Wheel loader with bucket capacity of 5.2 m3 model number CLG877III

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15 unit/month

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Product Description:

Product description

High torque reserve of electronic engine(reaches 47%).
Full automatic power shift gearbox and KD function for faster response time.
High drive speeds with 4 forward and 3 reverse gears.
Responsive and accurate hand control with a single joystick with integrated KD function.
Double-brake pedals simplify simultaneous driving and mechanical operations.
Automatic load leveling system prevents spillage during lifting.

Efficiency Fuel efficient engine,the emission meets EPA TIER lll standards.
Torque converter is matched to the engine to ensure maximum power transfer.
Hydraulics employ a dual-pump system and converging and self-unloading function to reduce energy loss.
Air pre-cleaner filter system improves overall engine efficiency in dusty conditions and prolongs service life of main air filter system.

Vehicle has a strong frame that will withstand load and torsion stresses in the toughest working conditions.
Key components from world class suppliers.
Warranty and service programs available.




Limited Slip Front and Rear Axles

Oscillation Angle (each side)


Basic Data


Bucket Capacity


Rated Load


Operating Weight


Breakout Force


Tipping Load (Straight)


Tipping Load (Full Turn 38)


Brake System


Service Brake

Full Hydraulic Wet Multiple Disk On All 4 Wheels

Parking Brake

Auto and Manual Electronic Controlled

Emergency Brake

Automatic / Manual Apply



Fuel Tank


Hydraulic Tank






Differentials (front and rear each)




Torque Converter

Single-Stage, 3 Element


Automatic Power Shift Transmission 4F/3Rmph

Travel Speed (forward max)


Travel Speed (reverse max)


Electrical System


System Voltage


Starter Motor





Cummins QSM11-C335


6-Cylinder, Turbochaged

Rated Power

335hp @ 2100 rpm

Rated Net Power

320hp @ 2100 rpm

Peak Net Power

350hp @ 1800 rpm

Peak Torque

1235lb-ft @ 1200 rpm



Tier Rating

EURO Stage IIIA & EPA Tier 3

Hydraulic System


Main Pump

Vane Pump

Pump Flow


Relief Pressure


Pilot System Relief Pressure


Hydraulic Cycle Time (total)


Steering System



Articulated Frame, Full Hydraulic Power Steering

Number of Steering Cylinders


Steering Pump

Vane Pump

Relief Pressure


Steering Angle (each side)







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Q:Can you use ordinary fabric softer, in a front loader?
yes you can use ordinary fabric softener in your front load washer. I'm doing the same thing, since there's no special softener for front load washer.
Q:I want to buy a paintball loader that cost under $100 any suggestions?
For okorder.com/
Q:front load washers or top loaders?
There are pros and cons for both. You will need to decide which one you like the best. Front loaders use less water, but you can't open them while they are being used. Front loaders have one less moving part, that being the agitator, but can leak from the front seal as they get older. You can add clothing or soap to top loaders while they are running, but front loaders you cannot. You will have to bend over more using a front loader, where you will not using a top loader. I would say that the only advantage of the front loader, is that is requires less water. All other pros point to the top loader. Having water in the top loader at the same exact time of an emergency, is highly unlikely.
Q:Quadzilla with Q Loader 500's?
Just google a pic of an A-5 with a q-loader then imagine 4 of them side-by-side. It's definitely possible. But it's not practical. You don't want a q-loader setup as a heavy gunner. 500 rounds simply means there's 5 q-loader pods, and each pod only holds 100 balls. You'd go through them very fast. Better off with the standard hopper that holds 200, so you have 800 balls instead of 500, and hoppers are easier to reload. Q-loader is best for, um, infiltration, i guess. Players who want a low profile but only shoot in short bursts.
Q:What is the speed of a wheel loader?
There are two kinds: 1,10KM/h, this is mainly done in the mining area shovel work, requiring speed is not allowed to exceed 10KM/h, if exceeded, it will increase the body parts, including tires, wear and damage. 2,50KM/h, the sense of speed, for some of the more professional vehicles, imported wheeled loader in the mining area in the heavy speed in general for 35KM/h, no-load about not exceeding 50KM/h.
Q:Construction machinery, such as excavators, loaders and so on, belong to special equipment?
Need certificates, engineering machinery operator is a high-risk industry, in the actual work, often encounter unexpected situations, ranging from tilting deformation of heavy excavator, excavator whole machine hand is destroyed, the personal safety are often threatened, and according to the provisions of the "Supreme People's Court on the law applicable to a number of people personal injury compensation case interpretation" of article eleventh, the employee suffers from a personal injury engaged in employment activities, the employer shall be liable for compensation, so the compensation liability for personal injury excavator manipulator is borne by the employer. For many individual users, the excavator is the largest of its property, when the excavator driver accident, injury or even death, is often huge losses and damages without the ability to bear the cause of the accident.The insurance company has the right to refuse compensation for the accident caused by the excavator operator without the operation permit. This situation is very passive for the users and operators of the excavator.Therefore, it is very necessary for the operator to handle the formal operation certificate which is recognized by the state. The following network will give you a brief introduction to the way to obtain the operation permit of the excavator and the matters needing attention:Excavator operation certificate has the following three kinds, these three kinds can be used as the operating documents of the insurance company when the accident is processed.
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Check with the support site for information...
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If im not mistaken an auto loader is for magazines it fill them automatically instead of hand fed ask in the gun section not amusement parks they don't allow guns inside them
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