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EngineLuochai LR4M3Z-22
Gross Power75 kW ( 100 hp ) @ 2,200 rpm
Net Power70 kW ( 93.8 hp ) @ 2,200 rpm
Operating Weight8,500 kg
Standard Bucket Size1.4 m3
Standard Breakout Force83 kN
Standard Dump Clearance2,919 mm


Always Reliable

  • Hydraulic system easily checked after removing front cover.

  • Easy engine access, convenient placement of key parts and fluid refill points.


Built for Efficiency

  • Turbo air filter removes over 90% of dust and impurities, reducing  engine wear and fuel consumption extending engine service life and improving engine efficiency. 

  • Radiator fan is directly engine driven and provides strong  efficient cooling.

  • 38 degree angle of articulation for working in tight spaces.

  • Low fuel consumption engine that doesn't sacrifice any power.  

  • Very low cycle time of 8.6 second, great for efficient  for smooth strong gear changes.

  • Meets EU stage II/EPA tier 2 emission requirements.


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Q:Places where I can buy used and broke construction machinery? like CATERPILLAR, CASE, JOHN DEERE, etc?
try OKorder!
Q:What subjects are specialized in mechanical manufacturing in secondary schools?
[] [mechanical drawing machine design foundation [] [] engineering mechanical hydraulic and hydraulic transmission] [] "mechanical manufacturing technology of NC machining materials" "special processing" technology is still the main focuses on the operation, so there will be a variety of training etc.
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