Wheel loader with bucket capacity of 0.4 m3

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15 unit/month

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Product Description:


Product description

1. Transmission System
(1) Type: Fixed-spindle Power shift
(2) Clutch control oil pressure: 1373~1569MPa
(3) Rated input speed: 2500 (rpm)            
2.0 Bucket
(1) Bucket Capacity: 0.4m3
(2) Bucket width: 1910mm 
(3) Bucket type: Heavy-duty bolt on teeth
(4) Max. Breakout Force: a. tipper hopper cylinder: 4887, Lifting Cylinder: 2856
(5) Rated Load: 1600kg
(6) Operating Weight: 4800kg
3.0 Operating Specifications
(1) Steering System: Articulated Frame with hydraulic power steering
(2) Min Turning Radius: 4640mm
(3) Driving System: Hydraulic converter
4.0 Brake System
(1) Service Brake: Hydraulic disc brake on four wheels
(2) Parking Brake: Hand operated 
5.0 Tyre
(1) Model: 16/70-20 (2) Width: 24cm (3) Diameter: 87cm
8.0 Wheelbase: 2150mm


Product description





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How many people do you know that have done a degree in Liposuction through the ages or indeed media studies? Personally most of the people I know who have done degrees have done it in law, medicine business, sociology or something similar. One has a degree in sports science and help athletes some of which will compete in the olympics. Another has a degree it in engineering and works in domestic building projects. Most of the people I know did get free university education or one that was part funded by society, most of all of us have said it would be difficult to justify £40,000 debt to get our degrees and more importantly without exception all of us have said we cannot justify encouraging our children to take on this debt. Now most of us are what you would call middle class, and many of us will set up college funds for our younger children and save to take the burden from our children. But those with 15, 16, 17 year old child do not have the time to save enough to do that and are having very difficult conversations with their children about the different alternatives. So please do not lecture us that we should support a government that wants to take away opportunities for our children. Nobody is suggesting a return to free education, that is not possible, desirable or affordable, but if society wants to benefit from graduates then society needs to assist in funding their education. Reducing the amount of university places which this system will do is close universities, reduce places which in return will reserve places for those children who get the highest grades at A level, most of which will come from the elite private education facilities reserving university education to those with parents able and willing to fund private education for their children. In the meantime as a society we will see reduced numbers of indigenous doctors, teachers, scientists, solicitors, engineers and wealth creators of the future.
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Service Manual at Roths Auto Books in Indiana i used yahoo search hope it helps
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www.okorder.com/ go on youtube, find the song you want. copy and paste the url into this site and it will download onto your computer.
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Wii Remote - Black (Japanese Version) Product Features - Used as a remote, operates up to 15 feet away - Built-in speaker - Rumble - Features expansion port for additional input devices, such as the Nunchuk controller
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Heres view of some differents ones.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Year Established
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