Wheel loader with bucket capacity of 5.2 m3 model number CLG877III

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15 unit/month

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Product Description:

Product description

High torque reserve of electronic engine(reaches 47%).
Full automatic power shift gearbox and KD function for faster response time.
High drive speeds with 4 forward and 3 reverse gears.
Responsive and accurate hand control with a single joystick with integrated KD function.
Double-brake pedals simplify simultaneous driving and mechanical operations.
Automatic load leveling system prevents spillage during lifting.

Efficiency Fuel efficient engine,the emission meets EPA TIER lll standards.
Torque converter is matched to the engine to ensure maximum power transfer.
Hydraulics employ a dual-pump system and converging and self-unloading function to reduce energy loss.
Air pre-cleaner filter system improves overall engine efficiency in dusty conditions and prolongs service life of main air filter system.

Vehicle has a strong frame that will withstand load and torsion stresses in the toughest working conditions.
Key components from world class suppliers.
Warranty and service programs available.




Limited Slip Front and Rear Axles

Oscillation Angle (each side)


Basic Data


Bucket Capacity


Rated Load


Operating Weight


Breakout Force


Tipping Load (Straight)


Tipping Load (Full Turn 38)


Brake System


Service Brake

Full Hydraulic Wet Multiple Disk On All 4 Wheels

Parking Brake

Auto and Manual Electronic Controlled

Emergency Brake

Automatic / Manual Apply



Fuel Tank


Hydraulic Tank






Differentials (front and rear each)




Torque Converter

Single-Stage, 3 Element


Automatic Power Shift Transmission 4F/3Rmph

Travel Speed (forward max)


Travel Speed (reverse max)


Electrical System


System Voltage


Starter Motor





Cummins QSM11-C335


6-Cylinder, Turbochaged

Rated Power

335hp @ 2100 rpm

Rated Net Power

320hp @ 2100 rpm

Peak Net Power

350hp @ 1800 rpm

Peak Torque

1235lb-ft @ 1200 rpm



Tier Rating

EURO Stage IIIA & EPA Tier 3

Hydraulic System


Main Pump

Vane Pump

Pump Flow


Relief Pressure


Pilot System Relief Pressure


Hydraulic Cycle Time (total)


Steering System



Articulated Frame, Full Hydraulic Power Steering

Number of Steering Cylinders


Steering Pump

Vane Pump

Relief Pressure


Steering Angle (each side)







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Q:where can i get the hotel loader ?
What I saw it was under maintenance......
Q:can you download games straight of the usb loader channel?
No you can't do it straight off the USB loader.To get a game you either need to install it through a disc install or adding a game manually through your computer.I will warn you that copying games that you don't own the disc for is piracy.just email me if you want more info
Q:CAT Loader proof of ownership!?!?
It should be, but a bill of sale would be better, with date of purchase, serial and model number, and signed and notarized by the seller. It is legal to run on roads as long as lights and flashers are in working order. There is no registration or license as it is an off road vehicle.
Q:Paintball Hopper/Loader?
never used the invert myself, but i would go with the halo b. it has a good speed and will easily keep up with most guns as long as your not going totally insane with the bps. you can buy upgrades for the board to make it faster and there are a ton of replacement parts available. they are very good for the price. the only hopper i liked over the haloB is the viewloader vlocity. i think it is a bit better than the halo as far as speed right out the box. it is quite tall though once you have it on the gun (the only setback) best of luck
Q:Where can I get a dvd down loader?
Yuo just need a DVD reader or reader/writer drive. That is the hardware you need. You need software, but becasue of the nature of it (it breaks the CSS DRM, which is illegal to break), will not be able to buy it retail.
Q:Front Loader Laundry Soap Preferences?
The issue with front loaders is that they can get messed up if people put either too much detergent in them, like putting the same amount and type of detergent as for a top loader. This will cause excess suds which will cause the machine to stop. IF you can make your residents aware that they must use HE (high efficiency) detergent, and not very much of it, then a front loader is a great option. They use far less water and automatically adjust the water needs for the load. I think Maytag makes a line of front loaders for commercial use. Other advantages: front loaders can't become unbalanced during a spin cycle, so will have less tendency to go dancing across the laundry room floor. They spin at higher speeds, so clothes come out of the washer with less excess water, which reduces drying time (saving electricity). They are also kinder on clothes, which will make you look like a kind and caring landlord!
Q:i need icoo loader v2.5 user id password pleaseeeeeeeeeee send it to me?
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Q:Backup GX Loader for Wii?
Wii Remote - Black (Japanese Version) Product Features - Used as a remote, operates up to 15 feet away - Built-in speaker - Rumble - Features expansion port for additional input devices, such as the Nunchuk controller
Q:Which is best front loader washer or top. I know if its a top loader we want one without a agitator. More room?
Front loaders develop a bad odor. Everyone I know who owns one complains about it and my front loader stinks, too. Absolutely, get a top loader.
Q:Small loader 2.05-70-16 tire pressure
Where can I find such a small loader tire? Is it 20.5/70-16? The small loader tires are usually at 3-4 air pressure, including large loaders, and so much pressure (3.5-4.5)

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