Basin faucet The outlet is short The basin faucet is mounted on a wash basin for cold water, hot water or hot and cold mixed water. Basin faucet in the shape of the characteristics of its outlet is shorter, lower, mainly for people to clean, wash clothes use. Its structure has screw lift type, metal ball valve type, ceramic posture and so on. Good faucet faucet faucet made of brass, the appearance of chrome, gold and a variety of colors of paint, a variety of shapes. Handle with a single handle and double handle, open the way to have a rotary, push, automatic induction and so on several.
Q:Wash basin how to dismantle
1 column wash basin behind two screws, remove the screw can remove the wash basin. 2 cabinet wash table with a wallpaper knife to wash the table and the wall between the fixed glass glue can be removed from the cabinet wash table.
Q:Bathroom washbasin water cover can not open how to do
Forced to see if you can not open, it can only be consumed only.
Q:Wash basin water faucet too much, each time with water spray splash, can make the water flow smaller?
I was doing the bathroom to the angle valve switch water off the small on the line
Q:What determines the direction of rotation of draining water in the wash basin basin?
Location, location, location! Depends on whether you're north or south of the equator (the line that cuts a globe in half ); you know, like in the episode of the Simpsons when Bart has to go to Australia to apologize.
Q:Where to get Wash Basins, Pitchers, and Stands?
Hospital supply stores. look in the yellow pages.
Q:What is the inner diameter of the drain basin of the desktop washbasin?
PT-type pillar wash basin stable:      A draw the vertical line according to the center of the drainage pipe, the pillars will be established, the washbasin on the pillar, so that the center of the basin against the vertical line, leveling the basin after the fixed hole position. While the pillars in the ground position to do the mark. Press the wall mark tick into φ10 × 80mm hole, planting fixed bolts. Will be placed on the ground pillar mark gray gray cream, stabilize the pillars and wash basins, fixed bolts plus rubber pads, eye socket, with nuts screwed to moderate elasticity. Once again face basin surface leveling, pillars straight. The pillars and the basin contact with the pillars and the ground contact with white cement gouge trowel.      B PT-type pillar-type washbasin to the drainage pipe connection method with reference to the wash basin supply and drainage pipe installation.    I do not know what you want to do with this? If a hydropower installation workers are not equipped with pots, he is not mixed.
Q:Can i use silicone sealant to stand a water closet, wash hand basin, bathrub, kitchen sink?
hi guys, me mohammed naaj . you have to used the silicone sealant the wash hand basin use. silicone sealant is the most of used full for kitchen sink for bath-rub wash hand basin so that you can it,
Q:Wall wash basin wash basin from the ground to high
Wall wash basin washbasin 50CM or so away

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