Whirlpool Bathtub in Morden Style

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

Select configuration:(Optional function)

1.air bubble pump system:250W wind pump,10 jets controlled by air switch
2.thermostatic faucet:copper material,control temperature stably,CE certification
3.ozone level induce
4.water level induce
5.RV control button
6.chromatic lamp:energy-saving 12V light
7.radio:FM,round plastic speaker with chrome-plated cover


2. Product Characteristic:

. 1.2HP specific water pump system is strong water power, at 355 litters/m peak the discharge of water, ultimate total headed 15 meters, more comfortable massage and lower noise.

2. Safety and durableare worthy of implicit belief.

Protection switch, air-switch, much more safety, UL quality certification.

3. Humanization massage pillow make you for nicety and ease.

4. Waterfall input system is saver of time trait.

5. Three functions adjustable shower is your personal choice.

6. Standard temperature setting faucet is luxury, safety, comfortable and thermostatic(controllable 38 centigrade).


3. Product Specification




4MM Acrylic and ABS compound material with 3 layers glass fibre pure resin strength;

stainless steel bracket


1. Massage(whirlpool or surf ):1.0HP,750W water pump with CE,TUV certificates

2. Air switch:copper material

3. Shower with water pipe

4. GOLF waterfall:copper material

5. Dream pillow:PVC material,durably and usefully


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Q:What is the height of the bathtub?
Oval bathtub most of the size and square of the same, but there is a length of less than 1 meter 4 bathtub, the height is relatively high, mainly to the wood, the name has changed, called the bath.
Q:Is there a need for tiles below the bathtub?
A bathtub is a water pipe device for shower or shower, usually in a home bathroom. Modern bathtubs are mostly made of acrylic (acrylic) or fiberglass, and are made of ceramic with iron. In recent years, wooden bathtubs have gradually become popular in mainland China, mainly made of cedar wood in Sichuan area. Also known as Bochuan barrels. Older western bathtubs are usually made of galvanized steel or iron. All along, most of the bathtub are rectangular, in recent years due to sub-acceleration heating bath gradually popular, began to appear in a variety of different shapes of the bathtub. The most common color of the bathtub is white, there are other colors such as pink and so on. Most of the bottom of the bathtub to the water level, also in the upper part of the anti-flooding to the water level. Some of the hose is installed in the bathtub edge position.
Q:Often see someone else in the bath when there will be a lot of bubbles in the bathtub, it is how to get out of it?
A way of bathing, immersing the body in soap bubbles. Bubble baths are more extensive and more persistent than traditional water baths. In the treatment of bubble bath, the mechanical force when the bubble burst can be excited receptive, for the skin has a wide range of sustained nerve impulses, so the bubble bath for the traditional spa have a stronger role
Q:How long is a single bathtub?
Hello, single bath width at least 750-850 to use. Bathtubs generally have the following: ordinary bathtub, length: 1200/1300/1400/1500/1600/1700, width 700-900, height 355-518 bubble bath, length 1100, width 700, height 475 (sitting at 310mm ) Jacuzzi, length 1500, width 800-900, height 470
Q:Bath of the bathroom generally require how much installed baths have advantages and disadvantages?
But the bathtub is a big problem lies in the water of the cleaning problem, because the course of time, hair, etc. will certainly have a clogging of the emergence of water, be sure to think in this part of a good means of cleaning, or in case of clogging, trouble on the big.
Q:What kind of material is good bath?
There are many kinds of bathtubs on the market, but there are about five kinds of common materials: one is the oldest wooden bathtub, this bathtub everyone used for thousands of years; the second is the acrylic bath; third is the steel bath; four cast iron bath; Is an acrylic synthetic bath. Overall, the market on the bathtub material about these five. We come to one by one to understand the advantages and disadvantages of various materials.
Q:Bath is installed in the main guard or installed in the second Wei good?
Of course it's the main guard! The general health of the user is your husband and wife, so that they can enjoy it. And the second defenders, the general user may have the elderly, there are children, there are home nanny or temporary guests, so more mixed, equipped with bathtub is not appropriate, you must always disinfect, and really come to the guests when you disappeared Poison may not dare to use it, huh, huh! It is better to install the bathroom or install the shower directly!
Q:What is the height of the bath?
Should only 40cm it
Q:How big is the bathtub
74 cm long 150 pound
Q:What brand of bathtub is best?
American standard good price is not very expensive, please refer to!

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