Wheel Excavators With China

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Wheel Excavators With China                                  

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:SC80W


Type:Wheel Excavator

Usage:City Construction and Angricultural


Bucket:Bucket&Dry Grass Gripper&Sugarcane Gripper

Transmission:Hydraulic Transmission


Drive Type:Hydraulic Driving

Bucket Capacity:0.1~0.5m³



Certification:ISO9001: 2000



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Origin:Shandong Province, China

HS Code:84295212


Production Capacity:1000 Units

Product Description

Product feature:

Hydraulic parts: The swing reducer and the pilot control valve adopt international well-known products.

Connectors: World's top 500 EATON products, , applicable to various excavator in poor working conditions, anti-seismic, anti-loose, high reliability and long service lifespan.

Structure: Using domestic high-quality 16Mn steel, welding technology on the international track, greatly increase the structural strength, thus ensuring the safety of traffic and construction. Blasting handling vehicle, an increase of paint adhesion, delayed the rusty parts, components increased life expectancy.

Computer Monitor: Processor CPU comprehensivly monitor the whole car running, reminding functions works if there's something wrong, and can provide the smart protection for the launch machine.

Radiators: Radiators're aluminum more fin heat sink, using vacuum brazing process, the promotion of spoiler, enhanced heat transfer coefficient, small hydraulic flow resistance, adn can also easily manipulated even in the hot summer.

Travel: Walking adpotes the leading domestic mechanical transmission, traffic speed, suitable for long-distance transfers, save transit costs and maintenance convenient.

Steering system: Hydraulic power steering, running smoothly, the Light flexible.

Overall length     mm5387
Overall widthmm2000
Machine heightmm2705
Ground clear ance(bob-weight)mm959
Tyre gaugemm1560
Wheel shaft diametermm2310
Min.ground clearancemm240
Fuel trankL125
Hydraulic oil tankL105
Gear Pump×2
Pressure Ratedkgf/cm 2190/185
Swing speed     rpm9.2
Travel speedKM/h30
Bucket diggingT3.0
force Arm diggingT2.5
force Maximun hauling forceT4.7
Boom length      2880mm
Arm length1845mm
Breach Max.digging3356mm
Cdepth Max.digging6344mm
Dheight Max.dumping4600mm
Eheight Min.swing2020mm
Fradius Rear-end seing radius1751mm


Wheel Excavators With China

Wheel Excavators With China

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