Wheel loader with bucket capacity of 3.5 m3 operating weight 20T

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Product Description:

Product features

  • Operating Weight:20000kg

  • Bucket capacity: 3.5m³

  • Number of cylinders:6

  • Bucket Breakout Force:198 kN

  • Maximum Dump Angle at Full Height:45°

Product description

Built for Efficiency

  • Low fuel consumption engine that doesnt sacrifice any power.  Boom Kick-out & return to carry greatly 

  • increases efficiency of repetitive loading tasks. . Optional  3 spool working valve.

  • World class and reliable ZF auto transmission with Kick down for energy saving and efficient operation.  .

  • Torque converter matches engine efficiency. Powershift for smooth strong gear changes.

  • 38 degree angle of articulation. Meets EU stage II/EPA tier 2 emission requirements.

Easy to Maintain

  • Fault Diagnostic system gives fast accurate maintenance support. Optional Automatic lubrication.

  • 60 degree radiator swing out. Wet disc braking system and ZF axles maintenance free. Easy engine access,

  • convenient placement of key parts and fluid refill points.

Always Reliable

  • World Class  Dongfeng-Cummins engine & ZF transmission. Parts, Attachments  and Service to Count on.

  •  Fuel heater for operating in cold environments. Hinge joint protected drive shaft. Life time dual hinge taper rollings.

  • Excellent seals prevent bearing damage in harsh  chassis plates with robust chassis and

  • boom design for great torsion resistance. World class suppliers of key components.

Operator Comfort and Safety

  • Adjustable steering column & seat promotes comfort and reduces fatigue. 360 degree clear visibility.

  • Defroster.  FOPS/ROPS cab. Gear shift& attachment in FNR single joystick. Back-up alarm.

  • Pressurized Sound reduced cab.AM/FM with MP3.   Cigarette lighter works as electrical outlet.

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Q:Can't upload Coolsat Premium 6000 stb files, using CS Loader 2.4! Please help!?
You must have you com1 port set to 115200 bits per second with some receivers, and I believe the 6000 is one of them. If com1 port is disabled (enable), if the port is not working right try com2 if you have one and set it to 115200 bits per second. Also set the loader to com2 if using that port. Hook up the cable on the receiver and then turn it on, wait until the display shows and then click auto detect on the loader, this should show you the last .bin file installed. Now make sure you have unzipped the new bin file and go to browse on the loader, find the bin and insert it into the loader. Make sure you are in the Software tab on the loader and be sure To Receiver has a dot in it. Now try sending to receiver. Coolsat 4000, 5000 and 6000 all use the same loader, and the 2.4 version works very well on all of them.
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Q:How much oil consumption per hour of loader?
The new car5 tons of gas pedal in the end, an hour has to be about 13 liters. The other 3 tons, 4 tons, did not open, I do not know.The tank is full up to 300 litres, and the full load can take 24 hours. No problem. That's about 13 litres an hour (not so accurate),It's ok if I use my old car. I ran into one case for 18 hours. One hour to 17 liters.Tank volume 300 liters of oil, fill in a few hours = hourly fuel consumption
Q:ERROR #002 USB Loader backup Wii game. HELP!?
This problem is so common that they even put a fix on it to fix it. Go to settings and go to game load and then go to error 002 fix and turn it on. If it's not in there go into some of the other option bars and try those. If you don't find it in any of the options try updating your usb loader gx.
Q:how do you load airsoft bb's into the sniper rifle magazine with the speed loader?
most airsoft guns shoot either .12 or .20 gram 6mm BBs. color doesn't matter. some of the higher end airsoft guns can shoot .25, .28 gram plastic BBs. the highest end may be able to shoot .33 gram aluminum BBs.
Q:Muzzle Loaders. (Thompson Center)?
I will say right up front, I don't like the modern styled in-line muzzle-loaders. I greatly prefer the side-hammer traditionally styled rifles. With that said, I will heartily recommend the Encore. My reasoning is that the Encore is much more versatile. With a modest outlay of additional money, you can add a huge number of different barrels for your rifle. You can use the same rifle for muzzle-loader hunting, small game hunting with a .22 LR, and big game hunting with a wide range of cartridges. Yep, the Encore is just to versatile to ignore. Doc
Q:Backhoe Uses - On Which Utility Jobs Do You Use A Backhoe Loader?
Backhoe loaders are used a lot in the construction excavation industry. This includes utilities of course, though you see them most on home building, maintenance, and demolition sites. Because of their small size and versatility, they're used for digging holes, transporting materials equipment, breaking asphalt, and even paving roads. A backhoe is the most common variation of the farm tractor, with a loader assembly on the front and a backhoe attachment on the back. It is also easier to operate than other similar machines.
Q:in indiana can you hunt with muzzle loader with a class b felony for drugs?
I okorder.com/... 1) Don't go strictly on legal advice on any website. 2) it is possible for a felon to get rights restored and hunt with a regular firearm. 3) Although by Federal law a muzzle loader isn't a firearm, it Is by some state laws (Like AZ). And, IN has a state law preventing unrestored convicts of some violent felonies from even using a muzzle loader 4) A felon legally hunting with a muzzle loader may hunt in regular hunting season, not just black powder. Being around others in the woods who have more modern arms does not constitute possession, as they don't have control over the other guns. Like going to a museum or gun show, so long as they don't touch, it's ok. There is no radius like with a restraining order. 5) Some muzzle loading inline guns with interchangeable barrels are not legal for an unrestored felon to have or hunt with. 6) Some M/L that use a regular primer are OK. 7) Zero and Emily: Only answers even close to what the law says. Kudos. 8) Just because some mail order will send you a M/L through the mail doesn't necessarily make it Locally legal. They are only following Fed law. Many won't sell some things to some states, or counties, not because of Fed. law, but because they ran into some local ordinance and want to avoid further trouble. Like, bipods to some places. 9) Anyone over, what. 16, can get a hunting license if they pass the safety course. This doesn't mean they can use a modern firearm or even BPML in their state. They may be restricted to bows. The Fish and Game are not a criminal code enforcers, only F G laws. 10) Kid with a 12 gauge: Say that to my Face, or kiss my a***.
Q:what kind of laundry detergent to use for front loaders?
high efficiency. It has a HE symbol on it. You need that kind b/c front loaders don't use as much water. Also 3x concentrate is basicly the same thing, so you can use that too.
Q:Should I change to a FRONT-LOADER or another TOP-LOADER?
My vote is for top loaders Pro ...The wash cycle is shorter. They can be stopped to soak clothing They can have that oops I need to add that forgiveness The detergent is less expensive You can get stuff out easier You can put bigger stuff in them Con.. The agitator can do nasty things to clothing They use more water.. Front Loader Pros The front load uses up to 60% less water and up to 68% less energy than conventional top loading machines. 22.25 gallons of water per load versus a conventional top-load washer's 31.5 to 37 gallons They look cool They are quieter Cons expect to pay 30 to 40 percent more for a front-load They get moldy smelling They leak You can't stop them Detergent costs more It takes longer to wash clothing ****A front-loading washer costs 7¢ to 34¢ per load, depending on water temperature and heating method. The 60% means that you will save on average 75$ per year.

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