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The 407 is a highly productive wheel loader with the compact dimensions, performance, versatility, agility and uncompromised productivity you’d expect from JCB. It’s fitted with a 64hp engine that produces 221 lbft of torque, powering a 2-speed hydrostatic transmission. With a load over height of 9ft 10"

This loading shovel also features superior quality components, comfort and ergonomics aplenty, excellent build quality, stringent safety levels and straightforward serviceability. 

In short, it’s a perfect tool carrier on farms and construction sites alike.


  • JCB and Kohler have produced the ultimate compact wheel loader engine for the 407. It’s Tier 4F-compliant using only a DOC, while low-rev power and torque means good fuel economy. Dimensions are compact for small turning circles.

  • A variable speed engine crank-driven cooling fan maintains optimum fan speed for all requirements without using any excess engine power.

  • The 407 loading shovel has a new high speed option – this provides a 25mph top speed. Power is transferred to the ground efficiently through an innovative chassis, with perfect harmony between all components.

  • We offer several axle options on the JCB 407 including open diffs for hard ground and limited slip diffs for soft muddy terrain.

  • Our 100% switchable front axle diff lock option provides ultimate traction on mud and creates no shear forces, so won’t damage the ground when it’s not in use. It can also be engaged on the move and under load.

  • Hydrostatic drive makes the 407 wheel loader very easy to operate even for the inexperienced. That means there’s less risk of overpowering the machine at a cost to fuel economy.

  • With our High Flow option, the JCB 407 compact wheel loader enjoys an extra 8 gallons of hydraulic capacity for an enhanced flow rate.

  • JCB’s articulated steering boasts an easy-to-use built-in sideshift – ideal for pallet handling.

  • The JCB 407 is a highly versatile loading shovel, capable of many tasks, with plenty of options to create a perfect solution to your needs, as well as a huge range of easily interchangeable attachments.

  • Equip your wheel loader with our new towing option and you’ll get a tow bar with rear electrics and hydraulics, allowing you to trailer loads of up to 7716lbs  or carry rear attachments like salt spreaders.

  • By splitting power between the transmission and the hydraulics, our inching pedal allows precise, efficient, stepless load handling.

  • Our loading shovels are even more versatile when you use both front and rear attachments together; you could, for example, combine a snow plough and rear grit spreader.

  • We’ve used only the very finest engine, driveline and axle components on the 407 wheel loader, from suppliers like DANA and Bosch

  • This loading shovel benefits from a strong chassis and the best possible weight distribution; this allows for optimal absorption of external forces.

  • We understand how tough materials handling can be, so we use a heavy-duty centre joint which oscillates through ±40°. Precision machining provides high tolerances and accurate location of pins and bushes on these loading shovels.

  • Rear lights are recessed within the solid counterweight casting for impact protection and hydraulic hoses are neatly routed, properly clamped, and positioned away from potential pinching spots.

  • We use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, finite element analysis and extensive rig testing to achieve the very highest levels of quality. Cold cell testing guarantees starting performance at temperatures as low as -4 F.

  • The JCB 407 wheel loader has a comfortable and spacious cab with noise levels lower than our outgoing model. The operating position is designed for optimum all-round visibility, unhindered by components like silencers.

  • Our tilting telescopic steering column is easy to adjust, and all instruments needed to operate this loading shovel are within easy reach of the seat, so there’s no need to hunt around for information whilst working.

  • With a fully opening right-hand window, JCB 407 operators can enjoy increased ventilation whilst still being protected from dust.

  • This compact loading shovel is equipped with a new ergonomically designed joystick control system for comfortable and intuitive operation. 


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