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Wheel loader is mainly used to move loose materials in road construction, urban construction, environment cleaning, coal yard, sand and stone quarry, small and medium civil engineering, railway station, wharf, freight yards, warehouse, etc.



1 CAT C6121 engine, high performance, low energy consumption, and highest efficiency for working.

2 The traditional double-turbine torque-converter and the planetary transmission box make higher reliability and easy maintenance.

3 Simple gear-shift eases labor.

4 The coaxes flow-amplified, hydraulic compensated steering makes operate easy.

5 Twin pump merging, prior steering hydraulic system realize the excellent fuel economy.

6 The steering and the working hydraulic system are forced-cooled, avoiding high temperature, guaranteeing the power and the efficiency of whole machine.



Rated capacity: 3m3

Rated weight: 5000kg

Operating weight: 16500kg

Transmission system: Gear box and torqueconverter,

Torque-converter type: Double-turbine

Automatic leveling ability: Yes

Static tilting load: 110KN

Max breakout force: 175KN

Max drawing force: 145KN

Max grade ability: 30degree

Max.dump height: 3100mm

Max.dump reach: 1285mm

Min.ground clearance: 410mm

Wheel base: 3200mm

Tread: 2250mm

Lifting time: 5.5s(full load )

Total cycle time(lifting, dumping, lowering): 12s(full load)

Overall dimensions (LxWxH)mm: 8004x3070x3300

Engine type: In line, water cooled, four stroke, dir.inject

Rated power: 162KW

Rated speed: 2200r/min

Min oil consumption: 214g/kw.h

Transmission box type: Full power shift, planetary type

Number of gear shift: 2 forward and 1 reverse

Max travel speed: 36km/h

Front and rear axle:

Main reducer type: Single stage reduction

Final reducer: Single stage planetary

Tire size: 23.5-25

Front wheel pressure: 343kpa

Rear wheel pressure: 304kpa

Steering system:

Type: Coaxes flow-amplified, pressure-compensated

steering angle: 35degree+-1(each direction)

Min turning radius: 6288mm(outside of rear wheel)

Hydraulic system type: Twin pumps merging

Brake system:

Service brake: Air assisted oil disc type four-wheel brake

Parking brake: Air off control inner expand hoof


Wheel Loader load capacity 5000kg Brand New for Sale

Wheel Loader load capacity 5000kg Brand New for Sale

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