Wheel loader with bucket capacity of 3.0 m3

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1 unit
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15 unit/month

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Product features

  • Rated Load :5000kg

  • Bucket capacity:3m³

  • Wheel base:2920mm

  • Rated power (kW/rpm):55/679

  • Minimum diesel consumption

  • (g/kW•h):215


Product description

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Q:Do You Need A Loading Tuber or loader To Load The G36C Airsoft gun?
Depends on the model. There's no standard G36 mag with airsoft guns, and it all depends on manufacturer, power source, etc. As a general guide: Any magazine with a capacity of more than 100 will be a wind up, so you just pour the bb's in. Any mag for a springer G36 will need you to put them in manually. A loader always helps, and about half the time is absolutely necessary. If this is the case the gun will probably come with a loading tube. if it's gas powered, you probably will need a loader, and the gun won't be supplied with one. Hope this helps
Q:I just bought a Hough model H.F. Pay loader. Want to know all I can about it. It has a Backhoe.?
Hough okorder.com and type in Hough Payloader. That pulls up plenty of information.
Q:Is a Brass Eagle of Veiw Loader paintball gun better?
While Viewloader makes some pretty good loaders/hoppers, their guns are basically Brass Eagle with a different label. And Brass Eagle is about as low quality as you can get when it comes to paintball guns. Everything they make is substandard.
Q:Airsoft gun Speed Loader???
Looks great, go for it. It'd make both a good sidearm and target gun.
Q:What is the working principle of the loader transmission?
Gearbox branch star and fixed shaft, is through the different gear ratio change the output speed and torque to change the output speed and output torque effect
Q:Have you gone back to a top loading washer after not liking a front loader?
I bought the front load washer/dryer for daughter, she just loves it and would not switch back to top loaders. It saves money/detergent/electric bill.
Q:I cant play black ops on hacked Wii using USB loader GX Please Help!!!!!!?????!!!!????!!!????!!!!????!!…?
update your IOS. check if that particular game uses a special cIOS for functionality. thats pretty much all i can recommend. also you might want to try another copy. maybe a bad rip? just in case. in any case, try Configurable USB loader instead. or Wii flow. to rule out that its just incompatible with GX.
Q:What Music Down Loader?
Frostwire is better that limewire. You should try bittorrent for Korean stuff.
Q:Usb loader GX Loading Problem?
I had the same problem. One day USBLGx just stopped working. I just switched to WiiFlow (Google it).
Q:what types of speed feeds work with JT 12vt Revolution Classic Paintball Loader?
Any designed to fit a Halo should work. Those particular speedfeeds have collars that clamp down around the edge that the lid usually snaps down on (you'll have to remove the lid by unscrewing the loader's shell halves).

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